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Episode 20: “Letter from the Front-Line”

Story By Steve Wang, Nathan Long and Michael Wang

Written by Nathan Long

Directed by Michael Wang

Summary: Len and Kit return to Grace's Books and inform Maya and Trent that Strike Vented Chris, sacrificing himself to save Len. Kit blames himself for what happened and says that he could of saved him if only he had Vented Axe. Len tells Kit that he shouldn't blame himself because he's the one to blame, then Len takes off on his motorcycle. Kit then leaves.

JTC and the Cho Brothers return to Xaviax's lair. Frank Taylor is in a wheelchair behind them. Xaviax reminds the Cho Brothers of rule number 1 -- Nobody Vents Dragon Knight till Wing Knight is gone. The Cho Brothers agree. JTC leaves to prepare the baiting of their next trap. Xaviax orders the Cho Brothers to watch Dragon Knight, and only watch. After the Cho Brothers leave, Xaviax looks at Frank Taylor, "Frank, Frank, Frank."

Kit returns to his apartment and finds a letter in Chris' backpack that he wrote to his father but never got to send it. Kit reads the letter, as Maya is looking at pictures of the hero of Gramercy Heights with tears falling.

Chris: "Dear dad, I know you're probably pretty angry at me right now. Dad, I'm sorry I ran out on you like that. I guess I just couldn't face my failure. I wish I could say everything's fine now, but it isn't. You see, my asthma's only getting worse. After I was discharged, I didn't know what to do. But then I got a chance to work for what I thought was a branch of homeland security, and I saw it as a new way to serve my country. And at first I did fine. Dad, you would have been so proud. I brought honor to the uniform I wore. But then the big "A" started to cut into my game. I kept remembering what you always said -- Just get to the fight and let your training guide you. But training can't heal my body. You know, and I told myself I could control the coughing if I just kept a clear head. After all, Pop, you always said a hero is a guy who keeps his cool when everyone else loses theirs. I was determined not to give up. You taught me that. Do you remember? You also taught me that if your determination runs low, fill it back up with loyalty. Remember that one? And Pop, you know what the Marine motto is -- Semper Fidelis, "Always Faithful." I'll never betray my friends. Never. But you can't bounce back from what I've got, and no amount of loyalty or dedication will change that. See, Pop, I thought about courage. You always said that courage was facing your fears, and the proof of courage was in the risk you take and the sacrifices you make. So, what can I say? My heart and soul are in it, but my lungs aren't. I'm helpless, and there's nothing I can do. I spent my whole life trying to be the hero that you taught me was the highest achievement possible. I'm sorry, dad. I'll never be that hero."

Len is holding Sting's Advent Deck, telling himself that it's his fault. He then sees a reflection of himself talking to him again. Len says that he should of forced Chris out of the fight. The reflection reminds Len that this is war, a leader has to suspect this to happen. But Len says that he's not the leader and never was, and never wanted the responsibility of being a leader. But the reflection reminds him that there's no one else to take, he's the only one left. So Len then asks what if he just quits, but the reflection just fades away without responding to that question. Len then senses Minions coming through mirrors, so he transforms and destroys them.

The Cho Brothers ambush Kit. Kit says he's not afraid. The Brothers Cho taunt on about how "Sting got Stung." Kit pushes Danny down and tells him that he made a mistake not finishing him off before, then says he's going to fix that and takes out his Advent Deck. The three transform and fight. They take down Dragon Knight. Spear wants to Vent him, but Axe tells him "no", they promised. Axe and Spear leave.

After witnessing it for herself, Lacey realizes that everything Maya has been telling her is all true. Michelle Walsh sits down next to her and tells Lacey that she's worried about Maya's safety, and the guys she's hanging out with are dangerous. Lacey tells her that one of them pushed Maya down, and one of them transformed into some kind of "robot" right in front of her. Michelle tells Lacey that she knows all about it, and that's why she came to her and explains that she has friends that can help her and needs to know what Maya knows about these "robots." Michelle gives Lacey a Flash Drive to plug into Maya's laptop to download all the information from the laptop for Michelle. Michelle explains that all she has to do is plug it in, and it does the rest.

Kit returns to Grace's Books and informs Maya and Trent that he tried to take on the Cho Brothers alone. JTC calls the store to talk to Maya. Trent passes the Speakerphone to Maya. Maya presses the button for them all to hear. JTC says to tell Kit that he thinks he knows where his dad is, then gives an address. Kit starts heading out. Trent asks, what if it's a trap, what if Len was right and JTC is Strike? but Kit says that it doesn't matter, they have his dad, and he owes it to Chris. So Kit heads on over without waiting for Len first, and Maya goes with him.

End Credits:

Executive Producers
Fumio Sebata
Yasuo Matsuo
Takeyuki Suzuki
Aki Komine

Co-Executive Producers
Steve Wang
Michael Wang

Financial Consultant
Takeshi Enomoto

Financial Coordinator
Chieko Sebata


Kit ----------------------- Stephen Lunsford
Len ----------------------- Matt Mullins
Maya ---------------------- Aria Alistar
Frank Taylor --------------------- JF Davis
Chris Ramirez ------------- Michael Cardelle
Trent --------------------- Taylor Emerson
Lacey --------------------- Marisa Lauren
JTC --------------------- Scott Bailey
Michelle ----------------- Kathy Christopherson
Danny Cho --------------------- Mike Moh
Albert Cho --------------------- Tony Sano
Xaviax -------------- William O'Leary

Pemrick Fronk Casting

Action Director
Akihiro "Yuji" Noguchi

Stunt Coordinator
Dorenda Moore

Fight Choreography by
Alpha Stunts

Tadahiro Nakamura
Hideki Sugiguchi
Hiroshi Maeda
Chris Palermo
Shawn Lane
Clay Cullen
Kim Koski
Craig Baxley

Director of Photography
Frank Harris

Production Designer
Oana Bogdan

Story Editor
Nathan Long

Art Director
Elvis Restaino

Unit Production Manager
Jimmy Sprague

1st Assistant Director
William Newman

2nd Assistant Director
Rob Bola

Action Unit Director of Photography
Motohiko Tani

Action Unit 1st Assistant Director
Dannel Escallon

Location Manager
Hector Tinoco

2nd 2nd Assistant Director
Ismael Jimenez

Script Supervisor
Kris Smith

Nicole Ruby

Set Decorator
Tana Roller

Key Wardrobe
Ivy Thaide

Key Makeup
Jonelle Freed

Key Hair
Alyson Black

Stan Eng

Key Grip

Sound Mixer
Sean Skinner

Production Coordinator
Hank Grover

Asst. Production Coordinator
Lee Marshall

Office Production Assistant
Aaron McLane

Assistant to Roy McAree
Dave James Paul

Extras Casting
Bill Marinella
Sande Alessi Casting

Music Camposed by
Tony Phillips

Music Editor
Brian Donovan

Visual Effects by
Deception Arts

Visual Effects Supervisors
Mark Allen
Dominik Wojtarowicz

Visual Effects Artists
Suzette Barnett
Robert Morris
John Miyaji
Kevin Shawley
Chris LeDoux
John R. McConnell

Based on the Toei Company Ltd.
Japanese Production of "Kamen Rider"

Main Title Sequence designed by
The Lobby, Inc.
Jeff Skinner
Heather Herbert Skinner

Original concepts by
Shotaro Ishinomori

Japanese footage courtesy of
Toei Company Ltd.

Post Production Supervisor
Matt Scott

David Jakubovic

Assistant Editors
Meredith Stone
Susan E. Kim

Post P.A.
Matt Smith

Online Colorist
John Coldiron

Re-Recording Mixer
Nathan Smith

Sound Designer and ADR
Benjamin Cooper

ADR recorded at
Elephant Symphony Studios

Kamen Rider was mixed at NL3 Audio, Los Angeles, CA

Crip/lighting equipment provided by
Leonetti Company

Motorcycle Maintenance by
G   G Motorsports

Dollies provided by
J.L. Fisher, Inc.

Catering provided by
Bobby Weisman Caterers

Craft Service
Michael Schlegel

Transportation Captain
Matthew Ballard

Legal Services by
Paul S. Levine

Legal Counsel
Phalen "Chuck" Hurewitz
Andrew S. Zucker

Special Thanks to
Taro Takemoto

Presented by Adness Entertainment

In Association with Toei Company Ltd.

Filmed at Cheyenne Studios, Castaic, California, U.S.A.

Post Production Services by NL3 Audio

Special Thanks to:

The characters and events are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. Adness Entertainment Co., Ltd. is the author of this motion picture for purposes of the Berne Convention. Country of first Publication: United States of America.

©2008 Ishimori Production Inc., Toei Company Ltd.,
Adness Entertainment Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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