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 Kamen Rider Wing Knight
Name: Len (Played by: Matthew Mullins).
Age: 24. Abilities: Sensing abilities.
Arrived: Ep1.
Advent Beast: Black Wing (mechanical bat).
Change Call: "Kamen Rider!"
Vehicle(s): Motorcycle; Ride Shooter.
Weaponry: Advent Deck; Dark Visor (card reader (sword)).
Info: Kamen Riders are the Defenders of Ventara. There were twelve of them, but they were destroyed by General Xaviax. Xaviax stole the Kamen Riders' Advent Decks - source of the Riders' powers. He took the people of Ventara to be his slaves and now plans to enslave Earth. Wing Knight (Len) is the sole survivor of Xaviax's takeover of Ventara.

Ep1: Xaviax has been kidnaping people from Earth. He sends his army to capture the humans, but Len is going around defeating his army and saving the people.

Kit Taylor finds an Advent Deck. Kit tries to save Maya from some of Xaviax's red creatures, but one of the creatures takes Maya into a mirror. Len saves Maya and quickly defeats the creatures. Len wants the Advent Deck Kit found, but Kit takes off running. Maya is taking pictures, so Len takes her camera, drops it, then smashes it with his foot.

Kit falls backward into the reflections of a car and finds himself flying through a dimensional portal. The Advent Deck transforms him into a Blank Kamen Rider. Kit Taylor (Blank Knight) then finds himself in another world - Ventara. Len transforms to Wing Knight and goes in after him.

Ep2: Wing Knight and Blank Knight return back to Earth through the same reflections (portals) they came out of, but they get separated.

Maya spots Len on his motorcycle in front of the bookstore, as he's looking for Kit. Maya wants to talk to him, but Len takes off and rides into a mirror.

Len finds Kit and wants the Advent Deck. Kit asks him about the Contract Card and the Dragon. Len tells him if he Contracts with that Dragon, he will be Vented. They hear a strange noise. Len explains that a portal is opening, and that someone is in trouble. Len goes to save the person and tells Kit to follow. After the two save a Electrician, Wing Knight goes after the monster. Kit becomes Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and saves Wing Knight from the monster, but Wing Knight is angry at Kit for contracting with the Dragon.

Ep3: Incisor and his Contract Beast, Volcancer, attack Dragon Knight. Len rides to the scene, but instead of helping Dragon Knight, he just observes the fight without them knowing. Kit escapes back to Earth.

Len trains on a rooftop. He waits and listens for portals opening. Incisor challenges Dragon Knight to a fight. Len hears them fighting and rides to the scene. Dragon Knight is loosing, but Wing Knight helps. With two Riders against one, Incisor retreats. Wing Knight explains that he wanted to keep Kit out of this, but he's in it now and will need to learn how to fight. Wing Knight takes Dragon Knight somewhere to train him.

Wing Knight: "You wear the armor, now it's time you learn how to fight." Wing Knight strikes hard, giving him a small taste of what he has gotten himself into.

Ep4: Len explains to Kit about the Kamen Riders. Wing Knight and Dragon Knight work together to destroy another monster. Len can sense whose a Kamen Rider. Incisor is Vented by Wing Knight. Wing Knight now has Incisor's Advent Deck.

Ep5: Len apologizes to Kit for running off and explains that he never Vented a Kamen Rider before. Later, Len explains to Kit about General Xaviax.

Ep10: Kit and Maya ask Len why Xaviax has to trick the Riders into fighting for him and why doesn't he just get the biggest, baddest, toughest criminals out there and give them the Advent Decks. Len shows them a picture of himself with someone who looks exactly like Kit. Len explains that it's a picture of him and Adam, the original Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Len explains that the Kamen Riders of Earth are the mere twins of the original Kamen Riders on Ventara, and the Advent Decks were created for one person only, so only someone with an exact DNA match can use it.

Ep13: After not being able to Vent two Riders, Len has self-doubts. In a reflection, he sees himself and is told to "Do your Job, Kamen Rider!"

Ep14: While in Kit's apartment, Len senses that Kamen Rider Torque has just been Vented.

Ep18: Len explains that he never done anything before he became a Kamen Rider because they were chosen to become Kamen Riders at a young age.

Len offers Kit the job of replacing the original Dragon Knight and explains that the Kamen Riders lie in suspended animation until they are needed, and that they only wake up once every 12 years.

Ep20: Len is holding Sting's Advent Deck, telling himself that it's his fault that Chris got Vented. He then sees a reflection of himself talking to him again. Len says that he should of forced Chris out of the fight. The reflection reminds Len that this is war, a leader has to suspect this to happen. But Len says that he's not the leader and never was, and never wanted the responsibility of being a leader. But the reflection reminds him that there's no one else to take, he's the only one left. So Len then asks what if he just quits, but the reflection just fades away without responding to that question.

Ep22: Len has Incisor, Camo, Thrust, Sting and Spear's Advent Decks.

Len tells Kit that he doesn't have anymore advice for him and explains that he's not supposed to be the leader, and the only reason why he's the leader is because he's the only one left, and explains that he was the lone wolf, the one they sent out when the sun went down, and he's better as a fighter - not talking, not giving advice - it's not his job, it's not what he's good at. But Kit explains that he is good at it, he leads by example, and everything he learned about being a Kamen Rider, he learned watching him.

Ep23: Len asks Kase how she escaped, and explains that the last thing he remembers is the Sleep Pod Override waking him up, and her pushing him through the Escape Hatch. Kase explains that she saw Adam coming with Xaviax, and she knew that she only had time enough to get Len out, and they were just lucky that their Pods were last, the others didn't even have a chance to wake up.

Ep24: Len mentions to Kase about how much simpler it was when they first fought Xaviax - They were all on the same side, fighting the same enemy. They were fighting Monsters, not Ad-men. Len informs Kase about Chris.

Ep30: Kase pulls out two Survive Cards from her Deck and gives them to Kit and Len and explains that they were the last thing she grabbed when Xaviax destroyed the Kamen Rider Base, she tried to grab them all but there was no time.

Ep31: Wing Knight uses Survive Mode.

Ep33: They all signed up to fight Xaviax, and after that, they thought they would be done, but Master Eubulon disappeared and there was noway to unlink from the Decks, so, they were stuck being Kamen Riders forever, and they can't really just quit, the Advent Deck doesn't leave you alone, you have an alarm that tells you every time someone is being attacked.

Len and Eubulon bring Chance, Price and Hunt up to speed, they explain that Xaviax won without a fight, and now the people of Ventara are his captives. They thought they had finished Xaviax, but he was only hurt, and he came back and tried a new approach. Adam let Xaviax into their base and betrayed everyone. They were Vented in their sleep, and Len escaped because his override woke him up.

Ep37: The next Rider in line wakes up after 12 years of being in suspended animation, with only 2 days to spend time with the Rider already awake before that Rider has to go back to hibernation for another 12 years.

Len and Kase only had two days to spend together after he woke up from suspended animation and before she had to go back in.

Wing Knight Form: Sight: 10km Hearing: 25km radius Speed: 80km/h High jump: 40m
Punch: 200 Attack Points Kick: 300 Attack Points

Survive Form: Sight: 15km Hearing: 30km radius Speed: 85.7km/h High jump: 50m
Punch: 300 Attack Points Kick: 450 Attack Points

Black Wing: Length: 1.15m Breadth: 3.90m Height: 0.35m Weight: 85kg Flight speed: 900km/h

Black Raider: Length: 1.30m Breadth: 3.90m Height: 0.90m Weight: 100kg Flight speed: 950km/h

Motorcycle Form: Length: 3.70m Breadth: 0.90m Height: 1.23m Weight: 100kg

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