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KamenConnection : Fans Interview with Mike Moh

First I would like to say to Mike Moh, Thank You so much for taking the time to answer these questions from us fans, we appreciate it a lot, and keep up the fantastic work!

*kc1000 (KamenConnection)

What are the other products that you have worked on, and how was your experience with them?

Before I became an actor, I had the opportunity of working in a Jackie Chan Film in Hong Kong called "Rob B Hood". It was amazing experience to work with Jackie. He really is a nice, super hard working guy.

Since being out here in Los Angeles, I have done a few commercials, an independent film called "Greenside" that I really enjoyed making, some theater, and many other short films.

Of course, none of them has compared to working on KRDK!

When did you become an Actor, and why?

Ever since I could walk and talk, I was always looking to be the center of attention. It wasn't until a few years ago when I moved to L.A. that I officially made acting my career. I love performing and enjoy the challenge!


Did Matt Mullins teach you any cool martial arts moves for KRDK?

No, we actually had no time to prepare! Our awesome fight choreographer, Yuji (Alpha Stunts), prepared our fight scenes and we are really proud of how it came out.

Did you do your own stunts?

Yes, I did all of my own martial arts and fighting outside of the suit. Hideki, one of the main stunt guys on the show, did most of the suit work for AXE and he also doubled me for some of the hard falls to concrete. He was amazing to watch.

Who is your favorite co-star?

I love working with everyone :)

Any funny moments on set?

Too many to remember! I am really hoping there is a blooper reel on the DVD's when they are released. The cast and crew were always pulling pranks and making jokes on down time and we all knew how to have a good time.


Aside from your character, Kamen Rider Axe, what other kamen rider would you have most wanted to play and why?

I would have to say Wing Knight or Strike. Wing Knight because Matt got to do so many awesome fights and he's one of the lead characters! Strike because he has such a cool storyline and he gets to walk around with that cool snake scepter thingy!

What are the most important things you learned while working on KRDK?

To never take anything for granted. I was so honored to be a part of this project and not many people are able to work as an actor so the whole experience made me so grateful to my fellow cast and crew and especially the Wang bro's who dedicated 3 years (and counting..) to this project!


I see that Matt Mullins helped you get an audition for a role in KRDK. What was it like for you to get a role in the first American adapted KR series since Saban’s Masked Rider failure?

When I found out I got the role as a Cho Brother, I asked the casting director that called me if he was serious like 3 different times. I also thanked Matt maybe a million times for helping me get the audition. To prepare for the role, I did a bunch of research on the history of Kamen Rider here in the states and in Japan and it was then that I realized how big this project was.

I know that you and Matt are very good friends, and I have to congratulate both of you on getting roles in KRDK. What was your experience in working alongside him, another accomplished martial artist like you, along with the rest of the KRDK crew?

Thank you! Everyday on set for me was great. Everyone on the cast and crew was amazing and a blast to work with. As far as Matt goes, it is so great to see him in a starring role in a cool project like this because he works so hard and is a talented martial artist and actor. My only wish is that we got to fight each other more!

Out of all the actors (besides Matt Mullins), who did you get along with the most while on set and why? What was it like to work alongside the Wang brothers as well as all the actors and crew members that worked hard to bring KRDK to fans like us?

To be honest, everyone was great. I mostly got to work with Matt, Stephen, Tony Sano, Scott Bailey, and William O'Leary while I was on set. Working with William O'Leary was great b/c it was basically like having an acting coach on set. He is a brilliant actor with a ton of experience. Working with Mike and Steve Wang was great because they knew exactly what they wanted. They are also kept a great sense of humor while working very hard so that created a great working environment.

Did you and Matt contribute in any way to the choreographing of that fight scene?

Yuji (fight choreographer) came up with the basic outline of the fight and Matt and I would add in our own flair as we see fit :)

I also know that Tony Sano, who plays your older brother Albert Cho, does not have any background in the martial arts and had to learn it while on set. Did you and Matt have to teach him on set or was it someone else? How well did he pick up on the martial arts that he had to learn?

Haha. That was actually an ongoing joke that Tony was the only Asian that didn't have any martial arts experience. I gave him a few pointers on basic technique. Tony was pretty worried about the fight scene but he was a natural and he picked up a few moves we taught him and he looked great in the final product!

Since KRDK is the first KR adaptation here in the U.S. since Saban’s Masked Rider attempt, what are your thoughts about the KR franchise here? If there was ever to be a second adaptation of KR here in the U.S., would you audition for a role, knowing that people already know of your role in KRDK?

I am just grateful that I was able to be in the first season of this revival. Obviously I would love to be a part of any future projects!


What was the last day of filming like for you? Were you saddened or were you glad that it was over?

I was sad because it was such a great time and I knew I would miss not seeing everyone so often!

What was your favorite KRDK Episode that you were in?

I have only seen episode 18 in full. But I can't wait for that one to air!

Was there anyone that you didn't get along with during your time filming KRDK?

Wing Knight and Dragon Knight of course. They are AXE's arch enemies.

What's it like to know that you have an action figure of your character in the show? Would you buy one for a keepsake?

I am going to buy 100 and place them all over my house. haha but seriously I have always wanted to have my own action figure so I am excited.

What was the first day on set like for you? Were you at all nervous? And how many episodes were you in KRDK?

Extremely nervous. I cannot say how many I am in, sorry :)

I love Kamen Rider Dragon Knight so much and I love the cast's entire work, so I have written a fan-fiction called: Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection that a lot of people like. I love your character so much that I wrote him (Danny) into the story. I was wondering if you'd be interested in reading the story.

Thanks for your support! Sure, I will read it.


When did you start as a martial artist?

I did a flying sidekick out of my mother's womb. Just kidding... I was 12 when I started Taekwondo.

Have you ever tried to watch any Kamen Rider shows? Have you tried watching Ryuki?

Yes, I have tried watching Ryuki but it was so confusing! Still pretty cool to watch though!

Can you tell more about the character that you portray? I'm just hoping that we will see more * action w/ Kamen Rider Axe!

All I can say is that my character just needs a hug, that's all.


In the original Ryuki series, your character (Kamen Rider Tiger) thought himself to be a hero. Does your character reflect any of the original character\'s personality?

Ummm, not really. My character is just angry. A lot.


Do you have a place where fans can contact you?

Follow me on Twitter @ www.twitter.com/mikemoh !!

Anything else you would like to say? Any SHOUT OUTS to your fans?

Thank you all for your support of the show! If it weren't for you guys, KRDK would not be a reality. Tell all your friends to watch and buy all the toys! Especially AXE!!!

*Feel free to post a comment(s) to Mike Moh, thanks.

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Sent On: 02/20/2010 02:39 PM
Message: HEY!! IM UR BIGGEST FAN!! i want autograpth but i wont know where are u and ur kamen rider axe looks cool

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Sent On: 01/10/2010 02:21 PM

From: ^^ scott
Sent On: 11/23/2009 05:57 PM
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From: ^^ W
Sent On: 11/18/2009 08:05 PM
Message: I love your contract beast

From: ^^ advent master
Sent On: 11/18/2009 08:03 PM
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From: ^^ advent master
Sent On: 11/18/2009 07:58 PM
Message: Do you like that you have freeze vent?

From: ^^ david
Sent On: 11/02/2009 04:09 PM
Message: axe looks cool

From: ^^ david
Sent On: 11/01/2009 10:57 PM
Message: will kamen rider axe appear again just like in ryuki

From: ^^ Aaron Luong
Sent On: 10/11/2009 09:50 PM
Message: I think your acting is great and I am a Axe fan

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 09/04/2009 01:50 PM
Message: http://www.kamenconnection.com/kamen_riders_defenders_of_kamenconnection/ -- AMAZING STORY

From: ^^ Haven!
Sent On: 08/14/2009 11:27 AM
Message: Hey Mr.Moh! It was so awesome to see you on the latest episode! Practically all of the people at Taekwondo have it recorded (obviously including me :P). It looks like you already have a TON of supporters, and you\'ve only been on like once! My brothers still your #1 fan though!!! My brother has been bugging my parents to get an Axe action figure :) I can\'t believe that I actually know a famous person! And they\'re even coming out with a video game?! Wow. Just wanted to say congrats on your success! Miss you and hope to see you soon back at Taekwondo! <3, Haven

From: ^^ nichayes
Sent On: 08/13/2009 07:40 PM
Message: hi there mike i am SO honored to be watching because for i would want to be kamen rider axe because most i am just almost angry all the time just what i said it is so honoring to know you nichayes

From: ^^ bigkr
Sent On: 08/07/2009 02:38 PM
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From: ^^ Wing Knight
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From: ^^ josh
Sent On: 08/01/2009 01:25 PM
Message: Can you tell me what advent cards you have?plz i was watching the jappenese version and 1 of the cards where freeze vent.

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 07/29/2009 08:54 PM
Message: Sweet interview! You keep on what your doing Mike. I totally look forward to your entrance in KRDK!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/29/2009 06:19 PM
Message: Thanks so much for taking your time to talk to us, Mike. I loved the interview and I love your character. Thanks so much for also saying that you will read the fan-fic. You Rock, I am also following you on twitter! LOL

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 07/29/2009 01:46 PM
Message: Awesome interview!Thanks! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka
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