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 Kamen Rider Strike
Name: James Trademore (“JTC”) (Played by: Scott Bailey).
Age: 23. Original Strike: Price.
Arrived: Ep6 (human form); Ep8 (Strike form).
Advent Beast: Venosnaker (mechanical cobra).
Change Call: "Kamen Rider!"
Vehicle(s): Motorcycle...
Weaponry: Advent Deck; Veno Visor (card reader (scepter)).
Info: A hacker and UFO conspiracy theorist, James is bright, paranoid and manipulative - a man who enjoys learning secrets and using them to his advantage. He is wanted by US government for hacking their computers and stealing secret files.

Ep3: Maya receives a reply from JTC, a blogger/hacker whose a huge name in the Internet Cryptozoology Scene. JTC shows her his private website and password with photos of the Mirror Monsters. Kit then walks in. Maya takes him in the back to show him the new information from JTC and explains that she thinks his father was taken by the Mirror Monsters.

Ep6: JTC calls Maya. He tells her that she has been doing some good work and wants to help her, so he gives her a tip. JTC informs her that the City Hospital has just created a special ward in the East Wing, and it's full of sleepwalkers. Physically, they're fine. They walk. They eat. They watch TV. But mentally, they're asleep, drained of all energy. JTC can't be talking about it on an un-secure line, so JTC and Maya agree to meet in person. Maya and Trent head to the hospital and leave Lacey to watch the store.

At the hospital, Maya and Trent find a Police Officer guarding the entrance to the UDU (Unidentified Disorder Unit) Station. So they pose as workers, and the cop lets them in. They find people just lying on the beds.

Maya and Trent find Kit's dad in the hospital.

Ep8: Maya informs JTC that she went to the hospital and found the missing people. JTC agrees to meet with her in person tomorrow at the book shop at 6:00pm.

With Camo, Torque and Dragon Knight attacking each other instead of Wing Knight, Xaviax calls forth Kamen Rider Strike to send in Kamen Rider Thrust.

Ep9: Kamen Rider Strike observes the Riders fight from the battlefield, and alien Xaviax later joins him.

Ep10: Xaviax is angry with Drew for trying to Vent Dragon Knight and explains to him that as long as Wing Knight survives, nobody touches Dragon Knight. Xaviax tells Kamen Rider Strike to watch Drew, and enjoy his evening.

JTC shows up at the book store. JTC shows Maya some pictures from an FBI Computer he hacked that were too hot to e-mail, pictures of Kamen Rider Sting. JTC explains that all the file said was that these were taken in the Gramercy Hights area over the past month, and ever since he showed up, the number of disappearances in that area dropped to zero. JTC asks Maya to call her James.

Ep12: ...Kamen Rider Strike hunts for Drew.

Ep13: James moves in to attack Drew.

Ep14: Kamen Rider Strike Vents Thrust and Torque. Strike takes Torque's Advent Deck.

Ep16: Xaviax tells JTC to separate Sting from the others. JTC finds Chris.

Ep17: Strike attacks Sting, but retreats when Wing Knight and Dragon Knight show.

Ep18: Kit returns to the hospital to see his dad, but when he gets their, he finds that his father is gone. He finds a snake medallion on the bed and realizes that his dad was taken by Strike.

Ep19: Kamen Rider Strike Vents Sting.

Ep20: JTC calls the store to talk to Maya. Trent passes the Speakerphone to Maya. Maya presses the button for them all to hear. JTC says to tell Kit that he thinks he knows where his dad is, then gives an address.

Ep21: Kit and Maya find Frank. JTC then shows himself and reveals to Kit and Maya that he is Strike. JTC explains that when the Feds imprisoned him, Xaviax came and took him out through a mirror, and he has been free ever since. JTC offers Kit his dad for Wing Knight's Advent Deck, but Kit refuses the offer. Maya escapes with Frank.

Ep23: Xaviax orders JTC to Vent Axe.

JTC locates Danny and explains that he had a brother, too, who went to prison for something he didn't do and couldn't put it aside and just do his time, and if he had, he would have been out in three years, but instead, he was stubborn and tried to escape every chance he could, which got him Life Without Parole, and it's been ten years and he's still in there. JTC tells Danny that he can't beat Xaviax, Xaviax is the winner, the world WILL be his, and he will be Vented if he doesn't listen. JTC and Danny transform and fight. Strike easily takes down Axe and tells him that he's not going to Vent him...this time, but next time he will, giving him one last chance.

Ep24: JTC returns to Xaviax's lair. Xaviax isn't pleased that he didn't Vent Axe, but JTC explains that they need him now that he's up against Siren, Dragon Knight and Wing Knight. JTC proposes to take Kit's dad again, and this time he will force Kit to fight for them. But Xaviax tells him no, and explains that he has a more direct approach in mind. Xaviax then warns JTC that Danny is his decision, and it's on his head.

Ep25: Strikes Vents Axe.

Ep29: Xaviax finds a way to give JTC's Advent Deck more oomph.

Ep30: JTC steals Thrust and Sting's Advent Decks from Len. Strike Contracts Metalgelas and Evildiver, and uses Unite Vent - Venosnaker, Metalgelas and Evildiver fuse together and become Genocider.

Ep31: Strike is Vented by Wing Knight Survive Mode.

Ep33: Master Eubulon frees three of the Ventaran Riders from the Advent Void - Chance(Torque), Price(Strike), and Hunt(Axe).

Ep40: Maya and Price are now a couple.

Strike Form: Sight: 5km Hearing: 5km radius Speed: 45km/h High jump: 15m
Punch: 50 Attack Points Kick: 100 Attack Points

Venosnaker: Length: 6.25m Weight: 190kg

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