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 Episode 24
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Episode 24: “Dark Temptation”

Story By Steve Wang, Nathan Long and Michael Wang

Written by Nathan Long

Directed by Steve Wang

Summary: Kamen Rider Onyx attacks Dragon Knight. Onyx uses "Attack Vent" (with 6,000 Attack Points) -- summons Dragblacker. Dragreder appears and attacks Dragblacker. Onyx knocks out Dragon Knight, but before Onyx can finish him, Kit wakes up in his apartment as he hears knocking at his door. Kit opens the door, and It's Michelle Walsh. Michelle introduces herself and tells Kit that she's Maya's friend, and reveals that she knows his name is Kit Taylor, and that he is Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Kit asks her how she heard that name. Michelle tells him there are some people she knows who want to talk to him, important people in Washington, who want to know about Ventara and Xaviax. But Kit doesn't trust them, so he grabs his stuff and leaves the apartment. So Michelle makes a call and informs her team that Phase One is negative, and tells them to move on to Phase Two as Kit is heading for the bookstore.

JTC returns to Xaviax's lair. Xaviax isn't pleased that he didn't Vent Axe, but JTC explains that they need him now that he's up against Siren, Dragon Knight and Wing Knight. JTC proposes to take Kit's dad again, and this time he will force Kit to fight for them. But Xaviax tells him no, and explains that he has a more direct approach in mind. Xaviax then warns JTC that Danny is his decision, and it's on his head.

Danny says to himself that nothing is going to stop him this time from getting his revenge on Dragon Knight, then Danny rides off.

Len mentions to Kase about how much simpler it was when they first fought Xaviax - They were all on the same side, fighting the same enemy. They were fighting Monsters, not Ad-men. Len informs Kase about Chris. Kase says she's worried about Kit, and asks if he will be ready when the time comes. Len tells her he knows he will be. Kase says that if he trusts him, then she trusts him, too.

Lacey enters the bookstore, wearing some getup, and goes right over to some books. Maya and Trent try asking her what she's doing, but she just explains that she needs to do some reading up so she can be their friend again. Kit enters the bookstore and informs Maya and Trent about Michelle, and thinks it might have been the FBI that she wanted him to talk to. Lacey overhears them. Maya does a full scan of her laptop and learns that all of her Encrypted Files have been downloaded. They now believe that Michelle must be working for the government. Maya tries calling her, but Michelle sees that it's Maya calling and turns off the ringing, and tells herself that she's got to change this number. Michelle and her men are in position, ready to make their move. Kit senses a portal opening and heads on out.

Len explains to Kase that the only Riders Xaviax has left are Strike and Axe, and Kamen Rider Wrath hasn't shown up yet, and Len hasn't been able to find his twin yet.

Wing Knight and Siren intercept some Minions. After taken out the Minions, they are then attacked by another Monster. Kit arrives too late, as the Monster is destroyed before he could do anything. Kit feels that he shouldn't of even bothered. Len tells him he can get the next one. Kit starts walking off, so Len goes after him. Len asks Kit what's wrong with him, but then says to Kit that he tells Kase what a great kid he is, and now he's acting like a jerk. Angry at Len for calling him a jerk, Kit says, sarcasmly, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend Kase. I guess a kid doesn't really understand. Guess I don't know what it's like to be a REAL Kamen Rider." Len just agrees with him, telling Kit that he doesn't know what it's like being a REAL Kamen Rider, then tells Kit to come back when he has it sorted out. So Kit says, "If I come back", then takes off. Kase reminds Len that this is how it started with Adam, before he betrayed them. Kase tells Len not to set himself up for another disappointment.

Kit returns to the Hospital to see his dad. He sees someone looking over his father, it's Xaviax. Xaviax cures Frank, and Frank begins waking up. Kit realizes that all this time it was really Xaviax who was talking to him and not his father, giving him advice, and it was Xaviax who told him to find the Deck and merge with the Dragon. Xaviax steps out while Kit talks with Frank. Frank doesn't know what happened, nor knew he was even in the Hospital. Frank explains, when he was shaving in a cabin, he saw something in the Mirror. Kit asks Frank something, but before Frank can answer, Frank returns to the same state he was in before. Xaviax tells Kit that he's the only one who can bring him back, and all he has to do is Vent Wing Knight.

End Credits:

Executive Producers
Fumio Sebata
Yasuo Matsuo
Takeyuki Suzuki
Aki Komine

Co-Executive Producers
Steve Wang
Michael Wang

Financial Consultant
Takeshi Enomoto

Financial Coordinator
Chieko Sebata


Kit ----------------------- Stephen Lunsford
Len ----------------------- Matt Mullins
Maya ---------------------- Aria Alistar
Frank Taylor --------------------- JF Davis
Trent --------------------- Taylor Emerson
Lacey --------------------- Marisa Lauren
JTC --------------------- Scott Bailey
Michelle ----------------- Kathy Christopherson
Danny Cho --------------------- Mike Moh
Kase ------------- Carrie Reichenbach
Albert Cho --------------------- Tony Sano
Xaviax -------------- William O'Leary

Pemrick Fronk Casting

Action Director
Akihiro "Yuji" Noguchi

Stunt Coordinator
Dorenda Moore

Fight Choreography by
Alpha Stunts

Tadahiro Nakamura
Hideki Sugiguchi
Hiroshi Maeda
Chris Brewster
Melissa Barker
Erik Betts

Director of Photography
Frank Harris

Production Designer
Oana Bogdan

Story Editor
Nathan Long

Art Director
Elvis Restaino

Unit Production Manager
Jimmy Sprague

1st Assistant Director
Cassandra Laymon

2nd Assistant Director
Rob Bola

Action Unit Director of Photography
Motohiko Tani

Action Unit 1st Assistant Director
Dannel Escallon

Location Manager
Hector Tinoco

2nd 2nd Assistant Director
Ismael Jimenez

Script Supervisor
Kris Smith

Nicole Ruby

Set Decorator
Tana Roller

Key Wardrobe
Ivy Thaide

Key Makeup
Jonelle Freed

Key Hair
Alyson Black

Stan Eng

Key Grip

Sound Mixer
Sean Skinner

Production Coordinator
Hank Grover

Asst. Production Coordinator
Lee Marshall

Office Production Assistant
Aaron McLane

Assistant to Roy McAree
Dave James Paul

Extras Casting
Bill Marinella
Sande Alessi Casting

Music Camposed by
Tony Phillips

Music Editor
Brian Donovan

Visual Effects by
Deception Arts

Visual Effects Supervisors
Mark Allen
Dominik Wojtarowicz

Visual Effects Artists
Chris LeDoux
Suzette Barnett
Kevin Shawley
John Miyaji
John R. McConnell
Robert Morris
Aaron M. Suhr

Based on the Toei Company Ltd.
Japanese Production of "Kamen Rider"

Main Title Sequence designed by
The Lobby, Inc.
Jeff Skinner
Heather Herbert Skinner

Original concepts by
Shotaro Ishinomori

Japanese footage courtesy of
Toei Company Ltd.

Post Production Supervisor
Matt Scott

Larry Maddox

Assistant Editors
Meredith Stone
Susan E. Kim

Post P.A.
Matt Smith

Online Colorist
John Coldiron

Re-Recording Mixer
Nathan Smith

Sound Designer and ADR
Benjamin Cooper

ADR recorded at
Elephant Symphony Studios

Kamen Rider was mixed at NL3 Audio, Los Angeles, CA

Crip/lighting equipment provided by
Leonetti Company

Motorcycle Maintenance by
G   G Motorsports

Dollies provided by
J.L. Fisher, Inc.

Catering provided by
Bobby Weisman Caterers

Craft Service
Michael Schlegel

Transportation Captain
Matthew Ballard

Legal Services by
Paul S. Levine

Legal Counsel
Phalen "Chuck" Hurewitz
Andrew S. Zucker

Special Thanks to
Taro Takemoto

Presented by Adness Entertainment

In Association with Toei Company Ltd.

Filmed at Cheyenne Studios, Castaic, California, U.S.A.

Post Production Services by NL3 Audio

Special Thanks to:

The characters and events are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. Adness Entertainment Co., Ltd. is the author of this motion picture for purposes of the Berne Convention. Country of first Publication: United States of America.

©2008 Ishimori Production Inc., Toei Company Ltd.,
Adness Entertainment Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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