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 Kamen Rider Torque
Name: Drew Lansing (Played by: Christopher Foley).
Age: 22. Original Torque: Chance.
Arrived: Ep4 (human form); Ep5 (Torque form).
Advent Beast: Magnugiga (bull robot).
Change Call: "Kamen Rider!"
Vehicle(s): Motorcycle; Ride Shooter.
Weaponry: Advent Deck; Magnu Visor (card reader (submachine gun)).
Info: Drew is a charismatic con-man. Xaviax offered him a chance to turn the other Kamen Riders against Wing Knight. Drew knows Xaviax's plan.

Ep5: Kamen Rider Torque observes Dragon Knight fight. General Xaviax (human form) asks Drew when he's going to make his move, and reminds him that Kit Taylor is an important part of his plan. Drew explains, a professional does his homework.

In the General's base, Drew says he's having just a little bit of trouble understanding his plan. The General explains to Drew that his plan is to kidnap every human being on Earth, put them to work rebuilding his home planet, and make him a general in his army with every luxury he could possibly want. Drew explains that it's the kidnaping part that he's having trouble with, because he's only snatching one person at a time, so it's going to be a while before he starts enjoying his luxuries. But the General explains it won't be that long, because soon he will be able to use his teleporters to steal every human being on Earth in a single shot. But to do that, he needs to be able to collect a broad sampling of human DNA. The General then shows Drew his hunt for specimens, each with a unique genetic profile, and once he finds a match, he sends his servants out to collect it. After he has enough information, he will input it into his computers and all the people of Earth will be his. The General then asks Drew if he's having any doubts about betraying his entire planet. Drew explains he was just deciding rather he would like to live in the White House or Buckingham Palace.

The General gave Drew a story to use against Dragon Knight and Wing Knight, and he creates two zebra monsters to assist him.

Ep6: Drew tells Kit that Wing Knight works for Xaviax and stole the Advent Decks and gave them to men on Earth and that the original Dragon Knight tried to stop Wing Knight and was the first to get Vented. Drew says he was there, Wing Knight tricked them into following him into Xaviax's lair, Wing Knight said they were going there to finish him off but when they got there he turned on them. Xaviax orders Wing Knight to finish off Dragon Knight ("Adam"). Torque escapes back through the portal, and Dragon Knight is Vented by Wing Knight. Kit doesn't believe him, so Drew goes to prove it.

Drew and Kit find Wing Knight. Drew tells Kit to stay out of sight or Len will start lying again. Torque attacks Wing Knight. Xaviax appears in a reflection and tells Wing Knight to finish him. Torque escapes Wing Knight. Believing Drew's lies, Kit confronts Len.

Dragon Knight watches Torque destroy a zebra monster.

Ep7: Maya takes Kit and Drew to his dad in the hospital. But Kit's dad doesn't respond. Drew explains that Xaviax did this to him, and that he recognizes the symptoms, the Minions take them, and Xaviax drains them. Drew explains that Xaviax uses their life energy to power his machines. Maya asks if there is a cure. Drew tells them that Xaviax has the cure, and that they have to defeat him and Wing Knight to get it.

Len explains to Kit that there is no cure anymore, there was a man who could have helped, but he's gone. Kit tells Len that he's lying. Kit wants to believe that there is a cure.

Len finds Drew and chases after him into Ventara. Torque explains that with Xaviax's power, he will be a king. And as last man on Earth, he will get his pick of the ladies. It's gonna be sweet. Wing Knight explains to Torque that Xaviax is gonna Vent him like all the others, but Torque explains that he has it all worked out.

Kit isn't sure what to do and who he should believe. Kit tells Drew that he has made his decision, if he helps him with his dad, he will help him fight Wing Knight and Xaviax.

Ep8: Drew and Kit find Wing Knight fighting a monster. Drew tells Kit to go down there and pretend like he's gonna help, and the second he turns his back to him, wham! Then while he's down, Drew will come in there and finish him off. Kit isn't sure about doing it, but Drew explains that he has to if he wants to save his dad. On their way down, they find Grant, who is also after Wing Knight. Kamen Rider Gamo (Grant) doesn't want any competition, so he fights Torque and Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight tries to get Gamo to listen and not fight them, but Torque insists on fighting. Camo later escapes from them.

Ep9: Kit realizes that Drew is really the one working for Xaviax and not Len. Torque congratulates Kit and thanks him for playing, then points his Giga Launcher at him and Camo. Camo is Vented by Torque. Wing Knight saves Dragon Knight from Torque.

Ep10: Xaviax is angry with Drew for trying to Vent Dragon Knight and explains to him that as long as Wing Knight survives, nobody touches Dragon Knight. Xaviax tells Kamen Rider Strike to watch Drew.

Ep11: Drew asks Brad to help him defeat both Wing Knight and Xaviax, but Brad doesn't trust him.

Ep12: At Xaviax's lair, Drew is confronted by Xaviax that he knows he's planning to take out Xaviax. Then Xaviax, Strike and Minions ambush him, but Drew manages to escape. Strike Rides after Drew, but Drew gets away.

Ep13: Drew tries asking Kit for help. Drew explains that Xaviax is after him now too, and he wants to team up with him and Len to take Xaviax down. But Kit doesn't trust him, so Drew transforms to take him out. Dragon Knight manages to get in a good Strike and chase away Torque.

Flashback: Drew, a con-man, is selling cheap, broken, cell phones. A cop shows up at the door, so Drew runs out the back. Xaviax (human form) pulls up and offers Drew a sales position and says that if he can convince a group of men to wage an all-out war, he will give him the world. Xaviax walks through a car. Drew accepts the offer and takes the Advent Deck.

Drew is encountered by James.

Ep14: Kamen Rider Torque is Vented by Kamen Rider Strike.

Ep33: Master Eubulon frees three of the Ventaran Riders from the Advent Void - Chance(Torque), Price(Strike), and Hunt(Axe).

Torque Form: Sight: 20km Hearing: 10km radius Speed: 51.4km/h High jump: 15m
Punch: 300 Attack Points Kick: 300 Attack Points

Magnugiga: Height: 2.85m Weight: 510kg

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