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 Advent Master
Name: Eubulon (Played by: Mark Dacascos).
Age: Unknown. Arrived: Ep32 (knocked into Earth 63 years ago).
Abilities: Create technology; Can teach others new abilities, uploading info directly into their brain; Sensing abilities; Can place someone in a Healing Trance, creating a healing sphere that enters the body; Shape Shift.
Advent Beast: Psycorogue. Change Call: "Kamen Rider!"
Weaponry: Advent Deck; Slash Visor (on right forearm).
Info: General Xaviax was once Eubulon's leader. Eubulon created the technology for General Xaviax to mass teleport people from other planets. But after having a change of heart, Eubulon created the Kamen Riders to stop Xaviax and destroy the teleportation machine.

Ep32: In the No Men base, Michelle and agents bring Len, Maya, Trent and Lacey to the Advent Master. Len uses his Deck to awaken Master Eubulon. Eubulon detransforms.

Xaviax and Eubulon Vented each other at the same time, Xaviax's attack was so strong that Eubulon was blasted, not to the Advent Void, but to Earth. They all thought that Eubulon had defeated him, but Xaviax came back. Eubulon was found 61 years ago -- 1947 in Roswell New Mexico. They couldn't wake him, so they froze him in their Cryochamber until they could find someone who could. The Kamen Riders of Ventara lie in suspended animation, and there's a rotation, one Rider stays awake for an entire year, and then the next Rider wakes up. Len explains to Eubulon that Adam betrayed them while he was on duty, he let Xaviax attack them while they slept. Xaviax succeeded in taking the people of Ventara to his own world to be his servants, and now plans to do the same with Earth. An agent brings in a suitcase with a Teleportation Beacon. Eubulon explains that if Xaviax has begun planting them on Earth, they have only days before he captures the entire population.

Eubulon explains that this happened on Ventara, and destroying the Beacons will slow Xaviax, but it won't stop him, they'll never get them all. Eubulon gives a device to Michelle and says to attach it to their frequency scanners and explains it will allow her to scan Ventara for the transmitters that send the teleport beams to the Beacons, and that there's one on each continent -- Ventara doubles of Africa, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia. But Michelle explains that the device is alien technology and needs to find someone who can make it compatible with their scanners. Agent Phillips then walks in with Agent Moseley - Trent, now a No Man. Michelle gives the device to Trent as his first assignment.

Len gives Eubulon all the Advent Decks he obtained. Master Eubulon is the only one that has the key to the Advent Void. Being Vented was a Fail-Safe, if a Rider was badly hurt, it pulled him to the safety of the Void until Eubulon could bring him out, but when Eubulon disappeared, they were trapped forever. Eubulon takes out his Advent Deck, but finds it must of been damaged during his fight with Xaviax. To give Len some help, Eubulon takes out Siren's Advent Deck and asks Maya if she has the courage to be a Kamen Rider. Maya explains she's never been in a fight in her life, and explains she thought the Decks were assigned to particular people. But it was Eubulon who assigned the Decks, and he can reassign them. Eubulon assigns the Deck to Maya, and as to learning how to fight, he has her press her hand to his and gives her Siren's fighting skills. Eubulon uses his Deck to open a portal and enters the Advent Void.

Ep33: Master Eubulon frees three of the Ventaran Riders from the Advent Void - Chance(Torque), Price(Strike), and Hunt(Axe).

Advent Master locates Kase and Kit in the Advent Void.

Ep34: Kit and Kase return from the Advent Void. Master Eubulon gives Kit the Onyx Deck.

Eubulon begins repairing his Void Key.

Ep36: Eubulon explains to Kit and Maya that he's not from Ventara. Eubulon reveals to them his true alien form and explains that he's from a planet called Karsh, same as Xaviax, and that Xaviax was his leader. Xaviax was the General of the North Army. Eubulon was developing weapons for him in a War against the South. The North side won, but in the process, they turned Karsh into a wasteland. Xaviax wanted him to seek out other worlds and find servants to rebuild their planet. It was Eubulon who invented the teleport technology and went to Ventara to plant the Beacons that would capture the Ventarans. But when Eubulon got there, he fell ill and thought would die, but a Ventaran family took him in and helped him recover. He then realized he could not destroy a world of good people to save a planet of War hunger fools. He told Xaviax he would not take the Ventarans, they have to find another way, but he wouldn't listen. So Eubulon invented the Kamen Riders. Eubulon told the leaders of Ventara what was coming, they recruited the best and the bravest the planet had to offer. He taught them how to use the armor and the Advent Decks. So if Xaviax wins, it would be his fault because he invented the teleporter that let him do it.

Ep38: Eubulon gives his Riders Link Vent Advent Cards to destroy Xaviax.

Ep39: Advent Master frees the other Ventaran Riders from the Advent Void, and his 13 Riders use Link Vent to destroy Xaviax.

Eubulon explains to his Riders that there is still much more work to be done, the people of Ventara are still enslaved on Karsh, they will need to move all the Beacons on Earth to Karsh so that they can use them to teleport the Ventarans back to their true home, and that there are many terrible weapons here on Karsh that they must dismantle, and still many of Xaviax's Monsters to hunt and destroy.

Ep40: Eubulon brought back all the Earth Riders from the Advent Void, healed them and whipped all their memories of being Kamen Riders, then put them back where they started. Eubulon even cured Chris' asthma, and Chris is now in the Marines. Eubulon cured Kit's dad. Eubulon explained that there are many more worlds behind the mirrors, and many more dangers that could threaten Ventara and Earth, but the Kamen Riders will be ready!

Armored Form: Sight: 20km Hearing: 15km radius Speed: 80km/h High jump: 50m
Punch: 300 Attack Points Kick: 450 Attack Points

Psycorogue: Height: 2.25m Weight: 125kg

Psycoroader: Length: 2.22m Weight: 125kg Speed: 680km/h

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