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SciFi Japan - Interview With Michael Wang

Monday, June 28th, 2010
* Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Wins the Emmy! (www.scifijapan.com/).

Below are some quotes by Michael Wang. Be sure to visit the link above for much much more.

Steve and I get a lot of fans of KRDK writing to us about how much they loved the characters on the show. I get a kick out of watching the music video montages the fans create on Youtube. You can see a lot of care has been put into them and it’s nice for us to see the next generation of fans giving the series so much love.

...We shot a lot of our own original footage and used the Japanese footage that best fit our story. This was a challenge because in RYUKI certain Kamen Riders fight each other and the footage didn’t work for KRDK’s story. So, we had to shoot a majority of our own original footage like in Episode 18.

...Steve and I have also been developing new action/adventure kids shows and hope to bring something fresh to the fans soon!

Adness Entertainment...they are working tirelessly to get KRDK into other markets and have done a great job doing so. I would love to see future adaptations of KRDK and I’m sure the fans would too!<

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