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 Kamen Rider Thrust
Name: Brad Barrett (Played by: Keith Stone).
Age: 21. Original Thrust: Cam.
Arrived: Ep8 (Thrust form); Ep10 (human form).
Advent Beast: Metalgelas (armored rhino beast).
Change Call: "Kamen Rider!"
Vehicle(s): Motorcycle; Ride Shooter.
Weaponry: Advent Deck; Metal Visor (card reader (on left shoulder)).
Info: Brad's successful Motocross career comes to an end when Xaviax frames him of cheating. "Brad Barret always wins!"

Ep8: Kamen Rider Thrust attacks Len. Len loses his Advent Deck to him.

Ep9: Kamen Rider Thrust gives Len back his Advent Deck for a fair fight. Kamen Rider Thrust wants to win the Battle Club Tournament. Wing Knight explains that this isn't a tournament, it's a war. Thrust wants to win to get his life back. Wing Knight tries to explain to Thrust that he's been lied to, the man who gave him the Advent Deck tricked him into fighting Wing Knight, but Thrust doesn't believe him. Wing Knight explains that whatever he promised him, it isn't real. But Thrust wants to believe that it's real. Thrust sees Torque and Camo fighting and wonders how many of them he's gonna have to beat to win the tournament. Thrust sees Camo get Vented by Torque and wonders what just happened. Wing Knight explains that he lost. Thurst explains that nobody said anything about being disintegrated, and decides to leave.

Ep10: Flashback: Brad Barrett's defending his amazing win streak of Motocross. Brad Barrett and Joe Stephens are in the lead. Joe Stephens almost ends Brad's winning streak, but he goes down, and Brad Barrett wins again. Later, Paul shows Brad a video recorded of what looks to be Brad messing with Joe's motorcycle, then explains that if Joe didn't lose control and crash, Brad would have come in second. Brad swears that it's not him in that video, but the person in the video is wearing his custom made jacket. Brad explains that him and Joe were bros, and he would never hurt Joe. Paul tells Brad that he's not getting his trophy, and he needs to give the prize money back. Paul then explains that Joe's not gonna file charges, but Paul has to notify the state commission, Brad's career is over and will never race again.

Xaviax (human form) reveals to Brad video evidence that could prove it wasn't him and save his career. Brad realizes that he set him up. Xaviax tells Brad that he runs a little tournament called Battle Club, then tells him that if he wins the tournament he will give him the video. Kamen Rider Strike appears and defeats two minions. Xaviax gives Brad an Advent Deck to become Kamen Rider Thrust.

...Brad calls Charlie(Xaviax) and informs him that he actually enjoyed the Battle Club fight. Brad hears a portal and says that he's going to try another Rider. Charlie tells Brad to stick with Wing Knight, he is his assigned opponent for the first round, but Brad rides off to battle anyways. Thrust attacks Dragon Knight.

Ep11: Kit explains to Brad that Camo was Vented. Brad tries calling Charlie Feathers, but no answer. Drew explains that Xaviax is the man who gave him his Advent Deck and tricked them into fighting for him. Drew asks Brad to help him defeat both Wing Knight and Xaviax, but Brad doesn't trust him and takes off.

Charlie appears behind Brad. Brad tells him that he knows his name's Xaviax, and there's no such thing as Battle Club. Xaviax confesses that he's guilty on all counts, including the missing people. Brad tells the lying dirtball that he's going to rip him into little pieces. But Xaviax reminds him that he has the one piece of evidence he needs to clear his name, and the only way he's going to get it back is to Vent Wing Knight. Xaviax reveals his true form and tells Brad to Vent or be Vented.

Len tries saving someone but Brad gets in his way and fights him.

Ep13: Brad is determined to finish Wing Knight.

Ep14: Thrust takes on Wing Knight, Dragon Knight and Sting. Torque uses Final Vent, Kamen Rider Strike uses Thrust to take most of the damage, but Thrust survives. So Strike uses his Final Vent and Vents Thrust.

Thrust Form: Sight: 8km Hearing: 10km radius Speed: 72km/h High jump: 20m
Punch: 300 Attack Points Kick: 300 Attack Points

Metalgelas: Height: 2.35m Weight: 270kg

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