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 Kamen Rider Siren
Name: Kase (Played by: Carrie Reichenbach).
Age: 23. Abilities: Healing ability, able to heal others.
Arrived: Ep21.
Advent Beast: Blancwing (mechanical swan).
Change Call: "Kamen Rider!"
Vehicle(s): Motorcycle.
Weaponry: Advent Deck; Blanc Visor (card reader (rapier sword)).
Info: Kase is one of the original Ventaran Kamen Riders. She comes to Earth after recovering from her wounds from fighting Xaviax. Kase and Len are a romantic couple.

Ep22: Axe pulls out his Final Vent Card to Vent Dragon Knight, but is suddenly attacked by Kamen Rider Siren. Siren orders the impostor to take off that armor. Siren easily takes down Axe, but Axe retreats. Siren then attacks Dragon Knight, thinking he's partner with Axe. Dragon Knight tries explaining to her that he's fighting for Ventara, but she doesn't believe him. Wing Knight arrives and tells Siren that if she wants to Vent Dragon Knight, she's going to have to get through him first. But Siren says Len's name and asks him if he's siding with the enemy. Wing Knight is confused. Siren de-transforms, Kase asks Len what is going on, and why he's protecting Xaviax's Riders. Wing Knight de-transforms, Len realizes that it's Kase, and not one of Xaviax's Riders, and is shocked to see that she is still alive.

Ep23: Len asks Kase how she escaped, and explains that the last thing he remembers is the Sleep Pod Override waking him up, and her pushing him through the Escape Hatch. Kase explains that she saw Adam coming with Xaviax, and she knew that she only had time enough to get Len out, and they were just lucky that their Pods were last, the others didn't even have a chance to wake up.

Kase understands that this has been tough for Len -- Venting these guys, and realizes that he never were really cold enough for this job, and yet he did what he had to, and tells Len, that's why she loves him. Len tells her that he loves her, too.

Ep30: Kase pulls out two Survive Cards from her Deck and gives them to Kit and Len and explains that they were the last thing she grabbed when Xaviax destroyed the Kamen Rider Base, she tried to grab them all but there was no time.

Siren is Vented by Strike.

Ep32: Maya becomes Kamen Rider Siren.

Ep33: Advent Master locates Kase and Kit in the Advent Void.

Ep34: Kit and Kase return from the Advent Void. But Kase is hurt.

Ep35: Maya gives the Siren Deck back to Kase. Maya explains that although she enjoyed being a Kamen Rider, she fights better with her words, as her ambition is to be a journalist, exposing the truth behind the lies. Kase explains she admires her and tells her to keep fighting to expose the truth.

Siren Form: Sight: 8km Hearing: 8km radius Speed: 72km/h High jump: 15m
Punch: 150 Attack Points Kick: 300 Attack Points

Blancwing: Length: 1.20m Breadth: 1.60m Weight: 40kg Flight speed: 400km/h

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