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 General Xaviax
Name: General Xaviax (Played by: William O'Leary).
Episode(s): 1-13, 16-17, 20-28, 30-39.
Weaponry: ...
Abilities: Create monsters; Regenerate monster new; Shape Shift; Open and block portals; Sensing abilities; Can grab and levitate beings and objects by force; Restore a person's life force; Ability to enter and control one's body; Can communicate telepathically; Can deliver a blast of energy, gathering energy in the form of a sphere; Can create a force field.
Info: General Xaviax has conquered Len's home world, Ventara. The Kamen Riders were the Defenders of Ventara, but they were destroyed by General Xaviax. Xaviax stole the Kamen Riders' Advent Decks - source of the Riders' powers. He took the people of Ventara to be his slaves and now plans to enslave Earth. Wing Knight (Len) is the sole survivor of Xaviax's takeover of Ventara.

Xaviax's plan is to kidnap every human being on Earth and put them to work rebuilding his home planet, and soon he will be able to use his teleporters to steal every human being on Earth in a single shot. But to do that, he needs to be able to collect a broad sampling of human DNA. So Xaviax hunts for specimens, each with a unique genetic profile, and once he finds a match, he sends his servants out to collect it. After he has enough information, he will input it into his computers and all the people of Earth will be his.

Ep1: Xaviax is kidnaping people from Earth, one person at a time, sending his servants out to capture them, but Len is defeating his servants and saving the people.

Ep3: (Flashback) Xaviax poses as a human and introduces himself to Richie Preston as Walter Connors and his father's new attorney. Connors has Richie step out of the car and tells him that it doesn't belong to him anymore, and that he is also trespassing. He tells Richie that his father no longer wants him their. Connors takes Richie for a ride to explain. He tells Richie that his father wants him to work his way up from the bottom like he did. Connors takes Richie to a place of work that could be a future job for him, but then offers him a job to make a quick million bucks by fighting. Connors gives Richie an Advent Deck, and Richie accepts the job. Richie gets a million bucks for each Kamen Rider he defeats.

Ep4: Xaviax steps through a portal from his lab (base) and steps right into his office on Earth as Walter Connors.

Ep5: Drew (Kamen Rider Torque) knows Xaviax's plan and has access to his base. The General tells Drew that he will make him a general in his army with every luxury he could possibly want. The General asks Drew if he's having any doubts about betraying his entire planet. Drew explains he was just deciding rather he would like to live in the White House or Buckingham Palace.

Len explains to Kit about General Xaviax and that Kamen Riders were formed in order to defeat him. They defeated him once, but one of the Riders betrayed them, he stole their Advent Decks while they were in suspended animation. Xaviax Vented everyone except for Len. Xaviax is taken the Advent Decks and giving them to men like Incisor.

Ep8: Posing as a mercenary, Xaviax (human form) tells Grant that his name is Race Mattock, and that he's a Combat Logistics, Incorporated, Contract Soldier. Mattock offers Grant a job and the chance to be known as the best fighter on two worlds, then gives him an Advent Deck to become Kamen Rider Camo and defeat Wing Knight.

Ep10: Xaviax framed Brad Barrett of cheating. Charlie Feathers (Xaviax) holds video evidence that could prove his innocence and save his Motocross career.

Ep12: (Flashback) Xaviax introduces himself to Private Ramirez (Chris) as Special Agent Simons and says he works for a Clandestine Governmental Organization. Agent Simons gives him an Advent Deck. Chris sees a Minion in a reflection. Agent Simons explains that he didn't imagine it, and that the United States of America...In fact, their very planet Earth, has been invaded by creatures from another dimension that want to take away their rights and destroy their way of life, but with that Deck, him and a very select group of other dedicated young men and women can help defeat them. Chris says yes, it would be an honor to serve his country. Chris becomes Kamen Rider Sting.

Ep13: (Flashback) Xaviax (human form) offers Drew a sales position and says that if he can convince a group of men to wage an all-out war, he will give him the world. Xaviax walks through a car. Drew accepts the offer and takes the Advent Deck.

Ep26: Xaviax uses his ability to enter and control Wrath's body.

Ep32: Xaviax has completed his DNA sampling of Earth, so now the mass teleportation of all humanity can begin. Xaviax sends out larva Minions to begin secreting his Teleportation Beacons across the planet, in every city and every town possible.

Xaviax and Eubulon Vented each other at the same time, Xaviax's attack was so strong that Eubulon was blasted, not to the Advent Void, but to Earth. They all thought that Eubulon had defeated him, but Xaviax came back. Eubulon was found 61 years ago -- 1947 in Roswell New Mexico. They couldn't wake him, so they froze him in their Cryochamber until they could find someone who could. The Kamen Riders of Ventara lie in suspended animation, and there's a rotation, one Rider stays awake for an entire year, and then the next Rider wakes up. Len explains to Eubulon that Adam betrayed them while he was on duty, he let Xaviax attack them while they slept. Xaviax succeeded in taking the people of Ventara to his own world to be his servants, and now plans to do the same with Earth. An agent brings in a suitcase with a Teleportation Beacon. Eubulon explains that if Xaviax has begun planting them on Earth, they have only days before he captures the entire population.

Ep33: Trent reports they have found teleportation transmitters. Eubulon explains that they can't destroy the teleportation transmitters this time, they will need them to bring back the people of Ventara when this is all over. Eubulon gives them a virus to upload into the transmitters' targeting system, which he can reverse later, and explains that the drives will self-destruct after upload so Xaviax won't be able to take them from them.

Axe inserts the virus into one of the targeting systems, but Xaviax sees this.

Ep34: Len, Chance and Price locate one of the transmitters' targeting systems and upload the virus.

Xaviax cloaks the transmitter signals. Xaviax orders Adam to steal the virus for him so he can decode it to restore the transmitters.

Ep35: Wing Knight, Dragon Knight and Torque are attacked by a Monster. Wing Knight gives Dragon Knight the Mini Drive to download the virus into a transmitter while they take care of the Monster. Dragon Knight locates the transmitter, but Xaviax appears, takes the Drive and temporarily shuts down the transmitter to make it look like that he inserted the virus. Xaviax then creates a Monster for Dragon Knight to attack to make it more convincing.

Xaviax begins to decode the virus.

Ep36: Xaviax disguises himself as Eubulon to trick Adam.

Ep37: Xaviax reactivates all the transmitters.

Ep39: Xaviax is destroyed by Eubulon's 13 Riders using Link Vent.

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