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KamenConnection : Exclusive Fans Interview Chat with Kathy Christopherson (Michelle Walsh)

First I would like to say to Kathy Christopherson, Thank You so much for taking the time to chat and answer questions from us fans, we appreciate it a lot, and keep up the fantastic work!

[oujagirl] Hi. How does it feel to work with good actors such as Scott Bailey and Matt Mullins?

[kcakamw] I didn't work with Scott much, but he is a real sweetheart. we share a commercial agent, coincidentally. And Matt, as sweet as pie. Adore him.

[CHiCA] What was your favorite scene to film? :)

[kcakamw] Hmmm...well, I had a blast shooting the "get smart" segment when I walk across the white room. Also ate it once, but survived - I almost fell, but recovered.

Though, there's a scene coming up, that was a blast. Couldn't stop laughing. You'll have to guess which one it was. It was a group scene with a lot of us, and we were standing in a circle, and I never thought I'd make it through the day.

[kamenride] What is your favorite episode?

[kcakamw] That's a tough one. I had a blast in the beginning when I played the reporter. It was all about taunting Maya and I had an entirely separate agenda. But there have been some really interesting scenes working for the government too.

[Ride] How did you feel on your last day filming?

[kcakamw] Last day of filming was bittersweet. I was sad b/c we'd all been working together for so long, but I had a bunch of stuff coming up. The last day of filming for me was the first time I realized that i was much smaller, physically, than everyone in the cast. Yet, I had been bossing them around for months.

[kamenride] Would you say your character is bad?

[kcakamw] No way is my character "bad!" Come on guys. Michelle is so misunderstood.

[mmartina] Did you work with William O'Leary on set?

[kcakamw] Very unfortunately, William and I did not get to do much at all, other than eat lunch. He is amazing, and I like him as a person quite a bit. Cool guy. Great Xaviax.

[CHiCA] Did you work with Mark Dacascos much?

[kcakamw] I did work with Mark, which was a blast b/c we actually studied shakespeare together, if you can believe that. We had a lot of fun on the set.

[DarkEatos] What was Matt Mullins like?

[kcakamw] I can't say enough about Matt. He's just an all-around great guy. Very sweet. Very gentlemanly. Very charming.

[kamenride] Who do you think is the evilest rider?

[kcakamw] Not sure who I think is the most evil of the Riders. A few of them have a bit of evil, don't they. Mike Moh has been a naughty boy.

[DK09] lol, bad tiger!

[DK410] What was it like working around Stephen Lunsford? I'm pretty sure you guys had a blast when filming that interview scene?

[kcakamw] Stephen is a sweetheart. Very young, funky, full of little surprises. We did have fun in that interview scene. He was a wise guy, I loved it! He has a unique sense of humor.

[kamenride] Did you enjoy bullying Maya?

[kcakamw] Loved bullying Maya the most. She was easy and fun to bully. And I loved the first scene when I told her to sweeten my coffee - it was an ad-libbed tagline at the end, and one of my first scenes, so some of the crew was scared of me after that. ;) I loved to throw ad-libbed lines out to Maya to make her uncomfortable, i.e. nice tie, etc. I hate to admit it, but it was just plain evil fun.

[DK410] How many outtakes of the interview scene did you guys have to do? I'm sure that was one of the scenes with the most bloopers.

[kcakamw] No, actually, not a lot of bloopers on the interview scene. Pretty straight forward.

[AllieRX87] If Kamen Rider Dragon Knight gets a second season, do you think you'll come back for the show?

[kcakamw] Not sure what the future has in store for Kamen Rider. If they go another season, will it be part of the same storyline? Will Michelle make it through? Will she quit? Does she survive? What's to happen by the end of this season?

[AllieRX87] Have you seen Kamen Rider Ryuki, the original Japanese version of Dragon Knight?
[CHiCA] Did you ever have a chance to check out Ryuki?

[kcakamw] Just bits and pieces. In the beginning, I wasn't supposed to know ANYTHING about Kamen Riders.

[Ride] Was there anyone you did not get along with while you were filming KRDK?

[kcakamw] Loved all the cast. We were blessed with really nice and fun people.

[kamenride] Who do you think is the coolest Rider?

[kcakamw] I think Matt and Carrie were pretty cool together.

[CHiCA] Do you still keep in touch with the cast and crew?

[kcakamw] I keep in touch with some of the cast and crew. We all just celebrated Matt Mullins' bday. And I've been friends with Steve and Mike Wang since Guyver.

[Ride] Do you know if there were deleted scenes?

[kcakamw] There are always some deleted scenes. Nature of the beast. My very first scene shot, in ep 1, was moved to a later ep. It hasn't even aired yet. Crazy.

[DK410] While on the production set, did you ever feel like there were so many things going on that you would get lost while on set?

[kcakamw] No, I never really felt that way. I've been on MUCH more chaotic sets. Steve is pretty organized, and I'm pretty focused. Sometimes you just have to have faith and go with it.

[kcakamw] The best fight scene hasn't aired yet. ;)

[kcakamw] As nasty as Michelle can be, she's duplicitous. There's a whole agenda and her other side. It ought to be peeking out by now.

[kamenride] What is Michelle's true agenda?

The obvious one is to protect the world. Anything else you might have to assess by watching. She's still a human being, so she's got her own personal goals too.

[CHiCA] Did you ever mispronounce "Kamen" while filming?

[kcakamw] No, I never mispronounced "Kamen", but people do on a daily basis.

[DK410] What was it like for you to play a double life as both a reporter and as part of the government?

[kcakamw] Well, to be honest with you, I was as surprised as you were when Michelle was revealed to be part of a government operation. Apparently, I was channeling this part of Michelle through the reporter, and the writers saw it and ran with it.

[DK09] Have any upcoming projects?

[kcakamw] Yes, recently did a film with James Russo called "Dreams and Shadows", and a little film called "Dispatch". An episode of Dexter coming up. And last night, I emcee'd a really cool fundraiser for a dog rescue organization called "Dirty Dog Squad."

[kamenride] are they action?

[kcakamw] No, none of the films are action.

[DK09] Will Dreams and Shadows be out in the theaters?

[kcakamw] Not sure if Dreams and Shadows will make it to the theaters. It's going the Film Festival route first. It's a pretty heavy duty movie, and I play a VERY DIFFERENT character that Michelle Walsh.

[DK09] Awwww, do you have any animals yourself?

[kcakamw] Sadly, I live in a building that does not allow animals, so I help save the shelter dogs and get them placed into forever homes. So in a way, I have dozens of animals, they just don't live with me. :( There are a lot of very needy animals out there, so you guys should all be volunteering like crazy! We raised a lot of money last night and it was a really fun party with great musicians and food and art, etc. It was really cool. A lot of animal lovers in these parts.

[kcakamw] What will you guys do when you can't bad mouth Michelle the Smell anymore????? oH no!

[DK09] lol, I'd move on to someone else :D
[kc1000] lol
[CHiCA] No comment :D

[kcakamw] Okay, guys, it's been a slice. Unless you have any other quick questions, I am going to have to run myself!

[CHiCA] Here's one:Cake or pie? :D

[kcakamw] Hmmm...cake and pie. Why choose?

[kc1000] Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with use.
[DK09] :( Thanks for talking with us Kathy :)
[CHiCA] Thanks for chatting with us Kathy, this has been really fun!
[DK09] Yea, it was really fun!

[kcakamw] It was my pleasue. You guys were great. Thanks so much for watching the show and being so on top of everything that is going on.

[CHiCA] Hope we get to talk to you again in the future! :)

[kcakamw] Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the season. There will be some great surprises, so hang on. Ciao.

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  KamenConnection : Fans Interview with Kathy Christopherson

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