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Name: Danny Cho (Played by: Mike Moh).
Age: 21. Original Axe: "Hunt" (Hunter).
Arrived: Ep17.
Advent Beast: Destwilder (armored tiger beast).
Change Call: "Kamen Rider!"
Vehicle(s): Motorcycle.
Weaponry: Advent Deck; Dest Visor (card reader (battle axe)).
Info: Danny is a money-hungry thief whose only rule in life is that family comes first, and anyone who hurts his family will face his wrath.

Ep17: Xaviax finds his next recruits - the Cho brothers. Xaviax explains to JTC that the Cho brothers are very enthusiastic, but not bright. The Cho brothers steal some motorcycles. A passing guard spots them, so Danny Cho kicks him hard, knocking him out. Xaviax prepares to pay his new recruits a visit.

The Cho brothers begin disassembling parts from the stolen motorcycles to sell. Xaviax arrives and offers them to be a part of a really big score. He explains that his team is getting ready to make the biggest heist in the history of Earth, but one guy stands in their way, and if they can somehow subtract that person, they can have anything they want. The brothers accept the offer, so Xaviax shows them the tools of their new trade. He opens the briefcase, revealing that it's full of spending cash, and two Advent Decks.

Xaviax returns to his lair with Kamen Rider Axe and Kamen Rider Spear.

Ep21: Axe wants revenge for his brother.

Ep22: Danny tells himself, to Albert, that Dragon Knight is history. Xaviax tells Danny that he knows what it feels like, and tells him that he lost a whole world. Then Xaviax tells Danny that he can't let him Vent Dragon Knight, not until he's done with Wing Knight. But Danny says he doesn't care about that stuff, nobody hurts his family. Then Danny tells Xaviax that he can take back the money. Xaviax then shows his true form and picks Danny up with his mind and tells Danny that he owns him and either do what he says or he will get what Albert got. So Danny tells him that he will stay away from Dragon Knight.

Dragon Knight is attacked by Axe. Axe tells Dragon Knight that Xaviax will be next, right after he finishes with him. Axe pulls out his Final Vent Card to Vent Dragon Knight, but is suddenly attacked by Kamen Rider Siren. Siren orders the impostor to take off that armor. Siren easily takes down Axe, but Axe retreats.

Ep23: Danny returns to the lair and informs Xaviax of the white armored Rider he encountered. Danny tells him that he was just riding along when she attacked him, and explains that he just wanted to let him know. After Danny leaves, Xaviax orders JTC to Vent him.

JTC locates Danny and asks him why he has to be so stubborn. Danny explains they had nothing, no mom, no dad, they've been watching each other's backs since the day they were born, and now he's gone. JTC tells Danny that he can't beat Xaviax, Xaviax is the winner, the world WILL be his, and he will be Vented if he doesn't listen. JTC and Danny transform and fight. Strike uses his Final Vent Card, but Axe uses Freeze Vent and freezes Venosnaker. Strike easily takes down Axe and tells him that he's not going to Vent him...this time, but next time he will, giving him one last chance.

Ep24: Danny says to himself that nothing is going to stop him this time from getting his revenge on Dragon Knight, then Danny rides off.

Ep25: Axe is Vented by Strike.

Ep33: Master Eubulon frees three of the Ventaran Riders from the Advent Void - Chance(Torque), Price(Strike), and Hunt(Axe).

Hunt enjoys working alone.

Axe Form: Sight: 20km Hearing: 15km radius Speed: 72km/h High jump: 45m
Punch: 250 Attack Points Kick: 400 Attack Points

Destwilder: Height: 2.45m Weight: 280kg

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