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KamenConnection : Fans Interview with Aria Alistar (Maya Young)

First I would like to say to Yvonne Arias, Thank You so much for taking the time to answer these questions from us fans, we appreciate it a lot, and keep up the fantastic work!

*kc1000 (KamenConnection)

What are some of the other products that you have worked on, and how was your experience with them?

I've worked on Scrubs and ER, but Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is my favorite so far. I love working on fantasy genre projects. They're so much more fun!

Did you always want to be an actor?

Absolutely, not. I started out wanting to be a tv reporter. After months of persuasion, my agent finally got me to take an acting class and I fell in love with it.


How was it working on KRDK?

It's been my favorite project so far. I loved the producers, cast and crew so much. KRDK was so different than anything I had worked on and it was beyond fun!

Which one of your co-stars did you enjoy working with?

I enjoyed working with everyone. Most of my scenes were with Lacy and Trent and they were a riot. Love em.

Are there more funny moments coming from your character?

Right now the CW just aired episode 25, but I could be wrong. Maya has some pretty cool stuff that's about to happen. Make sure to watch!!!

Do you prefer being known as Yvonne Arias or Aria Alistar?

I love them both! Aria is like my superhero name. How cool is that!


What was your most memorable/favorite moment while working on the set for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight?

So far, when I had to dress up like Lacy to trick Michelle and the No-Men. I loved wearing that blonde wig!

What other tv shows are planning or wanting to work with?

I'm a huge fan of Woody Allen so being in one of his films would be a dream come true! As for TV, I love Mad Men, Damages and Gossip Girl. Those are my top three shows I'd like to guest star on.


Did you have any prior knowledge of KR before hearing about KRDK? How did you find out about KRDK?

I had no idea what Kamen Rider was before I got the role of Maya. Steve Wang was amazing and got me up to speed. He's a longtime fan.

What was it like to work with the Wang brothers? If you had the opportunity to work with them again, would you?

Love them---they're down to earth and professional. No question I'd work with them again.

I have to thank you in advance for actually responding to my messages on Facebook. How much free time do you often have with all the stuff that is going on in your life? How often do you run into a KRDK fan? What do you think of the KRDK fandom that has developed?

I don't have much free time, but I get plenty of fan messages and don't mind a bit responding. I appreciate the show and everyone that watches. As for the fan base that has developed, I'm so excited that more and more people are enjoying the show. With each episode, it just gets better and better!

Since it only took 116 days to film all 40 episodes of KRDK, did you ever wish that you had more time to work with the great crew that the Wang brothers assembled?

Wow! I can't believe you know how many days it took. All i know is we had so much fun and of course time flew!

I know that it must have been a blast for you while on the KRDK set. Who did you get along with the most? What excited you the most about KRDK?

I worked the most with Len, Kit, Trent and Lacy and got along with them great!!! What excited me most about the show is the superhero aspect. This type of acting work is my favorite!

Lastly, do you have any memorable moments while on the set? Anything memorable to you that happened behind the scenes that we KRDK fans may never get to see?

Nothing that I can talk about....yet. You'll have to watch some upcoming episodes and get back to me on that one.


How did you get the role of Maya Young?

Hard work---hahaha. I had a few auditions for the show. Something in me connected to the character and the producers saw that and hired me.

Did you ever get nervous in front of the camera every time they started filming?

Oh, yeah. Especially when you have to be natural and then do five other technical things on top of that. It can definitely be nerve wracking, but as time goes on, it gets easier and easier.

What was the first day on set like for you?

Nerve wracking!! hahaha. It's a bit overwhelming with everything going on, but everyone was so kind, it was easy to feel somewhat at ease.

Were you saddened on the last day of filming?

Of course!!! We had all spent so much time together and it's always sad when something ends, especially when it was so much fun.


Do you have an official site, or a place where fans can contact you?

I always ask for fans of the show and Maya to visit myspace.com/ariaalistar or my facebook or twitter page. Also, please visit KamenRidertv.com.

Anything else you would like to say? Any SHOUT OUTS to your fans?

I love to hear from you and thanks so much for watching the show!!!!

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From: ^^ krwrath
Sent On: 06/04/2011 10:09 AM
Message: good, how was it like becoming kamen rider siren?

From: ^^ jamie_93
Sent On: 02/06/2011 06:19 PM
Message: hye,aria..,i\'m from malaysia and i\'m very like your character in KRDN..,i love it..,you\'re so beautiful with black hair.., ~~thank you,i hope you\'ll success with your acting~~

From: ^^ Form Brooke christenson
Sent On: 02/13/2010 02:04 AM
Message: hey Aris it\'s me brooke sorry i haven\'t been around on myspace i been busy with work here too, also life, Good work on the Kamen rider dragon knight i like it lot. hope to see more of it soon . Plaingitn to be a tthe power morphicon in Agust 27-29 th of 2o1o . thanks for your time brooke christenson

From: ^^ dk
Sent On: 01/09/2010 12:36 AM
Message: How was it like fighting monstors

From: ^^ kr.wrestler
Sent On: 12/22/2009 06:42 PM
Message: awesome interview i did not c aria on scrubs or ER

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Strike
Sent On: 11/24/2009 07:46 PM
Message: how good was it seeing into ventara?

From: ^^ sonictte
Sent On: 11/14/2009 01:21 PM
Message: who u love in krdk?

From: ^^ KamenFanGirl
Sent On: 11/09/2009 12:36 AM
Message: I hope you (Aria) had fun being Kamen Rider Siren.

From: ^^ [email protected]
Sent On: 11/08/2009 09:50 AM
Message: How was it to be kamen rider siren the earth rider?

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 10/20/2009 07:24 PM
Message: Awesome interview!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 10/19/2009 10:53 PM
Message: Sweet answers!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 10/19/2009 10:24 PM
Message: Nice Interview!
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