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Bandai : Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Press Release

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Bandai America Inc. Brings New Kamen Rider Dragon Knight TV Series to Life with Action Figures, Vehicles and Role-Play

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Toy Line Empowers Kids to Become “Defenders of the Earth”

Bandai America Inc. introduces Kamen Rider Dragon Knight – a toy line that empowers boys 6+ to defend the world from General Xaviax, an evil warlord from a parallel dimension. Inspired by the television series produced by Adness Entertainment Co., Ltd., Bandai's dynamic toy line captures the many action-packed elements that combine to make Kamen Rider Dragon Knight one of the year's hottest up-and-coming properties for boys.

Based on one of Japan's most successful franchises with over 38 years as a top-rated show, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight premiered early January 2009 on TheCW4Kids Saturday morning kids block. The series airs in HD, making the show's fast-paced action sequences and stunning CGI special effects appear life-like. The show's young and talented cast, featuring actors Stephen Lunsford and Matthew Mullins, draws upon their talent as mixed martial arts athletes to add even more excitement to the series.

The story follows the heroic adventures of teenager Kit Taylor, who discovers a mysterious deck of Advent Cards that grant him the power to transform into a warrior known as a Kamen Rider. Kit joins Kamen Rider Wing Knight to battle the renegade warlord General Xaviax and his army in both the real world and a parallel world called Ventara, or Mirror World.

"As one of the most popular and successful live-action series of all time for kids in Japan, the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight series is sure to captivate its U.S. audience with its mixed-martial arts and cycle inspired themes," said Danielle Armbrust, director of marketing, Bandai America Inc. "The result is an exhilarating story line packed with characters, vehicles and weapons that naturally translates into a toy lineup appealing to boys."

Available at major retailers July 2009, Bandai America's Kamen Rider Dragon Knight line features:

4" Collectible Figures:
Styled after the armored warriors on the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight TV show, each highly detailed 4" collectible action figure includes its own unique weapon accessory so kids can defeat General Xaviax's evil army.

Kamen Rider Deluxe Weapons:
Kids can bring the excitement of Kamen Rider to life with the Dragon Knight Dragvisor or Kamen Rider Advent Belt Deluxe Weapons.

The Dragon Knight Dragvisor includes three Advent cards. In the series, the mysterious Advent Cards are the source of the Kamen Riders' special powers and attacks. Just as the cards do in the series, the toy line's Advent Cards hold a unique power. Each Advent Card summons the power of Kamen Rider to unlock sound effects on the Dragvisor, for a total of 15 unique sounds. Every item in the toy line features an Advent Card – kids unlock all of the Dragvisor's hidden sounds features by completing their collection of Kamen Rider figures, cycles and role-play toys.

The Advent Belt features the same turbo spinning action as seen on the TV show! Pick your favorite Rider Card and insert into the Advent Belt to initiate into Rider mode, complete with light and sound effects.

Deluxe Figure Set:
Sets include a 4" Rider figure in civilian mode and their corresponding Kamen Rider Contract Beast. With the Dragreder, Black Wing, and Magnugiga Contract Beasts with civilian figures, kids can recreate their own Kamen Rider excitement. The Contract Beasts attach to the 4" collectible Rider figures to create unique and dramatic attack poses.

Deluxe Rider Set:
Throughout the TV show, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Kamen Rider Wing Knight rely on their cycles to battle against Xaviax and his army. Kids can play out their own adventures with the same cycles as seen on the show. Each Kamen Rider bike includes a 4" Rider figure and features either red or blue illuminating LED lights. Kids can create a custom look by attaching the translucent special effect pieces to the bike.

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