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Episode Lost Pilot: Pilot

Adness Entertainment presents

An Aki Komine Production

Summary: Suddenly wearing mysterious armor, a Knight finds himself in another reality where everything is backwards, and running for his life from a giant spider. Kit: "Alright, your probably wondering what's going on. The guy running for his life is me, Kit Taylor. And somehow I got thrown into this mess when I made a wish on my 18th birthday..."

Earlier that day, Kit Taylor makes a wish for his missing father, Frank Taylor. After blowing out his candle on his birthday cake, Kit finds himself on a rooftop somewhere in the city. As he's walking, he hears his father calling out to him. A reflection of a red dragon follows him. Kit sees his father through reflections from a tall building. His father asks for his help and says to come home. But then, a red dragon bursts out of the reflection, and suddenly, Kit is back at the party with the candle still lit. So Kit blows out the candle for real this time.


Mrs. Mowry offers Kit to stay as long as he would like, but he can't stop thinking about his father. He heads over to his abandoned apartment on his motorcycle. And on the way, a person is shown being taken by a giant spider through a reflection. Kit: "When my dad disappeared a year ago, he left me alone in this world and I was placed in Foster Care. Since then, a lot of people turned up missing. It's becoming an epidemic. I have a feeling their all connected."

At the abandoned home, Kit pulls some blankets off the furniture, and underneath one he discovers a mysterious Advent Deck with a "SEAL" Advent Card. He hears his father call out to him again, so he steps outside to have a look. He sees something coming through the reflections from a building. The Advent Deck begins to energize. The red dragon comes through and surges toward him. He quickly puts his arms up, crossing his face while holding up the Advent Deck, and an energy field is formed. The dragon tries breaking through then returns from where he came. Kit's sight changes, he begins to see things others can't. He sees something appear in the distance -- A minion grabs a human then jumps into a reflective ceiling. He sees three more appear behind a young lady, slowly moving toward her as she's walking. So he decides he must help her.

Kit catches up with the minions and tells them to leave her alone, but when she looks back, all she sees is Kit. The minions then realize he can see them, so they attack. Kit makes his way through them and tries to convince the lady to run for her life. But as he's trying to fight off the minions, she decides to pickup her camera and snap some shots of this seemingly wacko. One of the minions sees an opportunity to take her while the other two are keeping Kit busy, but Kit sees this and pulls her away. Kit accidentally launches her into one of them, altering her vision and allowing her to see them. The minion then grabs her and starts backing up into a reflective surface. But then, a guy on a motorcycle springs out of the reflection, knocking the minion to the ground. The dude gets off his wheels and fights the minions. The three minions are easily defeated, and they vanish.

Kit and the reporter, Maya, took off. They stop somewhere to talk. Len catches up with them and says he wants the Advent Card back. Kit tries to act as if he has no idea of what he's talking about, then tells Maya she better go. While Maya leaves, Kit tells him he needs find his father. At that moment, their senses pickup a transmitted frequency disturbance of which they see a reflection of a giant spider going after Maya. Kit goes after her, but then, the Advent Card pulls him into the reflection and Kit finds himself flying through a dimensional portal. He sees the end of the portal coming at him, fast, so he puts his arms up again which forms an energy field that transforms him into a Kamen Rider, an armored warrior. Kit Taylor, now a Kamen Rider Knight, finds himself in another world -- the Mirror World. Kit: "And that's how I wound up here. Next time I'm gonna be a little bit more careful what I wish for." The giant spider starts chasing after him.

Len transforms, "Kamen Rider Wing Knight, Initiate!", then steps into the dimensional doorway and gets in his Rider Cycle and takes off with his Bat creature flying above him. Wing Knight rides out into the Mirror World and attacks the giant spider. He uses a "Sword Vent" card and summons a weapon with attack power of 2000. Kit Knight tries this and summons a blank sword with attack power of only 300, which fulls out of the sky. He charges in after the spider, but the spider easily strikes the basic sword in two, then knocks the knight away. Wing Knight uses another card to have his Bat beast attack, then uses a "Final Vent" card with attack power of 5000. The Bat connects on his back and becomes a cape. He then leaps high into the air where the cape then wraps around his entire body and swirls into the giant spider, causing the spider to explode.

Wing Knight informs the Blank Knight that they are in the Mirror World. The Red Dragon attacks from above with bursts of fireballs. They run for their lives and barely avoid being struck. Wing Knight tells him that the Dragon has chosen him for a reason, he must merge with the Dragon or the Dragon will destroy them both. The spider creature regenerates and Blank Knight faces the Dragon. He and the Dragon merge, Kit Taylor is now Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. The spider has formed an upper body, with two arms. The creature fires spears at Wing Knight then hits him off a building. The Bat quickly catches him. The spider races down the building, firing multiple spears at him in the air, then fires a stream of webbing which wraps around and causes him to fall to the ground. The spider fires three more spears, but suddenly, they are deflected by Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight uses his new "Sword Vent" card and attacks the creature, then pulls out a "Final Vent" card. He leaps into the air as the Dragon flies around him. The Dragon fires, scorching the Rider and projecting him toward the spider, and the spider creature is destroyed.

Kit Taylor and Len return from the Mirror World. Len explains that he now has to help fight General Xaviax, a renegade warlord the Kamen Riders exiled from the Mirror World thousands of years ago. Those creatures that tried to kidnap that girl are his minions. Xaviax gains his power by kidnapping people from this reality. The Kamen Riders are the protectors of the Mirror World, an ancient Order of Knights. There are twelve of them. They were the ones who originally defeated Xaviax and sent him into exile. But Xaviax returned, he found the secret tomb where the Riders lie dormant. With them, their Advent Cards, source of the Kamen Riders' power. Without the cards, the Riders are helpless. Xaviax found only eleven Riders. The twelfth was secured in another location where he would be awakened if Xaviax returned, Kamen Rider Wing Knight. Xaviax distributed the cards into this world. Len explains they have to find the Dark Kamen Riders and defeat them.

Kit: "I didn't know the power this Advent Card had when I found it, but I have a feeling it will somehow lead me closer to my dad. Maybe this is why my dad wanted me to come home, to find the Advent Card and become Kamen Rider Dragon Knight!"

End Credits:

Directed by the Wang Brothers

Mirror World Sequence Directed by Ryuta Tasaki

Based on Kamen Rider created by Shotaro Ishinomori

Matt Smith
Matthew Mullins
Kandis Erickson

Executive Producer Yasuo Matsuo
Executive Producer Fumio Sebata
Executive Producer Aki Komine

Producer Steve Wang
Producer Michael Wang
Producer Roy McAree

Line Producer Jimmy Sprague

Director of Photography John Ealer

Production Designer Oana Bogdan

Music by Mike Larrabee

Casting by
- Andrew Aguilar
- Tori Bush

Edited by Steve Wang

Costume Designer Jennifer E. McManus

Post Production Supervisor Jeff Skinner

Story by
- Steve Wang
- Michael Wang

Teleplay by
- Scott Phillips
- Steve Wang
- Michael Wang


Kit Taylor ------------------------ Matt Smith
Len ------------------------------- Matt Mullins
Maya Young ------------------------ Kandis Erickson
Mrs. Mowry ------------------------ Collette Delacroix
Frank Taylor ---------------------- JF Davis
Bystander ------------------------- Jimmy Sprague
Transient Man --------------------- Johnnie Saiko Espiritu

Minion #1 ------------------------- Reuben Langdon
Minion #2 ------------------------- Aaron Toney
Minion #3 ------------------------- Tadahiro Nakamura
Kit Double ------------------------ Matt Rugetti
Maya Double ----------------------- Dorenda Moore
Stunt Coordinator ----------------- Reuben Langdon

Stunt Player ---------------------- Aaron Toney
Stunt Player ---------------------- Tadahiro Nakamura
Stunt Player ---------------------- Matt Rugetti
Stunt Player ---------------------- Dorenda Moore

Utility Stunt --------------------- TJ Rotolo

Stunt Crew ------------------------ Kiralee Hayashi
----------------------------------- Ken Ohara
----------------------------------- Mike Wilson

Production Coordinator ------------ Alex Bourne

First Assistant Director ---------- Cassandra Laymon

Second Assistant Director --------- David Rose

Script Supervisor ----------------- Susan Chun

Location Manager ------------------ Cassandra Heredia

Production Assistant -------------- Mario Gonzalas
Production Assistant -------------- Chris Garlington
Production Assistant -------------- Charles Kienzle
Production Assistant -------------- Lyndell V. Anderson

2nd Unit Director of Photography -- Kevin Graves

First AC -------------------------- Craig Jeanette

Camera Tech & Steadicam Operator -- Phil Guye

Key Grip -------------------------- Dan Robinson
Grip ------------------------------ Rashaad Lewis
Grip ------------------------------ Marcos Alvarez
Gaffer ---------------------------- Howard Newstate
Best Boy Electric ----------------- Randy Bam Newman
Electric -------------------------- Emerson Jaco
Electric -------------------------- Matt Fore
Electric -------------------------- Corinne Pickett

Still Photographer ---------------- Angie Chong
Art Director ---------------------- Stefan Gesek
Set Decorator --------------------- Bianca Butti
Set Dresser ----------------------- Nicole Ruby
Prop Master ----------------------- Doug Smith
Wardrobe Assist ------------------- Carina Clarke
Key Make Up ----------------------- Jonelle Freed
Make Up Assist -------------------- Deana Montoya

Supervising Sound Editor & Mixer -- Ben Cooper

Sound Mixer ----------------------- Bob Packo
Boom Operator --------------------- Dan Figurell
Boom Operator --------------------- Tom Reiner

Creature Crew --------------------- Johnnie Saiko
----------------------------------- Anthony Diaz
----------------------------------- Darnell Isom
----------------------------------- Tony Grow
----------------------------------- Mike Ezell
----------------------------------- Clair Wang
----------------------------------- Casey Love
----------------------------------- Rob Burman

Creature Costuming ---------------- Ted Smith
Model Maker ----------------------- Tim Arp

Visual FX
Visual FX Supervisor -------------- Mark Allen
Visual FX Supervisor -------------- Dominik Wojtarowicz
Lead Artist ----------------------- John Teska

The Lobby, INC.
Executive Producer ---------------- Jeff Skinner
Logo Design ----------------------- Heather Herbert Skinner

Executive Producer ---------------- Edy Enriquez
Visual Effects Supervisor --------- Mark Larranaga
Visual Effects Producer ----------- Antoinette Perez
Lead Compositor ------------------- Mark Loso
3D Supervisor --------------------- John Mitchell

Camera and Grip equipment supplied by: Thrust Entertainment

Special thanks to:
Jeff Colbert and the staff of MPFX
Alec Gillis
Tom Woodruff
Garth Winkless
Les Claypool III
Betty Wang
Anthony Pina
Jeff Centauri
Shaun Chauney
Todd Tucker
Ami Saunders


Shot on location in Los Angeles.

© 2006 Adness Entertainment, All rights reserved.

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