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 Episode 40
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Episode 40: “A Dragon's Tale”

Story By Steve Wang, Nathan Long and Michael Wang

Written by Nathan Long

Directed by Steve Wang

Summary: Maya has written a novel about the Kamen Riders, as a fictitious story to keep the truth a secret. Maya explains the story of their adventures. All the Ventarans have been brought back. Eubulon also brought back all the Earth Riders from the Advent Void, healed them and whipped all their memories of being Kamen Riders, then put them back where they started. Eubulon even cured Chris' asthma, and Chris is now in the Marines. Adam told Eubulon that he didn't want to be a Kamen Rider anymore. Adam and Sara are working together. Kit decided to be a Kamen Rider for good and is now officially a part of the family as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Trent is working full time for the No Men, helping them set up links with the Ventaran governments. Michelle is learning patience. Lacey is working with Maya at the new Grace's bookstore which now has a clothing department. Maya is signing books for people. Len apologizes to Maya about her camera. Maya and Price are now a couple. Eubulon cured Kit's dad. Eubulon also explained that there are many more worlds behind the mirrors, and many more dangers that could threaten Ventara and Earth, but the Kamen Riders will be ready!

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My thoughts: I think out of the three clip shows this season, I love this one the most. Thank you so much everyone, you all have done a fantastic job. I hope for many more seasons to come.

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