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From: ^^ Junior
Sent On: 04/08/2015 07:29 PM
Message: Wow!!! True Dedication right here!! I book mark it too in case I like to go over some stuff I like to know about .

From: ^^ rob
Sent On: 03/03/2015 08:57 AM
Message: this site is super taco yo

From: ^^ gavin
Sent On: 06/27/2013 07:59 PM
Message: I wonder were you can buy the episodes on dvd? by the way people call me white hawk

From: ^^ Ahad
Sent On: 03/23/2013 07:39 AM
Message:  I looove kamen rider dragon my favourite rider is wrath,wing knight,torque len,adam, Drew Lansing

From: ^^ Huzaifa
Sent On: 03/22/2013 01:07 PM
Message: I also want Advent deck of any rider.

From: ^^ Huzaifa
Sent On: 03/22/2013 12:52 PM
Message: You are so nice Adam.

From: ^^ Shizan
Sent On: 03/05/2013 09:54 AM
Message: Hi, i love kamen rider soo much, i saw all the episodes it was cool

From: ^^ [email protected]
Sent On: 02/13/2013 02:25 AM
Message: who are you?a kamen rider?tell me truth

From: ^^ Taylor
Sent On: 01/04/2013 03:49 AM
Message: I see kamen rider and i see Wing knight she is very nice and i see this show every day when the show will end i miss him very and thank you to show the episodes and i even forget the Kamen rider dragon knight and thank you and i love the show every day

From: ^^ hasan
Sent On: 12/17/2012 08:26 AM
Message: i like your work i wish I can do ti wth you adam

From: ^^ HASAN
Sent On: 12/17/2012 08:23 AM
Message: I LOVE KAMEN RIDER DRAGON WHEN will season 2 come

From: ^^ Kase
Sent On: 12/11/2012 08:26 PM
Message: I love this site it totally rocks but i miss the show

From: ^^ srs63
Sent On: 12/10/2012 09:06 AM
Message: KRDK is aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeesoooooooooooooooooome

From: ^^ Henry
Sent On: 10/30/2012 01:52 PM
Message: When KRDK Season 2 will appear up? Very good american tokusatsu!

From: ^^ Shadow
Sent On: 10/14/2012 09:15 PM
Message: Where can you get advent decks.

From: ^^ Ben
Sent On: 09/06/2012 04:06 PM
Message: It been a longtime send I seen kamen rider do it sill come on kidswe

From: ^^ Tom shifl
Sent On: 06/12/2012 09:09 PM
Message: Can you tell me if Kamen Riders: will come back on kid wd i realy miss the show

From: ^^ Tom
Sent On: 05/31/2012 05:43 PM
Message: This was one of my favorite show to watch on kidwb and I was kind of hoping if you wouldnt mind bringing it back to kidwb

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 03/06/2012 01:23 AM
Message: 4Kids has officially removed all the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight episodes and interviews from their website.

From: ^^ Henry
Sent On: 02/26/2012 02:20 PM
Message: Me and my firends are big fan of Kamen Riders who would like to see the show back the air againt. so we asking you if you could mack a petition or convinced the people of common sense to put back on the air we did the common sense and the petition and Even though they got 24 review voteing to keep it on and we 75 vote as will they sill have not put it back on

From: ^^ charlie care
Sent On: 09/02/2011 11:34 PM
Message: This was one of my favorite show to watch and I was hopeing to see how it all end so hope guys come out wiht some new episodes soon

From: ^^ *Adam
Sent On: 08/17/2011 04:21 PM
Message: @Etiennebland, Nothing is known at this time, but hopefully soon.

From: ^^ Etiennebland
Sent On: 08/16/2011 08:53 PM
Message: Drae people of Kamen Rider me and my friends love your show we use to watch it eveyday on kidswb we recently have sent you letters on commonsense asking if you could resume or put the show back on the air. Even though we have written you several times we didn\'t receive any word back. Can you please let us know the status. your fans,

From: ^^ *Adam
Sent On: 08/02/2011 03:38 PM
Message: I know nothing :(

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 08/01/2011 01:29 AM
Message: @AllieRX: Never heard about it. Do you know anything about this, Adam?

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 07/31/2011 01:10 PM
Message: I\'m not sure if this is an appropriate site to mention it, but it seems Saban has filed a copyright for the name \"Power Rider\". Could this be another Kamen Rider adaptation but from somebody else?

From: ^^ Theneshvarman
Sent On: 06/11/2011 09:39 AM
Message: Can u give all the advent decks to me!

From: ^^ Kenneth Tabago
Sent On: 05/18/2011 03:00 AM
Message: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight FOREVER!

From: ^^ gordon tai
Sent On: 04/25/2011 08:16 AM
Message: dear Adam,i love your website about the Kamen Ridersand stuff about them.But for a suggestion,why don\'t you add some games into your website?

From: ^^ usskit
Sent On: 04/14/2011 10:29 PM
Message: does anyone know if there is krdk uncut well thats not 4kids verson anyway?

Sent On: 03/29/2011 11:40 PM
Message: I love SIREN. Muach.... :kiss: from : Indon

Sent On: 03/29/2011 11:36 PM
Message: KEREN.... Tidak tahu kenapa pasti selalu suka versi USA. Mulai dari Rangers, Power Puft girl, samapi RIDERS. I love U.S.A

From: ^^ Michaelt
Sent On: 03/29/2011 06:55 AM
Message: man i like strike the most because he is strong and he killed torque and trust and he is the strongest kamen rider but his attack is not as strong as kamen rider dragon knight

From: ^^ Fairuza Bakurider
Sent On: 03/21/2011 05:12 AM
Message: kamen rider dragon knight!!! aku selalu menonton setiap episodenya setiap minggu

From: ^^ JEREMY
Sent On: 03/16/2011 06:54 PM

From: ^^ Wing Knight
Sent On: 02/04/2011 05:21 AM
Message: Hi guys! nice to meet you. I just want Kamen Rider have more than only 40 episodes. NICE ONE KAMEN RIDER!

From: ^^ Mystery Person
Sent On: 02/01/2011 10:17 PM
Message: To Kamen Rider Strike. Strike absolutely rules! I like when the advent beasts combine to form Genocider. Shame JTC was on the bad side. Otherwise Strike absolutely rules.

From: ^^ Techno X
Sent On: 01/31/2011 05:21 PM
Message: Awesome show. Totally cool. Where might I find the Kamen Rider Wii Game? Thx.

From: ^^ 858Anguyen/AndrewNguyencameravi
Sent On: 01/29/2011 12:09 AM
Message: When I watch all of episode kamen rider dragon knight all over and over again, toys come out, that\'s awesome

From: ^^ kitdrag
Sent On: 01/02/2011 02:13 PM
Message: if anyone know if krdk comes back on tv please let me know

From: ^^ kitdrag
Sent On: 01/01/2011 12:35 AM
Message: is kamen rider dragon knight coming on tv?

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Strike
Sent On: 12/22/2010 09:50 AM
Message: I like the sound that the snake makes when Strike is a bout to kick.FINAL VENT! I will vent all riders with no mercy.

From: ^^ kevin ramadhan
Sent On: 12/19/2010 08:51 AM
Message: i like kamen rider wing knight

From: ^^ der
Sent On: 11/25/2010 09:34 AM
Message: i like kamen rider

From: ^^ moses
Sent On: 11/17/2010 09:36 AM
Message: i love the show i watched it reapeat 9 times i never get tired of wing knight

Sent On: 11/09/2010 10:13 PM
Message: I LIKE YOU

From: ^^ farid
Sent On: 09/05/2010 12:54 AM
Message: i like very much to watch kamen riders....i very like a wing night it has a most powerfull power...when he become a survive mode...i also like a final vent of wing night....

From: ^^ harry potter
Sent On: 08/26/2010 07:40 AM
Message: i want to kiss maya

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 08/19/2010 08:56 PM
Message: It\'s Mike Moh\'s birthday today!!! Happy birthday, Mr. Moh!

From: ^^ U no
Sent On: 08/03/2010 05:45 PM
Message: KamenConnection is the BEST site ever.....

From: ^^ bob
Sent On: 07/28/2010 10:18 PM
Message: i love kamen rider and all.

From: ^^ Ryuki
Sent On: 07/20/2010 08:57 AM
Message: @ Wrath : Kamen Rider Wrath have two slots to insert the advent cards, the Center & center-bottom of his staff (Visor), mostly of his arsenal advent cards & Final Vent card was activated by using the center-bottom slot, while the center slot (which was closed by wings) was a place to put the 3 Survive cards. but in Kamen Rider Ryuki & Kamen Rider Dragon Knight there\'s never been showed what will happened if he put the 3 Survive Cards together...

From: ^^ Wing knight
Sent On: 07/17/2010 04:05 AM
Message: this site is very good

From: ^^ hye
Sent On: 07/15/2010 02:25 PM
Message: the kamen rider dragon knight is the best kamen rider

From: ^^ Wrath
Sent On: 07/09/2010 07:20 PM
Message: Hey Guys! I have a question Where did Kamen Rider Wrath put his card? What is the final vent of Wrath? My favorite Character in Kamen Rider is Wrath

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/26/2010 07:44 AM
Message: KRDK totally deserved to win that Emmy HANDS DOWN!!!!!

From: ^^ Ryuki
Sent On: 06/26/2010 05:30 AM
Message: Congratulations to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight for the won in daytime Emmy !!! XD

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/13/2010 12:26 PM
Message: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight got nominated for an Emmy!w0000000t!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: ^^ [email protected]
Sent On: 04/21/2010 04:46 PM
Message: yow wat up friends the name abraham but you all can call me a.b. kay anyone of you guys no if there might be a new season of kamen rider?

From: ^^ Johnny Diaz
Sent On: 04/20/2010 09:11 PM
Message: Hi, I love Kamen Rider Dragon Knight! the series have little errors, but i like! Please Made a new season and a movie to Dragon Knight!

From: ^^ Lars
Sent On: 04/16/2010 08:27 AM
Message: Hi, this might intereste you. kamen rider has started to be released on dvd in germany. these dvds contain the germain dub and the original english version! you can find em on www.amazon.de these dvds are zone 2 though Great site!

From: ^^ Requiem
Sent On: 03/20/2010 08:31 PM
Message: I havent heard anything on a new Kamen Rider series. Watched Decade to hold me over, plus they showcase a bunch of my favorite Riders from Ryuki/Dragon Knight.

From: ^^ KamenRiderAdvent
Sent On: 03/18/2010 04:30 PM
Message: ive been good and lolbut when does kamen rider come back on tv

From: ^^ Wasp
Sent On: 03/10/2010 02:31 PM
Message: Welcome back Advent. Havent seen your stories in ages. Youve been gone a long time. Had a good time?

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 03/08/2010 11:29 PM
Message: Yep! I\'ve already said happy birthday to her before my class! But I guess it doesn\'t hurt to say it again here: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MS. WALSH!!! lol

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 03/08/2010 06:52 PM
Message: Today is Kathy Christopherson\'s birthday!!!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 02/18/2010 06:47 PM
Message: Advent,we really missed you buddy! XD

From: ^^ KamenRiderAdvent
Sent On: 02/17/2010 11:07 AM
Message: Man i havent been on here in a while. Long Time no see DK09, Huy, Adam. Missed talkign to you guys a lot.

From: ^^ kit
Sent On: 01/03/2010 08:11 PM
Message: I can\'t wait for the next season

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 01/02/2010 03:43 PM
Message: Happy belated new year! Just got back from Texas, but hopefully I can talk to you guys later.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 01/01/2010 12:37 AM
Message: Happy 2010 my Riders. And no, I am not the webmaster of this site. I just have the fan-fic on here that\'s it.

From: ^^ *Adam
Sent On: 01/01/2010 12:33 AM
Message: Hi everyone. Please keep the GuestBooks clean. Thanks. Note: just to clear any confusion, I\\\'m the webmaster, not DK09. Happy New Year!!!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 01/01/2010 12:18 AM
Message: Happy 2010 Riders!!!

From: ^^ KR strike fan
Sent On: 12/31/2009 08:18 PM
Message: Happy New Year!

From: ^^ KR strike fan
Sent On: 12/30/2009 09:43 PM
Message: Hve you seen \"for ventara and earth part 2\"? If not go to 4kidstv.com to watch the full episode!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 12/29/2009 12:47 PM
Message: No wonder why KamenChat is always quiet!

From: ^^ *Adam
Sent On: 12/29/2009 12:59 AM
Message: Sorry, the updates will be delayed this week because of the Holidays.

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 12/28/2009 09:49 PM
Message: Going to be out of town for this whole week. Am currently at the airport right now, so I\'ll catch you guys hopefully when I get back!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 12/28/2009 07:41 PM
Message: My KRDK game is so awesome!

From: ^^ KR strike fan
Sent On: 12/28/2009 07:38 PM
Message: Oh my gosh! I just ordered my KRDK game!

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 12/27/2009 06:05 PM
Message: I made my own fanfic of KR:DK. Hope you guys like it. =] http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5601591/1/Kamen_Rider_Dragon_Knight_Rebirth

From: ^^ KR Strike
Sent On: 12/27/2009 12:02 AM
Message: watch the final episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight on www.4kidstv.com!

From: ^^ mmartina
Sent On: 12/26/2009 11:49 PM
Message: Kamen Rider Torque Signed Action Figure by Matt Mullins. http://twitpic.com/vbvlp

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 12/25/2009 09:04 AM
Message: Hello everyone, I just wanna wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 12/25/2009 04:36 AM
Message: Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 12/22/2009 03:01 AM
Message: http://sensasian.com/product.php/en/V20520H-D It seems Dragon Knight is getting a Malaysian DVD release on December 28 with English audio and English, Chinese, and Malay subtitles.

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 12/19/2009 06:53 PM
Message: The last few episodes are already on the 4Kids website: http://www.4kidstv.com/kamen-rider-dragon-knight/

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 12/16/2009 02:53 PM
Message: Ahahahaha,Dragon Knight has a Santa Claus hat!!! XD ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ jason
Sent On: 12/12/2009 06:50 PM
Message: survive card is awsome

From: ^^ jason
Sent On: 12/12/2009 06:47 PM
Message: wing knight is awsome

From: ^^ KRDK fans
Sent On: 12/11/2009 02:26 AM
Message: does anyone know what kind of gear that mark dacascos wore it in this pic? http://www.kamenconnection.com/news/609/# it\'s like somekind combat clothes or something like that

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 12/11/2009 01:15 AM
Message: @mmartina: You\'re so lucky!!! Congrats on the win! Hopefully I\'ll catch you guys tomorrow after finals are finished :)

From: ^^ jorge09
Sent On: 12/10/2009 10:34 PM
Message: wrath is awsome

From: ^^ mmartina
Sent On: 12/10/2009 10:31 PM
Message: Thanks TorqueFangirl

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 12/10/2009 09:33 PM
Message: you won the Torque figure autographed by Matt Mullins?! Lucky! congrats. =]

From: ^^ mmartina
Sent On: 12/10/2009 04:19 PM
Message: Just receive my Kamen Rider Torque Action Figure signed by Matt Mullins. CollectionDX

From: ^^ Nicholas Williams
Sent On: 12/08/2009 12:55 PM
Message: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is an awesome show. It is an absolute thrill ride for my little girl and I. Every Sat, our DVR is set or the show and we watch it every Sat. evening. Siren is my little girl\'s favorite. I hope the Kamen Rider series continues after the Dragon Knight series. Lets Ride!!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 12/03/2009 02:22 PM
Message: @AllieRX Yep that\'s his YouTube

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 12/02/2009 11:14 PM
Message: http://www.youtube.com/user/realmarkd I think Mark Dacascos has an official YouTube page.

From: ^^ *
Sent On: 12/01/2009 09:49 PM
Message: Yep.

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Requiem
Sent On: 11/29/2009 11:37 PM
Message: Was the Torque deck deal about the time Strike took Torques deck?

From: ^^ Kamen rider fang
Sent On: 11/27/2009 01:46 AM
Message: big fani think they might end updestroying xaviax

From: ^^ stacy gray
Sent On: 11/25/2009 08:52 PM

From: ^^ *
Sent On: 11/23/2009 06:54 PM
Message: Please no posting Spoilers.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 11/22/2009 05:08 PM
Message: This is about the Torque Deck that everyone is worried about. This is a reply from Steve Wang, he said: \"The Missing Torque deck was an oversight. That scene was shot in second unit and no one noticed the missing deck until way later in editing. But by that time, we had already returned all the decks and costumes back to Toei studios for Kamen Rider Decade so we couldn\'t fix the shot without building a deck in CGI. We decided not to spend money we didn\'t have and hoped no one will notice. But yeah, sucks that we couldn\'t fix it.\"

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 11/21/2009 03:10 PM
Message: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT GAME JUST ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 11/21/2009 02:03 PM
Message: LOL, See! Told ya you\'d get them! Get the updates done first, so you can play the game all weekend! LOL.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 11/21/2009 02:02 PM
Message: Adam-san,I am EXTREMELY jealous of you.

From: ^^ *Adam
Sent On: 11/21/2009 01:25 PM
Message: So excited, I just got both KRDK games for Wii and DS. :)

From: ^^ Jean Marc Dupras
Sent On: 11/20/2009 12:43 PM
Message: Im such a huggest fan of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight ever time i watch it on my television wide screen and then i work right up at about 9:00 clock at morning then my friend mark he leaves again to do another part for Kamen riders dragon knight he told me about himself being apperances in conan and jimmy fallon and all those stuffs he really enjoys himself i woulndn\'t mind be in part of kamen rider dragon knight some day i\'ll make wrestler and call him krd-rd-dragonnight just like that so your welcome

From: ^^ KRDK fans
Sent On: 11/17/2009 09:40 PM
Message: this series getting more interested, who is sarah?is she just adam\'s girlfriend or more than that ?? i think this girl that make adam betray all other riders and join forces with Xaviax. anyway i can\'t wait to see mark dacacos in action!!

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 11/16/2009 02:36 PM
Message: Guess what. I found the registration page as well as the login page for the official KRDK forum. WE CAN FINALLY JOIN! ^_^ http://www.kamenrider.com/bbpress/register.php http://www.kamenrider.com/bbpress/index.php YAY!

From: ^^ *Adam
Sent On: 11/13/2009 12:55 AM
Message: @kevin, Thanks.

From: ^^ kevin
Sent On: 11/12/2009 04:59 PM
Message:  Nice site Adam. 410 comment! Keep up your good work.

From: ^^ dison
Sent On: 11/11/2009 11:33 AM
Message: i am your biggest fan

From: ^^ Lorenzo Torres
Sent On: 11/08/2009 12:56 PM
Message: This Sega is amazing no wonder its about cards and based in animals great job

From: ^^ Archangel
Sent On: 11/08/2009 08:18 AM
Message: Best episode so far!!! Can\'t wait to see Mark Dacascos in action and Maya as Siren!!

From: ^^ Ryuki
Sent On: 11/08/2009 01:19 AM
Message: I still can\'t believe it, though I have watching it with my own eyes right now. Kit is being vented ! OMG, This is really makes me remember how sad when I\'m watching Shinji Kido died on the last episode of Kamen Rider Ryuki. Though I believe that Kit will be back on the few next episodes, It\'s still shocking !! :(

From: ^^ Archangel
Sent On: 11/07/2009 03:30 PM
Message: Man, this is intense stuff! Kit getting vented (apparently he is the one to come out of the Advent Void), Maya bacoming Siren and finally the one, the only, the allmighty, the high-kick-your-face and roundhouse-kick-your-guts, the (Advent) Master -wait for it- YEAAAAH Mark Dacascos!!!! Woohoo!!!

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 11/07/2009 03:02 PM
Message: woah...the show is turning out not like i expected! I didn\'t expect Maya to be a KR at all! And my jaw-dropped when Kit was vented! Wow!!! I want to see the new episode soooo bad! And Eubulon! WOAH!!!

From: ^^ Ride
Sent On: 11/07/2009 12:04 PM
Message: Strike, Dragon Knight, and Wrath got vented !!!!!!!!!!!! Maya is going to become siern in the next episode. Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: ^^ Wingedkn77
Sent On: 11/07/2009 12:02 PM
Message: so sad............. why must this happen? :(

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 11/07/2009 12:01 PM
Message: Just finished watching episode 31...I am still crying after everything that\'s happened.

From: ^^ Ride
Sent On: 10/31/2009 12:01 PM
Message:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Siern got vented

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 10/31/2009 10:07 AM
Message: Happy \"Swan Song\" Halloween!

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 10/13/2009 04:15 PM
Message: I found this person on DeviantArt named ~biotronX and believe it or not, he\'s the guy who designed the box art for the KRDK toys. Here\'s two of them: http://biotronx.deviantart.com/art/Kamen-Rider-Branding-1-130526906 http://biotronx.deviantart.com/art/Kamen-Rider-Branding-2-130527010

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Abyss
Sent On: 10/12/2009 12:23 AM
Message: HENSHIN!! hello, i am new to this site. i see this is an awesome site!! well goodnight ~kamen rider abyss~

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 10/03/2009 11:18 PM
Message: I thought that was George Lopez at the end of the Episode 27 Promo. :p

From: ^^ wrath advent deck
Sent On: 10/03/2009 04:34 PM
Message: I love this show!!!!!!!!!!!

From: ^^ *
Sent On: 09/29/2009 07:01 PM
Message: Thanks :)

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 09/29/2009 06:53 PM
Message: It\'s been 1 year already? -- Wow!Happy anniversary KamenConnection!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 09/29/2009 03:45 PM

From: ^^ Ride
Sent On: 09/26/2009 12:46 PM
Message:  Wow! Axe got vented.

From: ^^ KamenRiderAdvent
Sent On: 09/26/2009 12:40 PM
Message: NOOOOOO!!!!! WING KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: ^^ RandyLy
Sent On: 09/25/2009 04:38 PM
Message: Hey Kamen Rider, I love your show, and it\'s make me feel so good about an new episode from Saturday. I can recorded till the time is 11:30 AM. It was so awesome! I can watch an episode from youtube every day.

From: ^^ Mary
Sent On: 09/19/2009 11:22 PM
Message: Holy crap! Onyx is ominous. It\'s as if Kit has awakened a dark side of himself. I think that Xaviax is messing with him, puts his dad in the deal. The devil is working his craft on Dragon Knight. Anyway, I still love Strike. I\'m hoping that the cobra doesn\'t get vented.

From: ^^ Ryuki
Sent On: 09/17/2009 10:56 AM
Message: I have the PS game of KR Ryuki, But the graphic is still not as good as the Nintendo Wii version. I can see that they are using KR Ryuki from PS2 game KR Climax Heroes for the Dragon Knight skin. which made the graphic far more better than the PS game. XD

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 09/16/2009 10:15 PM
Message: that game looks awesome! it\'s just like the Ryuki game released for the PS. it\'s a fighting game and plus it\'s for the Wii and the DS! yess! i can\'t wait for this game. i\'m gonna play as axe and torque the most. (lol. anybody could\'ve figured Torque would be on the list!)

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Lynx
Sent On: 09/16/2009 06:14 PM
Message: This site is great, and I come on here almost every day! I hope you keep adding to it, Adam, and I can\'t wait for more! :) Let\'s Ride!

From: ^^ Ryuki
Sent On: 09/15/2009 11:27 PM
Message: OMG, those KRDK games seems promising !!! O_O if only I have NDS or Wii...

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 09/15/2009 07:08 PM
Message: Sniff, Sniff, I see that Images have changed.... I smell updates coming tonight! wOOt!

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 09/11/2009 11:35 PM
Message: Whoops the thing got deleted already. Sorry, you guys! So anyways, KRDK is on tomorrow and my friend is sleeping over. Hopefully, I can get him into KRDK as well! :)

From: ^^ Mary
Sent On: 09/09/2009 08:01 PM
Message: I just love Kamen Rider Strike. J.T.C. is so awesome. (Not to mention hot! ^_^) I just absolutely get chills whenever he\'s on, even though he\'s a bad guy. Villains need love too. In my opinion, I think that Xaviax is like the devil, asking people their desires and then giving them the advent decks to work for him. So far for the \"vented\" score, Strike is winning by 3. lol. I would just love to have J.T.C. turn up the charm a lttle bit with Maya. <3

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 09/08/2009 08:44 PM
Message: Thanks! Hopefully I can get the Dragvisor soon! I wonder what I can do with that. I can probably put in a final vent card and be like, \"yoohoo...final vent?...where are you?...\" haha.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 09/08/2009 05:49 PM
Message: LOL, that was hilarious at the end with hidden camera stunt. You should do more reviews in the future, I liked it a lot :)

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 09/08/2009 05:42 PM
Message: Awesome! She\'s really awesome at playing Kase/Siren! And it looks like she\'s really nice too! btw you guys, i took a shot at reviewing toys and uploaded a review video of the advent belt. Hope you guys enjoy it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bk5nIKMerKg

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 09/08/2009 12:40 AM
Message: @TorqueFangirl: The Interview is going on my blog, so you can read what happened on there :)

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 09/08/2009 12:33 AM
Message: darn! i missed it cause i was at the park! oh well! so how was the chat with carrie everyone? i bet the fanboys are going crazy and falling off their chairs. haha. im playing! :)

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 09/07/2009 11:45 PM
Message: Carrie is one of my top celebrity crushes now.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 09/07/2009 11:32 PM
Message: Yea, Carrie is amazing! I hope to keep in touch with her soon!

From: ^^ *
Sent On: 09/07/2009 11:31 PM
Message: Yep.

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 09/07/2009 11:26 PM
Message: That chat was FUN! ^_^

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 09/07/2009 01:27 PM
Message: Less than 8 hours folks!w00t!ness! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ kamen rider fan
Sent On: 09/07/2009 01:22 AM
Message: wow kamen rider siren is hot

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 09/06/2009 10:58 PM
Message: OMG! I got my Advent Belt toy! I was going all fangirl at Wal-Mart and begging my parents since I\'m broke. haha, but I got it! I\'ll definetly post some pics up soon!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 09/05/2009 04:39 PM
Message: Adam,you are so dramatic! LOL ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 09/04/2009 07:44 PM
Message: Wow, I go to check the Animations and Downloads, and they are added already, DANG, you work fast!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 09/04/2009 07:07 PM
Message: Yea, it really was. Siren is smoking hot! I write a fan-fiction on KamenConnection, and I can\'t wait to write for this smoking hot babe! wOOt!

From: ^^ AllieRX
Sent On: 09/04/2009 07:06 PM
Message: \"Strike\'s Ultimatum\" is definitely one of my top favorite episodes of KRDK. The show\'s getting more and more dramatic as it progresses and the Spear/Axe/Strike/Dragon Knight action scene kicked ass. Kamen Rider Siren\'s debut at the end was the icing on the cake. ^_^

From: ^^ KRDK fans
Sent On: 09/04/2009 12:31 AM
Message: wow, i just saw the news site that KRDK will be air in Japan!! it means KRDK is doing good even japanesse want to see it on TV @kamenvin3 do you know torrent site that upload KRDK?

From: ^^ KamenVin3
Sent On: 09/03/2009 11:29 PM
Message: I\'m glad to see new episodes of Kamen rider dragon Knight.. wish someone would start putting new eps on the torrent sites.. also have to add that Decade Rawks.. has cards to become other riders..

From: ^^ KamenRiderAdvent
Sent On: 08/29/2009 02:49 PM
Message: Man i really missed this site. glad i can come back on line.

From: ^^ Ulimate Kuuga
Sent On: 08/24/2009 11:23 PM
Message: Love KRDK so far! Let\'s hope if they do another adoption.

From: ^^ Ryuki
Sent On: 08/24/2009 11:21 PM
Message: I\'m really loving this show. Even though their on low budget they are still kicking ass.

From: ^^ S.V.XAVAIX
Sent On: 08/22/2009 03:50 PM
Message: sorry sting man i also liked him

From: ^^ KRDK fans
Sent On: 08/09/2009 03:55 AM
Message: i watched already ep 17 , it\'s pretty cool!!! damn i can\'t wait for next episode. there is danny cho vs len!!! cool martial art !! in another view it\'s better than Ryuki becoz they still can fight even as human form not only rider form

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 08/01/2009 09:50 PM
Message: Nice Updates, :) Can\'t wait for all the updates coming soon!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 08/01/2009 01:08 PM
Message: Ahhh...the first look they showed today was Siren transforming and fighting!!! o.O

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 08/01/2009 11:33 AM
Message: Episode 16 was awesome! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/31/2009 07:12 PM
Message: http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u14/Phenol17/KamenriderTorque.jpg

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 07/28/2009 07:33 PM
Message: YES!!! I am very happy now that KRDK returns this Saturday. I\'m so staying home to watch Episode 16! lol

From: ^^ Kiva
Sent On: 07/26/2009 06:44 PM
Message: KRDK best show ever

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 07/26/2009 03:50 PM
Message: My favorite rider forms are Torque, Wing Knight, Axe, Wrath,and Siren. I like all of them, but those are my top favorite.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 07/25/2009 11:02 AM
Message: Episode 15 is airing now not episode 1.I\'m still in hoping for new episodes next week.PLEASE! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 07/25/2009 03:19 AM
Message: OMG. There\'s gonna be a comic-con in Las Vegas! I\'m hoping for some Kamen Rider action there! I\'d die by meeting just one person from the cast especially the guy who plays Torque cause Torque is my favorite rider. *fangirl squeal* :)

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 07/22/2009 10:42 PM
Message: Oh so you\'re KRDK2009. You have a great Youtube page! Thanks for putting up the episodes there! ^_^

From: ^^ Lucy
Sent On: 07/22/2009 08:20 PM
Message: Nice website,please see my youtube-KRDK2009

From: ^^ louis nguyen
Sent On: 07/17/2009 02:21 PM
Message: stephen lunsford 2 dark riders are kamen rider wrath and kamen rider onyx are working for xaviax.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/16/2009 02:36 PM
Message: Aww that\'s awesome, I hope you sent them the YouTube Video link! I think that might really help some people see that this story is very good! Can\'t Wait, but I won\'t be on late tonight because of the .... you know what, LOL

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 07/16/2009 02:15 PM
Message: Hey guys, I got a response from both Jeff Davis and Yvonne Arias about the fan fiction stories. I\'ll let you guys know what they said when I come into chat tonight (that is if I can because I am going to be at school a little late today due to meeting up with a friend and working on a collaborative assignment).

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/16/2009 09:02 AM
Message: LOL, I cant believe that a found a monster faster than CHiCA! Who\'s the better hunter now? LOLz. Just kidding! Don\'t worry, you have 2 weeks to find him!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 07/16/2009 08:41 AM
Message: Bwah!I can\'t find Adam! :( ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/15/2009 10:12 AM
Message: wOOt! Found Adam! You\'re welcome kc1000!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/15/2009 10:00 AM
Message: Dont Worry Adam. I am coming for you! \"Kamen Rider!\" Dragon Knight summons his Scan Vent and breaks into Xaviax\'s lair! \"Let\'s Do This, Riders!\"

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 07/15/2009 09:44 AM
Message: Xaviax kidnapped Adam!NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/13/2009 10:54 AM
Message: LOL, I had to! wOOt!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 07/13/2009 10:51 AM

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/13/2009 10:45 AM
Message: Loved the video CHiCA. So awesome! Maybe you can do one for Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection??? LOLz. Talk to you guys later on KamenChat!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 07/13/2009 09:17 AM
Message: Hey,Adam!I just finished making that video for you.I\'m gonna upload it now,I hope you like it! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ TigerAxe
Sent On: 07/12/2009 08:44 PM
Message: Here are my questions for Mike Moh: 1. When you did start as a martial artist? 2. Have you ever tried to watch any Kamen Rider shows? Have you tried watching Ryuki? 3. Can you tell more about the character that you portray? I\'m just hoping that we will see more badass action w/ Kamen Rider Axe!

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 07/11/2009 03:47 PM
Message: wow, CW4kids loves switching times. KR:DK is playing at 11 am for now.

From: ^^ matt litchfield
Sent On: 07/10/2009 12:36 PM
Message: Have watched the show and think it is great hope you will be planning a movie on it in the near future

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/07/2009 08:35 PM
Message: I went to Toys R Us to see about the KRDK toys and I saw Venosnaker but not any of the new ones. bleep!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 07/07/2009 03:23 PM
Message: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is #1 in Brazil!!!!w00t!nenburger!!!!That\'s so awesome!!!! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/06/2009 02:04 PM
Message: Wow Leowyn those are some good questions!

From: ^^ Leowyn
Sent On: 07/06/2009 11:27 AM
Message: Hi Adam, Here are a couple of questions for the Mike Moh Interview. Aside from your character, Kamen Rider Axe, what other kamen rider would you have most wanted to play and why? What are the most important things you learned while working on KRDK?

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 07/04/2009 11:15 AM
Message: Happy 4th of July! 3 more episodes and the hiatus is over! Also remember to check out. Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 07/04/2009 09:35 AM
Message: Happy 4th of July,peoples!KRDK is coming on in less than an hour!w00t! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ ramonb5
Sent On: 07/04/2009 09:14 AM
Message: ever wonder if kit or len shoilud switch bodies or wth other characters or with bad guys or kamen riders

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 07/03/2009 01:55 AM
Message: @TorqueFangirl: yea I noticed that...that was quite amusing to see.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 07/03/2009 12:57 AM
Message: Adam!I saw your comment on my video!I\'m gonna get you next time in chat!Hee... ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ TorqueFangirl
Sent On: 07/02/2009 07:50 PM
Message: lol. I just noticed something. Have you guys seen the Old Spice commercials with the centaur (half-man, half-horse.) I just noticed that the centaur is J.T.C aka Kamen Rider Strike. lol.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/30/2009 01:20 PM
Message: I found Strike and Dragreder!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/30/2009 11:23 AM
Message: Found Strike and Dragreder!w00t! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/29/2009 06:05 PM
Message: http://www.youtube.com/user/KRDK2009 -- this is so cool! Someone has uploaded all the KRDK episodes on YouTube! DK09 is in Chat!

From: ^^ K.R.GHOST
Sent On: 06/29/2009 12:00 PM
Message: there is only 14 riders wow i thought there were 12 where is everyone

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Advent
Sent On: 06/28/2009 07:19 PM

From: ^^ Ben Eifert
Sent On: 06/28/2009 05:17 PM
Message: dear wolf knght iwant to be a kamen rider Ill send my addres later.

From: ^^ Abarekiller
Sent On: 06/26/2009 03:43 PM
Message: Here are two of my Dragon Knight MV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbyPPU9QQ1I Wing Knight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCHCscG3U9g

From: ^^ akmal
Sent On: 06/26/2009 05:17 AM
Message: u know the green bonnethead and the green shark monster, they are owned by kamen rider abyss who never made a tv appearence in kamen rider ryuki.the bonnethead monster name is abysshamer and the green shark monster name is abysslasher. to know more about this kamen rider abyss, u must google this kamen rider on google.com

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/23/2009 09:10 AM
Message: Wow, 10 Riders! Dang, where is everyone? Or maybe the hunt was too hard?

From: ^^ Alvin
Sent On: 06/21/2009 04:36 PM
Message: This show is cool...

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/19/2009 06:33 PM
Message: Whoa...what the heck?!? That was brand new...finally found it! ^_^

From: ^^ SpatialDragon
Sent On: 06/19/2009 05:02 PM
Message: I love this show, I hope it gets picked up and stays.

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/18/2009 08:44 PM
Message: Hmmm...I found the portal, but all I see are minions...I wonder where that Ride Shooter is?

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/18/2009 08:38 PM
Message: Oh geez...wow, how did I miss that page?!? Thanks for the hint, DK09.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/18/2009 08:19 PM
Message: Huy, Hint (if i am allowed, if Adam sees this in time, he can delete it) #33901 - 33908

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/18/2009 06:55 PM
Message: Thanks! And dang, this hunt is tough...lol

From: ^^ Abarekiller
Sent On: 06/18/2009 05:25 PM
Message: Sup every one

From: ^^ *
Sent On: 06/18/2009 10:50 AM
Message: Thanks. Nope, I got Femme & Ryuga two or three days after I got the Dragon Knight toys. I would like to buy them all, but they are way too expensive.

From: ^^ Ryuki
Sent On: 06/18/2009 06:08 AM
Message: Nice pics of the KRDK toys. I see that you also have the Armor Trans Ryuga & Femme figures on your collection. Is there any other ? :)

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/17/2009 04:12 PM
Message: Will the toy updates be added along with all those pics of your Femme? Also cool RPM Updates! They rock!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/15/2009 03:12 PM
Message: Huy! Thanks for reading some of it! It is really an amazing story me and CHiCA have created. We go into KamenChat and write it, so if you would like to help join us and write with us, we\'d be happy to have you! Me and CHiCA are I chat now

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/15/2009 03:01 PM
Message: Nice fan fiction you guys have here. I like the quote format of the story. I just posted a comment on the actual fan fiction story in development, so see the actual blog for my comment!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/15/2009 02:53 PM
Message: http://chicakosaka.blogspot.com/2009/06/weekend-from-kamenchat-to.html -- CHiCA posted (some) of our fanfic on her blog. Check it out guys! Also DK09 has entered KamenChat!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/14/2009 05:35 PM
Message: I bought Kamen Rider Camo!Video coming soon! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/13/2009 10:41 AM
Message: Thrust is so cool! I hope they do make an action figure out of him.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/13/2009 10:30 AM
Message: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is on now!w00t! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/12/2009 02:02 PM
Message: Yeh, KRBlade2010 destroyed the monster as well and ran off. He left a footprints on the ground. I am following him now as we speak (I\'m on my Rider Phone) :) I\'ll let you know if anything comes up tonight at KamenChat!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/12/2009 01:56 PM
Message: You saw him again?!?And he used to work for Xaviax?!?Something\'s going on...Oh,I found Dragon Knight!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/12/2009 01:44 PM
Message: Nevermind, found him, lol. http://downloads.kamenconnection.com/images/krdk/monster-villainator-5.jpg -- And these are freaky! lol. I saw KRBlade2010 fighting Xaviax\'s \"Friend\". The Friend said to Blade \"You\'ll pay for betraying Xaviax!\" Seems like this story is unraveling!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/12/2009 12:14 PM
Message: Found those monsters already and saved Dragon Knight! ^_^

From: ^^ Jerry + Jenna
Sent On: 06/11/2009 09:28 PM
Message: Great job on your site. Pretty interesting stuff!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/11/2009 05:13 PM
Message: I really want new episodes! I just wanna see this epic scene of KR\'s and Advent Beasts attacking and motorcycle chases, etc! Ughh i cant wait until August 1st, 2009 10:30AM on CW4Kids! lol

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/10/2009 03:35 PM
Message: Sweet!

From: ^^ CHiCAKosaka
Sent On: 06/10/2009 09:27 AM
Message: Nice!!

From: ^^ Torque Fangirl.
Sent On: 06/09/2009 10:54 PM
Message: OMG. I finally got a Kamen Rider action figure and it\'s Torque *squeeee* I was gonna post a video on YouTube of me unboxing it, but I got impatient in the car and opened it! (yeah, i\'m never on here. but hey, we\'re KR:DK fans right?)

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/08/2009 07:24 PM
Message: First my YouTube now my blog?Have I created a world of funny? :-P ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/08/2009 04:52 PM
Message: CHiCA\'s blog is so funny, lol. Check out you guys! links.kamenconnection.com! DK09 has entered Chat!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/06/2009 09:57 AM

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/06/2009 09:03 AM
Message: Lol, i kinda figured that you did CHiCA, but thats OK, alright, i am gunna start looking ..... now. Oh and thanks to all 19 of you that saved me! Good to be back home!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/06/2009 08:03 AM
Message: I found them!Whoa!That was easy! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/06/2009 07:55 AM
Message: Yay!New hunt!And I DID fall asleep last night during chat so I\'m sorry about that. ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/06/2009 02:46 AM
Message: Oooh, a new hunt! I will find those riders and take those monsters out with my power!

From: ^^ Abarekiller
Sent On: 06/05/2009 01:03 AM
Message: I think Toei made Abyss so that maybe Adness would use it (I mean out of all the rider worlds of Decade he is the only new rider)any of you guys seen The first gash bell movie. Abyss should be a proto type android rider, after a rider uses a card against him it would then be that the card wil be drained and Abyss could use its power (think of Strike\'s finisher only Shark version) now a video game, that would be awesome and with what they have on hand Bandai should be able to make a good game for cheap if they use the Ryuki game as a basis for the game

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/04/2009 03:53 PM
Message: Wanna know what Bandai should do: They should create a Xaviax Action Figure! That would be off the hook!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/04/2009 02:10 PM
Message: Dragon Knight for the win!Literally...Hehe! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/03/2009 06:53 PM
Message: Alright! Thanks, because of you guys I was able to break to free from Xaviax\'s Chamber. I just hope I run into that mysterious Rider again! Also glad that you are feeling better, Huy!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/03/2009 05:34 PM
Message: Found you too! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/03/2009 05:20 PM
Message: Wow...that really helped! Thanks. I really overlooked that place when I first looked. And I have kept my promise in saving you when you had saved me. Let\'s work together and get to Xaviax! ^_^

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/03/2009 05:09 PM
Message: @ Huy: The hint is These items don\'t come on Sundays or on Holidays. Thanks CHiCA, the draining process is almost done! @ KR Advent: Thanks for finding me, hopefuly Kamen Rider Quantum saves me too. Also Strike is still knocked out from the Rider, you just need to look out for Xaviax!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/03/2009 04:51 PM
Message: Just hope he doesn\'t get attacked by Strike or any of his minions... ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Advent.
Sent On: 06/03/2009 04:32 PM
Message: i found him but im trying to get my little brother to find him because he did well last time lol its funny watching him trying to find you guys. i just hope he doesnt get captured......

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/03/2009 12:37 PM
Message: To the mysterious rider who saved me,thank you,I probably could have been vented...To DK09,don\'t worry,I\'m all right now and continuing to look for you!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/02/2009 10:58 PM
Message: Do you know how long it took me looking for myself! It took like 2 days. I went through tons of pages lookin for me, and then idk, i clicked on the \"spot\" and i saw something odd about the page and then i found the portal and found me!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/02/2009 10:55 PM
Message: Yeh!!!! 14 Riders! Thanks for saving me, Riders. I must admit Adam, you hid me very well! lol.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/02/2009 10:28 PM
Message: He attacked Strike with his contract beast, Strike was hit pretty hard. Xaviax tried to take you too and drain your Rider Energy but the Rider got you out of there just in time.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/02/2009 10:27 PM
Message: Well the new mysterious rider said, that he\'d come back for me once he saved you from Strike\'s Stun Venom, he healed you with his powers and brought you back home.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/02/2009 10:14 PM
Message: Really?Wow...Did anything else happen? ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/02/2009 09:30 PM
Message: You tried to save me, but Strike found you and stunned you, you fell to the ground and some mysterious rider saved you before it was too late o.O

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/02/2009 09:26 PM
Message: Mmmm...where am I?Ow,my head...Wait a minute...I wasn\'t in my room before...What happened?I can\'t seem to remember... ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/02/2009 07:06 PM
Message: Yeahh!!!! Loving the site more and more!

From: ^^ steven mastel
Sent On: 06/02/2009 04:51 PM
Message: I wonte to know ware you make the monsters ples let me know

From: ^^ Rider DK09
Sent On: 06/02/2009 04:05 PM
Message: Also when i went back to TRU there was quite a large crowd in front of the Kamen Rider toys and there was tons of kids beggin for their parents to buy them a Torque or a Dragon Knight and alot of the toys did go. So this is a good sign for the show... i hope.

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/02/2009 03:59 PM
Message: I know this sounds crazy and i dont know why i did this but.... i actually went back to TRU and bought two more Wing Knight\'s to copy Wing Knight\'s Copy Vent :-l

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/02/2009 03:32 PM
Message: Oh No! CHiCA! lol

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/02/2009 03:32 PM
Message: OW!...Something hit me...Why is everything so blurry...Urgh.........

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/01/2009 09:47 PM
Message: Lol thanks, idk it just came to me. Also, to those of you that are part of Kamen Rider Productions Forum, you will be receiving another member.... ME! Once the Forum is back up!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/01/2009 09:35 PM
Message: Lol,Rider Phone!That\'s a good one!And no,I wanna buy another toy or 2 before making another video. ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/01/2009 09:32 PM
Message: Hope there\'s a video of you and Blank Knight. Are you gunna put them in storage or hang them somewhere? I am so glad Strike and Xaviax did not take away my Rider Phone. Now i can keep in contact with you guys.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/01/2009 08:55 PM
Message: Lol,nice.I\'m still looking for you though...This is really becoming tough...Other than that,I bought the Blank Knight figure today. ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/01/2009 08:25 PM
Message: Found Me!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/01/2009 08:24 PM
Message: OK, wow, i just found the portal in a place, i\'d never ever expect! WOW

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/01/2009 08:15 PM
Message: I looked through all up(s) and ne(s) page, eps, KRA -IP and KC Interview and every other page. (Sorry, i am trying to write in code, so it doesnt spoil it for others)

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/01/2009 07:35 PM
Message: Keep trying, DragonFist! Also be careful, Xaviax sent minions and Strike to ambush any Rider trying to save me, so be on the look out!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/01/2009 07:34 PM
Message: Wow...I too am having a bit of trouble finding you, DK09. Care for a small hint, kc1000?

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/01/2009 07:17 PM
Message: Thanks Huy, but this draining process takes forever!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 06/01/2009 07:13 PM
Message: I vowed to you that I would find you if you were ever captured, DK09. Now, it\'s time for me to keep that promise!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/01/2009 07:09 PM
Message: Yeh i kinda stink at looking for myself, lol. So can you drop a hint, Adam? I\'ve been searching since last night.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/01/2009 04:43 PM
Message: Oh,dear.That\'s not good... ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 06/01/2009 03:37 PM
Message: I overheard Xaviax tell Strike about his plans with me. It turns out that my Rider DNA is the last sample he needs! This means that once my DNA is drained, he will be able to suck every human on Earth to Ventara to be his slaves! Hurry Riders, the faith of our Universe depends on you guys!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/01/2009 03:19 PM
Message: Wow,that was quick!Good thing I\'m home.I cannot explain to my teachers about my constant \"bathroom trips\".Hopefully,I\'ll find him... ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 06/01/2009 05:58 AM
Message: Don\'t worry!We\'ll find you!The hunt begins...KAMEN RIDER!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 05/31/2009 11:17 PM
Message: I am trapped inside Xaviax\'s lair! They put me in a cell and are draining my Rider Energy! You guys need to save me before they destroy me!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 05/31/2009 07:43 PM
Message: I cant wait for that hunt later! lol

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/29/2009 03:55 PM
Message: Yeah,it was.Very adorable pets! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 05/29/2009 03:45 PM
Message: That video was awesome! lol

From: ^^ *
Sent On: 05/29/2009 04:18 AM
Message: lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqJ_dE7HEiI

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/28/2009 07:24 PM
Message: Awesomeness!And you got very cute any animals!I liked 104.It\'s so adorable! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 05/27/2009 05:03 PM
Message: Thanks! lol. But it\'s gunna have to take an entire army to bring down Rider DK09 =P

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/27/2009 04:54 PM
Message: Don\'t worry,I\'ll find you...I hope. ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 05/27/2009 04:46 PM
Message: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! lol Hopefully CHiCA and DragonFist save me.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/27/2009 04:39 PM
Message: YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ *
Sent On: 05/27/2009 04:37 PM
Message: Nice, maybe you\'ll be next to be captured?!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/27/2009 04:36 PM
Message: I was wondering why ViewtifulRiders didn\'t come back to Earth after saving me and DragonFist... ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 05/27/2009 04:27 PM
Message: Found the monster! My new sword from the previous hunt did the job perfect!

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 05/27/2009 04:21 PM
Message: Also, it seems that i am the only rider not captured by Xaviax\'s Monster. I am so strong! lol. just kidding

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/27/2009 01:32 PM
Message: Yes!! Found that monster! And I only had to use one final vent!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/27/2009 01:44 AM
Message: Aha! Another hunt commences...now with my new powers, I can go out and save these people without draining too much of my energy.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/25/2009 02:09 PM
Message: Aww,but at least you got one of the toys!Happy Memorial Day,peoples! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DK09
Sent On: 05/25/2009 10:26 AM
Message: Happy Memorial Day to Everyone at KamenConnection! I went to Toys R Us and someone took the Ride Shooters :-( But i found a Blank Knight and bought him.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/24/2009 07:48 PM
Message: Adam putting my video in the news section!LOL!Hopefully the other toys come to my local Toys R Us soon! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/24/2009 07:27 PM
Message: Toys R Us.And I don\'t plan on opening mine!I want it to be extra special! :-P ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/24/2009 06:46 PM
Message: I am so happy right now,peoples!I bought the toy of Kit and Dragreder!YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!Video coming soon!!!WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ Gavin Tam
Sent On: 05/24/2009 04:47 AM
Message: I like kamen rider Dragon night is like the best movie,but in japanes the name is called kamen rider Ryuki and there is a lot\'s of diffrent kinds of kamen riders,they have kamen rider kuuga,Aigto,Ryuki,Faiz,Blade,Hibiki,Kabuto,Den-O, Kiva,And Decade,Decade is a Type of kamen rider that it go throught 9 worlds I can\'t tell you all about it you need to watch the movie in youtube.com you need to search for it so but I still your Fan.

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/23/2009 07:29 PM
Message: Lol...I want to get every detail in there so that if there are any people that don\'t get a chance to see those episodes, then they can reproduce the whole episode in their minds while they read it. But yea, I spent a long time on those recaps. When I typed it out in Word, those recaps started at about 3 pages long, then it gradually increased, and now my episode 15 recap, which was only the recap episode, was close to 5 pages long....o.O

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/23/2009 07:16 PM
Message: Yea, that\'s how I\'m getting the encodes of DK in order to write those episode recaps that I\'ve been doing for KRDK\'s page on TV.com. If you ever get a chance, search KRDK on TV.com, read my recaps for each episode, and let me know what you think.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/23/2009 09:33 AM
Message: @Kamen Rider Quantum:Last time we needed help in finding monsters,he gave us a riddle.It\'s likely he may do it again.Just don\'t give up!Me and DragonFist are counting on you,Rider! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/23/2009 01:22 AM
Message: Lol...yes I did buy the sunglasses, but I guess Matt wore multiple ones? I don\'t know. As for the hunt game, you basically have to search through all of the pages and find where there is like a rectangular text box, indicating where it begins. If this does not help you, send an email to kc1000 and request him to forward that email to me and I\'ll get back to you as soon as I can.

From: ^^ TheCode
Sent On: 05/23/2009 12:18 AM
Message: I still don\'t understand...Is the \'game\' on this page & where should I click? Some1 give me the portal in detail,please!

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Quantum
Sent On: 05/22/2009 11:18 PM
Message: can some one give me a hint to where they are my big brother wont tell me cause he says i have to find them myself.

From: ^^ KR Strike
Sent On: 05/22/2009 06:33 PM
Message: KRDK is so awesome!!

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/22/2009 03:07 PM
Message: I know me too. But i am afraid that the kids dont know the show, so they wont buy the toys. But hopefully i am proven wrong. I mean this show is soooooo freakin awesome, and it really does need the respect that it deserves, instead of saying it\'s a PR rip-off. KR is NOTHING like PR\'s, it\'s even better!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/22/2009 02:55 PM
Message: I do hope that the toys sell really well. I think that KRDK hasn\'t gotten the appreciation that it deserves, but with the sales, if all goes well, I think KR will become one of the most respected series here in America.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/22/2009 11:03 AM
Message: Well done... ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/22/2009 10:46 AM
Message: That\'s right, I did find you guys. But it took forever, i was ready to give up (Sorry, lol) but kc1000 encouraged me to keep going on. And with my new Sword, i defeated the two and saved you guys :-D

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/22/2009 10:14 AM
Message: @CHiCA: Don\'t worry, DragonKnight09 has already found us, but now we\'re waiting on everyone else...don\'t worry! I\'m sure they\'ll find us before something bad happens to us...I hope.

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/22/2009 10:12 AM
Message: @ TheCode: It\'s simple. Look through all the pages for the monsters. If you find a mysterious portal, click on it. To defeat the monsters, just click on the box and they\'ll be defeated. Good luck finding us!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/22/2009 10:04 AM
Message: HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: ^^ TheCode
Sent On: 05/22/2009 06:34 AM
Message: How do you guys play this \'game\' .....sort of,.. I need to know, please!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/22/2009 01:00 AM
Message: Thanks, DragonKnight09! I needed that boost of energy! :P

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/22/2009 12:34 AM
Message: Found Them! Thanks to my glowing mysterious sword!

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/22/2009 12:30 AM
Message: Ah! Volcancer got away!

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/22/2009 12:24 AM
Message: I still haven\'t found DragonFist and CHiCA :-(. I dont know where to start. I guess i lose, lol.

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/22/2009 12:12 AM
Message: Nice work! I now know where CHiCA and I are at now, but looks like I can\'t give it away since I am still technically \"missing\"... lol

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/21/2009 11:59 PM
Message: Dont worry, I\'ll save you guys! I just hope i dont get captured as well :-\\

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/21/2009 11:57 PM
Message: Haha yes!!! The hunt for me and CHiCA is on!!

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Advent.
Sent On: 05/21/2009 01:15 PM
Message: WHOOOO!!!

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/21/2009 12:41 PM
Message: Sweet. I am glad that he answered all those questions. Alot of the questions were well asked and answered. I had NO idea, he directed PR\'s/

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/21/2009 08:24 AM
Message: We\'re about halfway through...We can do it! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/20/2009 10:00 PM
Message: Sweet! i dont know i just love this site! It\'s the best dedicated site for KR ever!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/20/2009 03:59 PM
Message: Hell,yeah!I\'m a freshman in high school and I\'m loving KRDK! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/20/2009 03:33 PM
Message: You said it! I\'m a sophomore in college and this show rocks!

From: ^^ The Torque Wannabe!
Sent On: 05/19/2009 10:10 PM
Message: lol. sorry about my username. KR:DK is definetly my favorite show right now. I don\'t give a care if I\'m in middle school, I\'m a girl, and people say it\'s a PR rip-off when it\'s not. KR:DK is awesome. I love Torque. He\'s my favorite rider at the moment. xD. lol. (I\'m GeneralWingZero on YT, btw!)

From: ^^ ryuki
Sent On: 05/19/2009 08:13 PM
Message: hey nice kamen rider site. have you see the original japanese kamen rider? if you want to learn more about it we have some info at http://www.japan-legend.com

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/19/2009 04:36 PM
Message: I want them too!I WANT THEM AWESOME TOYS!!!!When I buy one,I am gonna be so dramatic...Haha! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ [email protected]
Sent On: 05/19/2009 02:14 PM

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/19/2009 06:21 AM
Message: Haha!Hi there! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Blank Knight
Sent On: 05/18/2009 10:21 PM
Message: hey CHiCA Kosaka u might know me from YouTube i am KmnRdrDrgnKnght wierd LOL

From: ^^ towellie2
Sent On: 05/18/2009 10:08 PM
Message: I think Onyx is Adam which is Kit\'s twin in Ventara.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/18/2009 12:14 PM
Message: Oh,no!We gotta find him! *tap tap* What? No! Not you again!AHHHHHHH!...Uhh... *falls unconscious*

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Advent.
Sent On: 05/18/2009 10:36 AM
Message: NOOOOO!!!!!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/18/2009 01:16 AM
Message: No! I must will myself...I cannot fall unconscious again...someone help me out here...*limps very slowly towards the mirror before getting ambushed by something. UUURRRGGGHHH...no, it can\'t be...not again...*falls unconscious again

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/18/2009 01:13 AM
Message: Found that monster! Yay! Thank god I made it in time...urgh, not again...my final vent drained me of too much energy again. I still haven\'t fully recovered from trying to find those 5 monsters and then going through the time vent to foil Strike\'s plan...I think I was at only 30%...urgh...hurry and unlock my true powers already, KamenRiderAdvent.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/17/2009 10:16 PM
Message: Final Vent! EXPLOSION! Kamen Rider Sting / Saved. Sweet hunt.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/17/2009 10:06 PM
Message: Good luck,Riders!!! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/17/2009 10:05 PM
Message: Wow CHiCA, you found him fast, I\'m still lookin for him, wish me luck, lol.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/17/2009 09:56 PM
Message: *FINAL VENT*Monster has been defeated!Kamen Rider Sting is okay! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/17/2009 09:55 PM
Message: Oh boy hear we go again! lol. Alright Riders, Gear Up and lets save Sting!

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/17/2009 08:54 PM
Message: Wow that Xaviax Promo(s) are really cool. Hopefully they are on YouTube because some of them come out blurry,

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/17/2009 08:18 PM
Message: Glad the hunt is over...I need some time to recover after getting jumped by so many minions! Also,@ DK09,I checked 2 Wal-Marts,KB Toys and Toys R Us.None have them though.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/17/2009 07:31 PM
Message: Yeh the hunt is over for the Advent Beasts, hope there\'s another hunt coming soon!

From: ^^ wingknightsabre35
Sent On: 05/17/2009 01:13 AM
Message: cool site. love the images and gallery etc.. just curious as to why so long until the next \"new\" episode.. guess the writers need time to produce.. did not know Kamen rider had a big fan base.. plus diff generation versions..

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/16/2009 12:48 PM
Message: Ahhhh....Oh no! Don\'t tempt me now! I must resist the urge to get those toys now!!! Don\'t...have...money...to....spend...

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Advent.
Sent On: 05/16/2009 12:40 PM
Message: it\'s sooo beautiful i saw it.....the dragviser black viser and the magnaviser!!!!! alll for only 11 dollers each!!!!!!!!!! and i only have nine WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/16/2009 08:49 AM
Message: What?!?!?They are out already?!?!?!?To DragonKnight09,I\'m thinking the same thing!If they did come out already,commercials would be airing on TV right now!Or maybe they are being released at different dates around the US.Maybe I\'ll go out today and see if any of my local stores have them out now.See ya later! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/16/2009 07:08 AM
Message: Whoa! the toys are out now! I wonder what town that guy lives in. I thought they wouldnt be out until mid - late June!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/16/2009 01:09 AM
Message: Ahhh the toys are out already?!? Dang, too bad I don\'t have any money to spend...and I don\'t have a car to even drive myself out to the local TRU...oh well, wait for June and get them all if I can...

From: ^^ danny nguyen
Sent On: 05/15/2009 11:35 PM
Message:  I love the show my favorite knight is wing knight.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 05/15/2009 10:27 PM
Message: Apparently the whole KRP site has some technical issues...This makes me very sad! I miss the other Riders! :-( ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/14/2009 10:19 AM
Message: Great news! I finally heard back from Matt after sending him the first 3 chapters of the story. He says that it\'s great and that he can\'t wait for the next parts. I told him that I will send him the next parts whenever KamenRiderAdvent is finished with the next part. If you see this KamenRiderAdvent, please send the end of Chapter 4 (or if it is considered Chapter 5 now) as soon as you can so I can revise it and then send it back to you for approval before I send the next 2 parts to Matt. Thanks!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/13/2009 12:33 AM
Message: That was quite the hunt. I managed to foil Strike\'s plan.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/12/2009 08:35 PM
Message: Oh, k, i went back and re did the hunt :) much faster than the first time.

From: ^^ strike
Sent On: 05/12/2009 07:49 PM
Message: Wolfnight I want to be kamen rider please please please please.

From: ^^ strike
Sent On: 05/12/2009 07:45 PM
Message: i really want to know how to do those hunts. I see my mission and I dont know how to go to the mission.

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/11/2009 10:38 PM
Message: Oh no! I still haven\'t recovered from the last attack!

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/11/2009 06:25 PM
Message: Do you know when the next hunt is up? I am looking for a reall challenge :-)

From: ^^ FaizuFan
Sent On: 05/10/2009 11:20 PM
Message: I am loving this website. The Kamen Rider Productions Forum, too.

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/10/2009 02:16 PM
Message: Hey! I was going to get those sunglasses. :P

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/10/2009 01:08 PM
Message: I am buying those sunglasses! lol

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/09/2009 07:55 PM
Message: This may sound like a random question, but how do we know that you\'re not the original Dragon Knight? I mean, your name is Adam. Don\'t tell me that you\'re working for Xaviax and the one unleashing these monsters...:P

From: ^^ KamenRider Fire19
Sent On: 05/08/2009 05:45 PM
Message: Hopefully, i only find 3 and some stunners and a huge spider....

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 05/08/2009 01:22 PM
Message: Ahhh, I only found 3 of them. Where are the other 2 pesky monsters? lol.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/06/2009 08:00 PM
Message: Found them all, and i gotta tell ya that was the BEST HUNT i have had as a Rider to date! Great Job!

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/06/2009 06:17 PM
Message: Cool and congrats on your 400th Update!

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Advent.
Sent On: 05/04/2009 08:23 AM
Message: I found one of the Assassins!!!!

From: ^^ a passing through kamen rider
Sent On: 05/03/2009 12:48 PM
Message: will there be a animation of riders getting vented

From: ^^ KamenRiderAdvent
Sent On: 05/03/2009 12:38 PM
Message: For new twists and turns read my FanFic now up on KamenRiderProductions.com/Forum. And Feel free to send me your oppinions and comments with a PM by joining the site cause we need to expand.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 05/02/2009 06:55 PM
Message: On the Kamen Rider Productions website (Advent Gear) 25 autographs are available for 19.95 of Stephen Lunsford. That\'s pretty cool.

From: ^^ KRDK
Sent On: 05/01/2009 08:13 PM
Message: YES! I found the two asassians.

From: ^^ willie
Sent On: 05/01/2009 02:09 PM
Message: kamen rider sting is freakin awesome

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/30/2009 07:48 PM
Message: How many Riders found the spider monsters?

From: ^^ KRDK
Sent On: 04/29/2009 10:21 PM
Message: You added the Xaviax Animations., thanks.

From: ^^ Nana
Sent On: 04/28/2009 08:40 PM
Message: Hi Adam, I am very proud of you. You are a very smart young man. Keep up the good work. I will be down again, Love you, Nana.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/26/2009 10:52 PM
Message: I can\'t take this anymore, no KRDK episodes until another 12 weeks = 3 months!!! That show is so awesome.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/26/2009 09:56 PM
Message: Got em\' All! That was pretty easy

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/26/2009 09:20 PM
Message: I think it\'s a lot funner when you create a different \"site\" to find the monster(s)

From: ^^ KRDK
Sent On: 04/26/2009 06:40 PM
Message: sweet, i really missed coming on the site :). Can i ask where you got all the info on ep(s) 16-26.

From: ^^ KamenRider Fire19
Sent On: 04/25/2009 05:25 PM
Message: Will there be any animations on Xaviax transforming to his real form any time soon?

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/22/2009 09:32 PM
Message: I went back and re-did the hunt, and was told by Strike that it\'s not over....

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/21/2009 10:52 PM
Message: YES! I GOT THEM! That was fun, it was like going through another \"site\". How do you make the graphics for minions and the combination of the Advent Beasts?

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/21/2009 10:21 PM
Message: I tried and tired, and TRIED (lol) but still NOTHING! This game is impossible. well done

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/21/2009 09:38 PM
Message: \'ll try one more time, but i dont know where to strt. I checked all eps, u(s) and n(s) and the dragon knight information and nothing. You did a good job hiding them.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/21/2009 09:34 PM
Message: Zipp... o well i tried, i guess this hunt wasn\'t my best.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/21/2009 09:19 PM
Message: Game way to hard, didnt find a thing. You can you drop any hints? lol

From: ^^ Abare
Sent On: 04/21/2009 02:30 PM
Message: well what do you guys think of Kamen Rider Strike, that grin of his is psychaotic

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/17/2009 11:01 PM
Message: Cool Hunt, it was hard to find.

From: ^^ Darin-Rider
Sent On: 04/17/2009 10:07 PM
Message: First time I ever saw anything of Kamen Rider was that horrible Saban\'s Masked Rider back in the 90\'s. Then in 2004 I found out about the Original Kamen Rider and have been hooked ever since I saw Kamen Rider Black\'s Rider Kick. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is awemsome!

From: ^^ KamenRider Fire19
Sent On: 04/17/2009 09:36 PM
Message: I found the monster, in one of the most random places, lol. Fun game, can\'t wait for more, Adam :D

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/17/2009 04:29 PM
Message: Over 250 riders helped with the hunt, thats awesome, keep up the work and cant wait for more.

From: ^^ CHiCA Kosaka
Sent On: 04/13/2009 03:59 PM
Message: Loving Kamen Rider Dragon Knight even more! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA Kosaka

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/11/2009 02:27 PM
Message: Well for me, it would make more sense for them to air Ep15 after the long break, it just didnt rele seem to fit in. But even for a clip show, the cliffhanger was nice.

From: ^^ KamenRiderAdvent
Sent On: 04/11/2009 12:06 PM
Message: This episode today is a very important one for new people who want to see it and its giving them a chance to catch up.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 04/10/2009 09:15 PM
Message: One more episode left tomorrow and then all re-runs. Ep15 smells like a Clip Show so it aint even any that great of an ep.

From: ^^ T
Sent On: 04/08/2009 09:31 PM
Message: you should add the clips where strike chases torque and torque gets vented.

From: ^^ Stelio
Sent On: 04/06/2009 09:48 AM
Message: somebody can help how it is possible to download it where KRDK 14 episodes ? All parts were Sundays above on the net already till now but I do not find it now . I live in a country like that unfortunately I can get it on net only where they do not give the film :( Thank you!

From: ^^ jason
Sent On: 04/05/2009 05:37 PM
Message: who do you think is the best kamen rider

From: ^^ KR Fire
Sent On: 04/04/2009 08:31 PM
Message: Sweet. Thanks.

From: ^^ *
Sent On: 04/04/2009 08:28 PM
Message: Ending Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxCyvjkOfSw&fmt=18

From: ^^ KR Fire
Sent On: 04/04/2009 06:46 PM
Message: Yeah that episode was awesome, it just had tons of action scenes that were awesome! Lookin forward to the updates

From: ^^ KR Fire
Sent On: 04/04/2009 05:45 PM
Message: Expect the UnKamen from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight!!!

From: ^^ KRDK
Sent On: 04/04/2009 05:13 PM
Message: Any KamenUpdates tonight? Today\'s episode was awesome, especially Strike!

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 04/03/2009 06:17 PM
Message: To DragonKnight09: It will still continue with one episode per week every Saturday at 11:30 AM. To *: If me and a couple others project this correctly, it should be August 1st. Keep up the good work with this website!!!

From: ^^ Stelio
Sent On: 04/01/2009 10:32 PM
Message: Perfect site! Good job!Best wishes

From: ^^ Andrew
Sent On: 03/29/2009 12:34 PM
Message: Kamen rider dragon knight rocks!!!!!!

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Fire
Sent On: 03/21/2009 01:51 PM
Message: Today\'s KRDK episode was freaking amazing! Ton\'s of action! Motorcycle chases! An awesome new rider! (KR Sting is my favorite!) can\'t wait for those updates on Sting.

From: ^^ KRDK
Sent On: 03/17/2009 10:29 PM
Message: That scene was hilarious when the mime beat up Trent and saved Lacey :D

From: ^^ KRD
Sent On: 03/12/2009 08:00 PM
Message: this show comes from japan and is from the original kamin rides it is pretty kool you should check it out on youtube put kamen rider decade

From: ^^ BSH
Sent On: 03/07/2009 09:04 PM
Message: I love Kamen Rider. I think if you love Power Rangers you will like Kamen Rider I give Kamen Rider a score of 5 out of 5

From: ^^ Lin West
Sent On: 03/02/2009 01:05 AM
Message: Awesome compilation of screenshots/promo images. Quite useful for fandom purposes. Thanks for making this site. ;-)

From: ^^ Huy
Sent On: 02/26/2009 08:30 PM
Message: Nice website that you have here. The info you post up really helps me with the episode recaps that I type/write for the show on TV.com. Keep up the good work!

From: ^^ CHiCA [A Big KRDK Fan!]
Sent On: 02/25/2009 05:19 PM
Message: I love this site!It\'s awesome! I can\'t wait for the future episodes! ~Love&kisses,CHiCA

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Advent.
Sent On: 02/25/2009 11:45 AM
Message: Need these slots filled to fight Xaviax

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Advent.
Sent On: 02/24/2009 06:32 PM
Message: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Kamen Rider Wing Knight. Kamen Rider Tourque. Kamen Rider Camo. Kamen Rider Thrust. Kamen Rider Strike. Kamen Rider Onyx. Kamen Rider Siren. Kamen Rider Spear. Kamen Rider Incisor. Kamen Rider Sting. Kamen Rider Axe. Kamen Rider Wrath.

From: ^^ Ronnie T. Granger.
Sent On: 02/24/2009 06:25 PM
Message: First Power Rangers Then Kamen Rider. I grew up watching Super Sentai that my mom brought home from he trips to japan and learning martial arts because of it and even today i use Kamen Rider Dragon Knight When i Work with my sensei the newcomers love it and the older members are suprised at how it affects them in a good way. This site Really Helps thanks.

From: ^^ Ken
Sent On: 02/24/2009 01:30 PM
Message: Cool site, and great to see other rider fans out there!

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Thrust fans
Sent On: 02/24/2009 08:56 AM
Message:  I love kamen rider thrust because he so cool a !!!~i love a!!!` where can see the episode 8 kamen rider knight dragon

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Fire
Sent On: 02/23/2009 05:37 PM
Message: updates tonight? i rele like the animation of the Launch Vent and Strike Vent thing.

From: ^^ Frank Klein
Sent On: 02/22/2009 12:33 AM
Message: It was cool being on the morning show with you Matt. Thanks for inviting me. ~Frank (Cheech) Klein~

From: ^^ IVAN17
Sent On: 02/20/2009 07:03 AM
Message: Will Torque/Drew ever be signing autographs anywhere????

From: ^^ TRISH
Sent On: 02/20/2009 07:00 AM

From: ^^ turnish
Sent On: 02/17/2009 07:40 AM

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Fire
Sent On: 02/16/2009 02:11 PM
Message: Really nice website, but how do you paste the YouTube video on your website, i think that\'s really cool how that happens. Cool site(s) and image(s). Thanks.

From: ^^ Rice Bowl
Sent On: 02/15/2009 04:25 PM
Message: awesome website, I check it out every time after the new episode of Kamen Rider ^^ Keep up the hard work cause its going perfect

From: ^^ Ryuki
Sent On: 02/14/2009 12:50 PM
Message: Love the show , I especially love the original motorcycle for Dragon Knight & Wing Knight that don\'t appear in his Japanese counterpart ;KR Ryuki. XD Btw, Is there any images of the KRDK toys & figures ? can\'t wait to get Dragon Knight with his cycle. ;)

From: ^^ kathy
Sent On: 02/11/2009 04:51 AM
Message: me to please who is torque????

From: ^^ irish
Sent On: 02/08/2009 05:37 PM
Message: really love the show would like to know more about the actor who plays drew

From: ^^ ME
Sent On: 02/08/2009 01:40 AM

From: ^^ chris foley/torque
Sent On: 02/06/2009 01:53 PM
Message: adam, sweet site man. awesome features, very impressive. me likey -CF

From: ^^ Riderman
Sent On: 02/04/2009 03:58 PM
Message: This show is so different than the Japanese one Kamen Rider Ryuki story in 2002. The story for sure is much better than the Saban\'s Masked Rider but why adding the main bad guy Xaviax??? It is so bad looking. Anyway, hope the show is good.

From: ^^ DragonKnight09
Sent On: 02/03/2009 06:46 PM
Message: any updates tonight? cool sites

From: ^^ wolf night
Sent On: 01/30/2009 12:25 PM
Message: who wants to become a kamen rider i have the tecknalligeso who wants it

From: ^^ me
Sent On: 01/28/2009 02:28 AM
Message: the new rider who appeared on th ered motorcyle is so cute i love this show

From: ^^ .
Sent On: 01/28/2009 12:13 AM
Message: http://www.4kidstv.com/shows (US only)

From: ^^ kamen rider x-slash
Sent On: 01/27/2009 11:44 PM
Message: hello ! where can i watch kamen rider dragon knight online? plz give me a website !!!

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Edonoi
Sent On: 01/25/2009 07:58 PM
Message: Hi, my name is Dex, I\'m the original Kamen Rider(Saban\'s Masked Rider),now I\'m called Kamen rider Edonoi.I enjoy your site as a veteran Kamen Rider I am excited to see how these young new warriors will fair against Xaviax.Oh and, episode 4 images I await. Thanks, awesome site, good luck, keep riding.

From: ^^ krdk the real one
Sent On: 01/25/2009 03:17 PM
Message: whats up plz

From: ^^ KRDFK
Sent On: 01/25/2009 11:28 AM
Message: This Show Rocks

From: ^^ X-RIDER
Sent On: 01/16/2009 10:16 PM
Message: Awesome website ill be here when the updates are here!

From: ^^ KRDK
Sent On: 01/11/2009 11:37 AM
Message: Awesome website! Will there be any new updates for Kamen Rider today? thank

From: ^^ Chronotia Archzenom
Sent On: 01/11/2009 10:08 AM
Message: Oh my Goodness! Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is absolutely AN EPIC AWESOME BREAKTHROUGH!

From: ^^ Nathan
Sent On: 01/10/2009 08:57 PM
Message: For the toys will there be cards and belts like the kamen riders

From: ^^ Solid Snake
Sent On: 01/10/2009 08:06 PM
Message: Can\'t wait for the toys.

From: ^^ Patrick
Sent On: 01/04/2009 04:15 PM

From: ^^ KRDK
Sent On: 12/24/2008 06:06 PM
Message: Hope you update on the weapons tonight

From: ^^ *Adam
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Message: Let\'s Ride!!!

From: ^^ Ben Eifert
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Message: Can I be kamen rider onyx

From: ^^ Kamen Rider Ocean Knight
Sent On: 09/30/2008 09:27 PM
Message: This place looks cool. I have a great forum you can add to the links. It\'s called Kamen Rider Rev Up. http://s9.invisionfree.com/Kamen_Rider_Rev_Up/

From: ^^ KRDK
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Message: Wow this site is so cool

From: ^^ Anime
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Message: Great job Adam! Your sites are always the best!

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Message: Awesome site!!

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Message: Sweet Site Man
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