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Each KRDK toy comes with an Advent Card

4" Collectible Figures

#33901: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Kit Taylor finds an Advent Deck and becomes Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. He hopes not only to save the Earth from Xaviax’s domination, but to find Kit's missing father and win back Ventara as well.

#33902: Kamen Rider Wing Knight
As Kamen Rider Wing Knight, Len is the sole survivor of the evil General Xaviax’s overthrow of Ventara. He has come to Earth to find and defeat Xaviax's corrupt Kamen Riders, and to stop him from conquering another planet.

#33903: Kamen Rider Incisor
After losing his inheritance, Richie Preston becomes Kamen Rider Incisor after General Xaviax promises him a million dollar bounty for each Kamen Rider he brings down.

#33904: Kamen Rider Torque
A charismatic con-man, Drew Lansing fights as Kamen Rider Torque when General Xaviax offers him the chance to use his powers of persuasion to turn the other Kamen Riders.

#33905: Kamen Rider Camo
Pretending to be a mercenary, General Xaviax offers Grant a job and the chance to be known as the toughest man on two worlds as Kamen Rider Camo.

#33906: Kamen Rider Blank Knight
Blank Knight is a temporary, generic form that a Kamen Rider takes on before he or she contracts with an Advent Beast.

Bandai did an excellent job with these figures. Though they are small (especially compared with the Ryuki figures), and have no elbow joints (which seems fine for figures this small), bandai still did a wonderful job. They are very detailed. Each figure comes with an Advent Card. I hope Bandai releases every Rider, and I hope they also release a Xaviax figure.

Deluxe Figure Set(s)

#33922: Black Wing & Len

Black Wing comes with "Sword Vent" (Wing Lancer). Black Wing can be attached to the back of the 4" Collectible Figure, Wing Knight, as the cape, and can also be used as "Guard Vent" for Wing Knight. One thing I don't like about this Black Wing figure is that the legs come off very easy.

Deluxe Rider and Cycle Set(s)

#33951: Kamen Rider Blank Knight with Advent Cycle

The Advent Cycle comes with a Blank Knight figure stuck in riding mode, and when you look at the Advent Cycle from the front when pressing the light-up button, the red light shines through Blank Knight's eyes of his helmet. Any of the 4" Collectible Figures can also ride in the Advent Cycle. Bandai did a fantastic job with the Advent Cycle. Although, it's kind of small, and the top part that moves up and down comes off way too easy, and the seat doesn't move up like it does in the show.

Kamen Rider Ryuki

Masked Rider Femme (Kamen Rider Femme)
Masked Rider Ryuga (Kamen Rider Ryuga)

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