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KamenConnection : Fans Interview with Jeff Davis (Frank Taylor)

Jf: First off let me say thank you to all who wrote in with questions, I hope that you are enjoying KRDK.

*kc1000 (KamenConnection)

First I would like to say to Jeff Davis, Thank You so much for taking the time to answer these questions from us fans, we appreciate it a lot, and keep up the fantastic work!

What other products have you worked on, and how was your experience with them?

I have had unusually good experiences on most everything I have worked on. Most recently I worked on PRIVATE PRACTICE and the season finale of GREYS ANATOMY both sets were incredible. The cast was very welcoming and it was a pleasure.

When did you become an Actor, and why?

I decided to become an actor in my mid to late twenties, I had dabbled a little in commercials and theater locally in my home state, Maine. One day I was watching TV and saw a girl from my hometown, who I had done a play with, on a soap opera. That day I decided if she could do it so could I. I spent the next 6 months reading about Los Angeles and planning my trip. I flew out here started audition and never looked back.


Is there something major happening for your character Frank Taylor later in KRDK?

I really can’t say much about the future episodes, but Frank will be coming in and out and trying to guide Kit with subtle words of wisdom.

Did you ever want to play a Kamen Rider?

I would love to play a Kamen Rider, I am hoping that the fans would like to see more of Frank Taylor and see him in action. Let the producers know by writing to the show. We want to see more of Frank Taylor, what is his connection to the Kamen Riders, with Xaviax, etc…? I think Frank may have been the original Dragon Knight, what do you think?

Have you ever checked out Kamen Rider Ryuki?

I have seen a little of it, but not much. My 11 year old son likes to watch them via the internet and he tells me about them.


Now most people don’t know you very well, since it seems like KRDK is the first time that a younger generation has gotten to see you. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have been married for 14 years, with two boys, Brett 13 and Jared 11. I am from Maine, have living in Los Angeles and acting for about 15 years. I have appeared in over 30 commercials and Television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, West Wing, Las Vegas etc… and have appeared in Feature films including Windtalkers with Nicholas Cage.

Before KRDK, did you know anything about the KR franchise? How did you hear about KRDK? What made you audition for a part in this show?

To tell you the truth I had never heard of it. I found out about the show through an online casting service and decided to submit myself for the role of Frank Taylor. Once I booked the part I still knew very little about the show. We shot a short pilot episode that the producers used to sell the show. When it got picked up I was relieved to find that they had decided to keep myself and Matt Mullins to do the show and re cast the other roles.

Between you and your character Frank Taylor, what similarities/differences are there between you and Frank?

We are both loving fathers who are there for our sons, I spend a lot of time with my boys playing sports and just hanging out. I also have always been around motorcycles and I used to race stock cars so Frank and I are a lot alike. The differences are I have never disappeared and my wife is still with me.

While on the production set, how did you get along with the rest of the actors and crew? Are there any actors/crew members in particular that you got along with very well?

I had fun with all of them. They are a great bunch of young actors and a couple of seasoned veterans like William O’leary, who is very talented. The crew was also great, we always had fun but still got our work done. KRDK was a very face paced production. I am still in contact with many of the actors and crew.

What were you most proud of as a KRDK actor? Do you have any memorable experiences while on the production set?

It was all good, I don’t want to give away story lines so I will not elaborate, but there were many interesting and lets just leave it at that, interesting scenes!

Lastly, what are your thoughts/comments about KRDK in the U.S.? What do you think is the main message that KRDK tries to bring out to the young U.S. audience?

KRDK in the US is something that could be really big. If it gets the chance I can see it lasting for years in the US and the stories could get really interesting. Lets just hope that enough people tune in to make that happen.

I think the main message is, be true to yourself, your family and your friends.


Did you enjoy playing Frank Taylor?

I did enjoy playing Frank, and I hope to continue playing Frank.

What were your favorite scenes in the series?

My favorite scene is coming in a future episode, it is with Xaviax and the Cho bros.

Whose your favorite rider in the series?

Dragon Knight, I think that Frank is hiding something. Maybe he used to be a rider himself?

What other sets are you working on?

None at the moment. I recently did a Ford Commercial for the new Taurus SHO and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

If there would be another season of KRDK, what will your reaction be?

I am all for it, let’s hope that there is another season, I want to see these characters develop and grow. I would love to find out more about them.


Do you have an official site, or a place where fans can contact you?

I have a facebook page and a facebook fan page, please feel free to join both and ask questions. I will do my best to answer all messages. Also on my Jf Davis Fan Club group I post info on what is happening with my career and where you can find me. There are also links to interviews and my IMDB page, etc…

Anything else you would like to say? Any SHOUT OUTS to your fans?

I would just like to say thank you to all who wrote in and to everyone else, please keep watching the show, tell your friends and write to the network and ask for more. Let them know you like the show and you want to see on everyday.

It is catching on, we are now on in Brazil, Italy, Mexico, coming to Germany in the fall and also Japan. Let’s keep it going.

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