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 Episode 39
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Episode 39: “For Ventara and Earth Part II”

Story By Steve Wang, Nathan Long and Michael Wang

Written by Nathan Long

Directed by Steve Wang

Summary: Wing Knight, Strike and Dragon Knight stay behind to stop three Monsters that are hunting them, while the others head for the control room to stop Xaviax. Xaviax begins counting down to initiate the teleportation sequence - in 5, 4, 3...Xaviax is suddenly interrupted as Eubulon enters the control room through a portal. Eubulon opens the portal for all the Ventaran Riders from the Advent Void to enter the control room, but Xaviax quickly closes the portal. Xaviax attacks Eubulon. On their way to the control room, the Riders encounter more Monsters.

Xaviax is ready to finish the Advent Master. But Onyx and Dragon Knight make it to the control room and use Strike Vent together to blast Xaviax. Wing Knight and Siren then enter the control room. Xaviax takes on all four of them no problem. Advent Master uses energy from the Void Key to begin opening a portal for the Riders to return. Xaviax has the four Riders down. Advent Master distracts Xaviax as he opens the portal, and the four Riders use Sword Vent and trick Xaviax. Xaviax is down. The Ventaran Riders return through the portal - Incisor, Spear, Wrath, Thrust, Camo and Sting. Strike, Torque and Axe make it into the control room. All 13 of Eubulon's Riders have arrived. Maya and Trent enter the control room. Xaviax tries tricking them into joining him. Xaviax tells them that he defeated them all before and he will do it again, and even if they win, he will be back, he will "ALWAYS BE BACK". The 13 Riders use "Link Vent" - Energy above shoots down, goes through a gate and charges to each Riders' hand, then the Riders blast all that energy at Xaviax. Xaviax creates a force field around himself to block the attack, but the energy continues to surge out at him, and Xaviax begins losing control. Xaviax's true form is revealed. Xaviax is greatly weakened, the force field collapse, and Xaviax explodes. Xaviax has been destroyed. Eubulon senses that Xaviax is really gone for good this time.

Eubulon explains to his Riders that there is still much more work to be done, the people of Ventara are still enslaved on Karsh, they will need to move all the Beacons on Earth to Karsh so that they can use them to teleport the Ventarans back to their true home, and that there are many terrible weapons here on Karsh that they must dismantle, and still many of Xaviax's Monsters to hunt and destroy.

Adam tells Sara everything and what he has done.

End Credits:


My thoughts: YES!!! The fight with Xaviax was so freakin incredible, I wish it lasted longer. I love his evil laugh, lol. And after Xaviax exploded, his remains, SWEET!!!

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