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KamenConnection : Exclusive Fans Interview Chat with Carrie Reichenbach (Kase / Kamen Rider Siren)

First I would like to say to Carrie Reichenbach, Thank You so much for taking the time to chat and answer questions from us fans, we appreciate it a lot, and keep up the fantastic work!

[*kc1000] When did you become an Actor, and why?

[KRDKCarrie] I began acting after I graduated college – it was something I wanted to do since high school, but I was busy with other activities and cheerleading and I couldn’t do both. Once I was out of school, I realized it was kind of then or never and I began doing theatre and some film and tv in Houston, realized I love acting, and moved to LA.

As to why, I think acting is a big challenge for me personally and that makes it very rewarding. And I love to be a part of something that has an effect on people – whether it makes people laugh, cry, think, learn, relax, whatever. I always say that if I can do for other people what The Office does for me, then I am blessed!

[decade187] Hey Carrie, so hows it like being a Kamen Rider?

[KRDKCarrie] Obviously, I'm not as tough as Siren! But it's great playing a Kamen Rider - Kase is really different from me, very direct and tough, so playing a character like that was a blast. You know, finding those different aspects in my own personality.

[DK09] What was first day on set like for you?

[KRDKCarrie] My first day was great. I was nervous, but the crew made me feel really welcome. It's a wonderful group of people. It was freezing outside (for LA) and I was doing the very first entrance scene, and they had a fan on me for effect. It was pretty chilly, but a lot of fun! I learned a lot that day - about advent decks, transformations, how tough it is to get on and off a motorcycle. It was great!!

[mmartina] Were you surprised when you got the part of Kamen Rider Siren?

[KRDKCarrie] I was surprised when I got the part! I thought maybe they'd want someone with martial art training, but maybe cheerleading experience counted for that! :)

[AllieRX87] Have you checked out your Japanese counterpart (Kamen Rider Femme) from the Kamen Rider Ryuki Movie: 13 Riders?

[KRDKCarrie] I haven't seen Kamen Rider Femme - but now that you mentioned that, I am going to do so tonight!

[DK410] Who did you get along with the most while on the set?
[thrust94] I get the feeling it was lunsford...

[KRDKCarrie] Stephen is fantastic, that's a good guess! :) He makes me laugh and laugh. We got along really well on set. I worked mostly with him and Matt. They are both fantastic guys and I can not say enough about how much respect I have for them and how much fun we had on set!!

[decade187] (Entrance scene)...This is my favorite scene with u!

[KRDKCarrie] I was totally pleased with how that turned out! So was my grandmother - she loves the boots!! I'm pretty excited about a scene with Kit and Kase in next week's ep - it was probably my fave one to film. I hope it turns out well!

[DK09] Ep23 was leaked online, and trust me, it turned out really good!

[KRDKCarrie] Good to hear, DK09!! It was a lot of fun to talk so much trash in an ep. ;)

[DK09] Did you ever ride the motorcycle in KRDK, or was that stunt double?

[KRDKCarrie] I didn't really ever ride the bike, I sat on it a lot, but never when it was in motion. I think that would have led to disaster!

[Ride] What was the last day of filming like for you?

[KRDKCarrie] The last day was kind of surreal...I was so happy to get to work with such fantastic people for like 4 months, I was very sad for it to be over. The entertainment industry is kind of hard like that, you bond with people so quickly and then the project's over and you don't get to see them often. But we get together occasionally and it's always fun!

[CHiCA] Have you ever tried on the Siren costume?

[KRDKCarrie] I haven't ever tried on the Siren costume. The action unit was always shooting simultaneously with us, but usually in different locations so we were all busy and didn't get to cross paths that often.

[DK09] I don't know if you're allowed to tell us this, but how many episodes were you in?

[KRDKCarrie] Hmmm, I'm not sure if I can say exactly how many eps I'm in...but I will say that you'll see a lot of me for a while. Is that vague/confusing? :O

[thrust94] The question everyone is dying to know is...is kase a love interest? possibly Len's old girlfriend?

[KRDKCarrie] A love interest...hmmm...what can I say about that? I'll say this: Whatever emotion Kase is feeling - she's 100% about it. That goes for love, too. More vague/confusing-ness???

[Ride] Was there anyone you did not get along with while you were filming KRDK?

[KRDKCarrie] I didn't get along with Xaviax. Totally Kidding! William O'Leary is actually one of my acting coaches and I adore him. I was so thrilled to get to work on the same show as him. He's brilliant.

[DK09] I think that it's great that they have Kamen Rider Siren in KRDK, it shows female empowerment, and I think that you are the perfect person to play such a character.

[KRDKCarrie] Thank you, DK09. It was an honor to play a strong female like Kase. I have a young niece, and I hope that she and other girls can see how Kase gets along with the other Riders - they all treat each other the same, regardless of sex.

[DK410] Who do you think is better in the martial arts, Matt Mullins or Mike Moh?

[KRDKCarrie] That's a good question about Matt and Mike! :) Unfortunately, I haven't seen Mike perform, but I did get to watch Matt film an action scene for KRDK and it was mind-blowing. He's got serious ups and insane dexterity. He's very dedicated to his art - very impressive.

[kr121] What was your favorite episode your in? Or any episode?

[KRDKCarrie] Favorite episode? Ooooh, that's tough. There are so many moments that stand out to me...it's hard to pick one! But I will say that 38 is pretty darn cool.

[DK09] There is news that there will be a Kamen Rider Siren action figure. Would you ever consider buying the action figure for a keepsake?

[KRDKCarrie] You bet I would buy a Siren action figure!! :) I hope there will be one.

[decade187] In the scene of ep 23, you knocked dragon knight hard!

[KRDKCarrie] I haven't seen 23 yet, but I remember having a blast working on it. Stephen is such a wonderful actor to be in a scene with...he gives so much to work with.

[thrust94] So...is there any chance of seeing you at a convention or something to get your autograph any time soon?

[KRDKCarrie] I'm not aware of any upcoming conventions. I was the LA Comic Fest, but that's it so far. We'll see!

[decade187] Hey Carrie, what's your favorite Advent Card in your Deck?

[KRDKCarrie] I'm going to have to wait to make that call because I haven't seen all of the completed action scenes. I'm sure they'll be great!!

[DK410] Who are you in contact with ever since the production of KRDK finished?

[KRDKCarrie] Since prod finished, we've had a couple of get-togethers. We just had a reunion with a good turnout - I got to see a ton of the cast and crew and it was really great to catch up with everyone. It's a really special group.

[thrust94] Would you return for another series? Because it cant be Siren without Carrie Reichenbach!

[KRDKCarrie] I would definitely return for another series. It was so fun to work on this and I think there's a lot more story that could be told!

[CHiCA] Hey Carrie is your last name pronounced rey-chen-back?

[KRDKCarrie] It's pronounced RYE (like the bread) KEN (like Barbie) BACH (like Johann or a chicken). (RYE-KEN-BOCK)...If you don't have a German background, there's no way to figure my last name out. :)

[decade187] Hey Carrie, where r u from?

[KRDKCarrie] I'm from Dallas, Texas - yeehaw!

[decade187] So what about Kamen Rider Sting, did u met him?

[KRDKCarrie] Michael (Sting) is a great guy! I didn't get to work a whole lot with him, but he's very genuine and so easy to like.

[DK09] Do you ever wake up early Saturday morning and catch KRDK? Or do you not have enough time?

[KRDKCarrie] I have DVR - so that makes it very easy to catch all the eps. I love them! I think they're going really well!

[mmartina] Did you get along with Scott Bailey?

[KRDKCarrie] Scott is awesome. Not only is he a wonderful, magnetic actor - he is amazingly intelligent and also extremely considerate and caring. He's like the most well-rounded guy ever. And what a fantastic speaking voice, right?

[DK09] LOL, it was funny, I was watching Two and a Half Men, and I saw you!
[CHiCA] LOL that was really funny!

[KRDKCarrie] That is funny, DK09! What a departure from Kase. :) I'm glad you thought it was funny, CHiCA! It was amazing to work on 2.5 Men.

[*kc1000] Do you have a place where fans can contact you?

[KRDKCarrie] I do! I have a page on facebook, but I can’t ever figure out the link to it. L Luckily, I have a weird last name so I’m easy to find!

I also have a website that I keep pretty up-to-date with what I’m doing:

[kc1000] The e-mail on www.carriereichenbach.com/, who does the e-mails go to?

[KRDKCarrie] They go to my manager. So don't send anything too crazy ;)

[AllieRX87] I noticed in the trailer, you said, "Let's go hunting." But in the show, you said, "Let's go venting." Why did they change it?

[KRDKCarrie] I think they put "hunting" in the trailer because most people wouldn't know what venting was before the show began, and now that the audience knows what venting is, they used the "venting" version. I did both versions when we were filming that ep.

[DK09] Oh Carrie, do you have any projects coming up?

[KRDKCarrie] The next thing that I have coming up is a web comedy series called Waxing Platonic. It's been a lot of fun. I'm not sure when it'll be up, but I'll definitely have a link to it from my site.

[DK09] lol, did you have to go in to the study and record your voice for the Rider scenes?

[KRDKCarrie] I did have to do a good amount of ADR for the Rider scenes...it was a little challenging getting the hang of the action sound effects...lots of grunting and stuff, but it was a good thing to learn. There were a lot of laughs while I was getting the hang of it! :)

[kc1000] Do you know if there were many deleted scenes?

[KRDKCarrie] I don't know about deleted scenes...I'll be curious to see that myself. I know at least a couple were deleted because they weren't deemed appropriate for kids. Other than those, we'll see what happens! They definitely did a lot of editing on my debut scene!

[KRDKCarrie] But I am going to have to go - I have had a wonderful time chatting with you all, and I really enjoyed answering your questions. I hope you love the rest of the eps and thank you for having me! Good night. :)

[kc1000] and Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us.

[KRDKCarrie] It was my pleasure!

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Message: When I first see you on Kamen Rider (your debut, I knew you\'ll be a good team with Len & Kit. And I wish there\'s a woman on the show, so you can show what you can do against the evil team of Xaviax, if you know what I mean. Keep up good work!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 09/12/2009 09:32 PM
Message: I agree with CHiCA. That was by far the best chat I\'ve had since we starting using the Chat. Keep up the great work and come back and chat with us sometime soon!!! ^_^

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 09/12/2009 02:00 PM
Message: This interview chat was so much fun!Carrie is such a friendly person!I\'m so glad that she took some time off to chat with us! :D ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ Mary
Sent On: 09/11/2009 11:54 AM
Message: Hi, Carrie. Let me say that you do an excellent job as Kamen Rider Siren. Though I haven\'t seen the episode where she is introduced, she seems like a nice Kamen Rider. (I don\'t think that Xaviax gets hold of the advent deck that she has because it seems like she\'s a good guy (or girl for that matter lol.) He might have given it to her in a flashback, but we\'ll see. In the Japanese version, it seems that Siren and Strike have either a grudge or some kind of rebellious chemistry, as if Strike is persuing her. But I think that the relationship of Kase, Len, and Kit is a good combination.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 09/10/2009 09:37 PM
Message: Carrie was amazing! I loved chatting with her! She is an incredible person! I can\'t wait to see more of Kase / Siren! You rock Carrie! :)
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