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Name: Chris Ramirez (Played by: Michael Cardelle).
Age: 19. Original Sting: Quinn.
Arrived: Ep11 (Sting form); Ep12 (human form).
Advent Beast: Evildiver (flying mechanical stingray).
Change Call: "Kamen Rider!"
Vehicle(s): Motorcycle; Ride Shooter.
Weaponry: Advent Deck; Evil Visor (card reader (small shield)).
Info: Chris is a marine whose military life is cut short due too his asthma growing too advanced. Xaviax tricks him into thinking that Wing Knight is the leader of an alien invasion.

Ep11: ...Kamen Rider Sting tells Dragon Knight that this is his planet, alien, and by Order of The United States Government, you're under arrest.

Ep12: Kamen Rider Sting attacks Dragon Knight. Flashback: Sergeant Ramirez says to his son, Chris Ramirez, that four generations of Ramirez men have served this country, and no son of his is going to break that tradition. Chris says that he won't, sir. But Doc comes with some not so good news. The Doc explains to Chris that his Asthma's grown too advanced and he won't be able to perform his duties. Sergeant Ramirez tells the Doc to run the tests again, and that there's nothing wrong with his son, and the tests are wrong. The Doc explains to Sergeant Ramirez that Chris will be getting a full medical discharge. Chris asks the Doc to not do this to him, he wants to serve his country. The Doc says that there are still many ways to do that, but the Sergeant explains that the Ramirezes are Marines, they have always been Marines! The Sergeant has a talk with the Doc alone. Xaviax then appears and introduces himself to Private Ramirez (Chris) as Special Agent Simons and explains that he heard about the discharge, and that he works for a Clandestine Governmental Organization, and he is just exactly the kind of young man they're looking for. Agent Simons tells him that what he's about to reveal can never be repeated, not even to his father. Chris agrees, then Agent Simons gives him an Advent Deck. Chris sees a Minion in a reflection. Agent Simons explains that he didn't imagine it, and that the United States of America...In fact, their very planet Earth, has been invaded by creatures from another dimension that want to take away their rights and destroy their way of life, but with that Deck, him and a very select group of other dedicated young men and women can help defeat them. Chris says yes, it would be an honor to serve his country. Agent Simons says, "welcome aboard."

Dragon Knight reveals to Sting that he is human and that his name is Kit Taylor. But Sting still believes that Kit is an alien and explains that Agent Simons told him about their tricks. Sting grabs Kit, but then they see Wing Knight and Thrust fighting. Sting attacks Wing Knight. Dragon Knight explains to Wing Knight that he's not a bad guy. With his Asthma becoming too intense, Sting has no choice but to listen to what they have to say.

Back at Kit's place, Kit and Len try to convince Chris that he has been lied to, but Chris continues to believe that they're just trying to trick him. Maya comes to the door, then Chris makes his escape. Kit and Len split up to search for up. Len finds him and tries to get him to listen, but Chris transforms to Sting and attacks him. Sting uses Final Vent and rams into Wing Knight, but Wing Knight survives the attack. Sting's Asthma becomes too intense for him to continue fighting. Wing Knight uses his Final Vent, but stops in mid-air. Len then walks off.

Ep13: Kit returns to his apartment. He explains to Maya that Chris thinks they're the bad guys, and that Xaviax told him they are evil aliens. They hear a portal, so he heads back out, and Maya follows after him. Chris reports to Agent Simons (Xaviax) about meeting Kit and Len. Simons says that Wing Knight will take him out when he gets the chance. Chris is confused, because that's not what happened, Wing Knight had the chance to Vent him but didn't.

Maya watches Dragon Knight and Torque fight. Chris shows up and sees them fighting. Maya asks Chris if he still thinks Kit is an alien. Chris says he doesn't, so Maya tells him to get in their and help him, but Chris isn't sure. Dragon Knight manages to get in a good Strike and chase away Torque. Kit finds Chris talking with Maya. Chris says that everything's alright. Dragon Knight and Sting destroy a minion together. Kamen Rider Sting explains that he's beginning to see that actions speak louder than words, and they head off to find Len.

Ep14: Kamen Rider Sting helps Wing Knight and Dragon Knight fight against Thrust. Now friends with them, Chris tells Len and Kit that he wants to know everything, and explains that this time he will listen.

Ep15: Kit asks Chris if he will help them stop Xaviax, but Chris has another asthma attack and tells them he can't, then takes off. Kit and Len stay behind while Maya goes after him.

Ep16: Maya finds Chris in Gramercy Park. Chris tells Maya that he is too weak. Maya tells him that he's the hero of Gramercy Heights, but Chris tells her that he's not a hero, it was all a setup from the beginning.

Flashback: Special Agent Simons (Xaviax) had brought Chris to his lair. Chris looks over the Advent Cards given to him. In the Deck he finds a Contract Card. Agent Simons stops him right there and explains that the Contract Card bonds you with your Advent Beast, the power he will need to fight the alien creatures, but once you merge with it, it's for life, and there's no going back. Simons explains, you hold out the Contract Card and the Beast will come to you. Chris accepts and transforms. And for about a month, Kamen Rider Sting takes out one alien creature (Xaviax's monsters) right after another, and saves many people. Agent Simons congratulates Chris on saving countless lives. Chris tells him that he wishes he could tell his father, it would make him very proud.

Flashback: Agent Simons tells Chris that he's ready to face off with the alien masterminds and explains that Wing Knight and his henchmen are ten times more powerful than the creatures, and more cunning, they will say or do anything to trick him. Chris tells him that they won't fool him. Agent Simons says, "Good luck, son!"

Ep17: Chris joins the team with Len and Kit.

Chris checks his mail from the post office and opens a letter from Dr. Nathan Heath from the Naval Hospital, Respiratory Disease Unit, informing him that on review of his latest tests, he feels it important to warn him that any strenuous exercise could be extremely dangerous, and says to please call him as soon as possible to discuss this urgent matter. Chris crumples the letter.

Ep19: JTC offers Chris to join Xaviax and tells him that Xaviax has medical technology that can cure his asthma, but first has to help take out Wing Knight. Chris refuses JTC’s offer.

Strike uses Final Vent to use on Wing Knight, but Sting takes the hit for him. Strike then leaves. Sting begins disintegrating and places his right hand over his chest and says, “Semper Fi” (Semper Fidelis: "Always Faithful"). Sting is Vented. Kit picks up his Advent Deck and holds it against his chest and begins to cry, and Len places his right hand over his chest, in honor of their fallen friend and his sacrifice.

Ep20: Kit returns to his apartment and finds a letter in Chris' backpack that he wrote to his father but never got to send it. Kit reads the letter, as Maya is looking at pictures of the hero of Gramercy Heights with tears falling.

Chris: "Dear dad, I know you're probably pretty angry at me right now. Dad, I'm sorry I ran out on you like that. I guess I just couldn't face my failure. I wish I could say everything's fine now, but it isn't. You see, my asthma's only getting worse. After I was discharged, I didn't know what to do. But then I got a chance to work for what I thought was a branch of homeland security, and I saw it as a new way to serve my country. And at first I did fine. Dad, you would have been so proud. I brought honor to the uniform I wore. But then the big "A" started to cut into my game. I kept remembering what you always said -- Just get to the fight and let your training guide you. But training can't heal my body. You know, and I told myself I could control the coughing if I just kept a clear head. After all, Pop, you always said a hero is a guy who keeps his cool when everyone else loses theirs. I was determined not to give up. You taught me that. Do you remember? You also taught me that if your determination runs low, fill it back up with loyalty. Remember that one? And Pop, you know what the Marine motto is -- Semper Fidelis, "Always Faithful." I'll never betray my friends. Never. But you can't bounce back from what I've got, and no amount of loyalty or dedication will change that. See, Pop, I thought about courage. You always said that courage was facing your fears, and the proof of courage was in the risk you take and the sacrifices you make. So, what can I say? My heart and soul are in it, but my lungs aren't. I'm helpless, and there's nothing I can do. I spent my whole life trying to be the hero that you taught me was the highest achievement possible. I'm sorry, dad. I'll never be that hero."

Ep40: Eubulon brought back all the Earth Riders from the Advent Void, healed them and whipped all their memories of being Kamen Riders, then put them back where they started. Eubulon cured Chris' asthma, and Chris is now in the Marines.

Sting Form: Sight: 10km Hearing: 10km radius Speed: 72km/h High jump: 40m
Punch: 200 Attack Points Kick: 300 Attack Points

Evildiver: Length: 2.00m Weight: 30kg

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