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Episode 5: “The Power of Two”

Story By Steve Wang, Nathan Long and Michael Wang

Written by Nathan Long

Directed by Michael Wang

Summary: Dragon Knight intercepts another monster. The monster uses his Boomerang weapon to knock away Dragon Knight's weapons he summons. Another Rider, Kamen Rider Torque, observes the fight. Dragon Knight begins to win, so the monster runs away. Kamen Rider Torque transforms to Drew Lansing. General Xaviax (human form) walks up to Drew and asks when he's going to make his move, and reminds him that Kit Taylor is an important part of his plan. Drew explains, a professional does his homework.

Grace's Books: Maya informs her friends, Trent and Lacey, that the masked vigilante is the guy who smashed her camera, and that she saw him change. She explains that the masked vigilante and Kit are Kamen Riders, and that she was grabbed by these monsters and pulled through a mirror. Trent is jealous that aliens came at her and grabbed her into another world. Kit then walks in to talk with Maya.

In the General's base, Drew says he's having just a little bit of trouble understanding his plan. The General explains to Drew that his plan is to kidnap every human being on Earth, put them to work rebuilding his home planet, and make him a general in his army with every luxury he could possibly want. Drew explains that it's the kidnaping part that he's having trouble with, because he's only snatching one person at a time, so it's going to be a while before he starts enjoying his luxuries. But the General explains it won't be that long, because soon he will be able to use his teleporters to steal every human being on Earth in a single shot. But to do that, he needs to be able to collect a broad sampling of human DNA. The General then shows Drew his hunt for specimens, each with a unique genetic profile, and once he finds a match, he sends his servants out to collect it. After he has enough information, he will input it into his computers and all the people of Earth will be his. The General then asks Drew if he's having any doubts about betraying his entire planet. Drew explains he was just deciding rather he would like to live in the White House or Buckingham Palace.

Kit tells Maya what happens when a Rider loses a fight and explains that he doesn't want to be Vented and doesn't want to Vent anyone. Len walks in, searching for Kit. Trent and Lacey tell him that Kit isn't there. Kit and Maya come out from the back room. Len says to Kit that he's sorry for running off and explains that he never Vented a Kamen Rider before. Kit tells him he doesn't want to be a Kamen Rider anymore, but Len explains that it's too late now to give the Deck back because now that he's linked with his Advent Beast he's linked for good, unless he's Vented, which is why he tried stoping him from contracting with that Dragon. Len tells Kit that he needs his help, but before he's able to explain, they sense another portal opening.

Len and Kit ride after the monster that escaped before. They transform while riding through a portal, and their cycles transform. After defeating some minions, Wing Knight and Dragon Knight both destroy the monster using Final Vent.

The General has given Drew a story to use against Dragon Knight and Wing Knight, and he creates two zebra monsters to assist him. Drew heads to work, and Xaviax WILL be watching.

Len finds Xaviax in a reflection watching them. Xaviax blocks the portal from his side so they can't go in after him. Len explains to Kit who that was, and that General Xaviax stole Ventara. He explains that Xaviax is an alien, and the Kamen Riders were formed in order to defeat him. They defeated him once, but one of the Riders betrayed them, he stole their Advent Decks while they were in suspended animation. Xaviax Vented everyone except for Len. Xaviax is coming for Earth next, he's taken the Advent Decks and giving them to men like Incisor, which is why he needs his help in order to defeat them. Kit tells Len that his father has been missing for about a year. Kit decides to help Len defeat the other Kamen Riders.

End Credits:

Executive Producers
Fumio Sebata
Yasuo Matsuo
Takeyuki Suzuki
Aki Komine

Co-Executive Producers
Steve Wang
Michael Wang

Financial Consultant
Takeshi Enomoto

Financial Coordinator
Chieko Sebata


Kit ----------------------- Stephen Lunsford
Len ----------------------- Matt Mullins
Maya ---------------------- Aria Alistar
Lacey --------------------- Marisa Lauren
Trent --------------------- Taylor Emerson
Drew --------------------- Christopher Foley
Xaviax -------------- William O'Leary

Pemrick Fronk Casting

Action Directors
Akihiro "Yuji" Noguchi
Steve Wang

Stunt Coordinators
Dorenda Moore

Fight Choreography by
Alpha Stunts

Tadahiro Nakamura
Hideki Sugiguchi
Hiroshi Maeda
Ilram Choi
Richard King
Sam Looc
T.J. Rotolo
Chris Brewster
DongQuan Ha
Chris Palermo
Shawn Lane
Clay Cullen
Bryan Friday

Director of Photography
Frank Harris

Production Designer
Oana Bogdan

Story Editor
Nathan Long

Art Director
Elvis Restaino

Unit Production Manager
Jimmy Sprague

1st Assistant Directors
Cassandra Laymon
William Newman

2nd Assistant Director
Rob Bola

Action Unit Director of Photography
Motohiko Tani

Action Unit 1st Assistant Director
Dannel Escallon

Location Manager
Hector Tinoco

2nd 2nd Assistant Director
Ismael Jimenez

Script Supervisor
Kris Smith

Nicole Ruby

Set Decorator
Tana Roller

Key Wardrobe
Ivy Thaide

Key Makeup
Jonelle Freed

Key Hair
Alyson Black

Stan Eng

Key Grip

Sound Mixer
Sean Skinner

Production Coordinator
Hank Grover

Asst. Production Coordinator
Ragan Butler

Office Production Assistant
Aaron McLane

Assistant to Roy McAree
Dave James Paul

Extras Casting
Bill Marinella
Sande Alessi Casting

Music Camposed by
Tony Phillips

Visual Effects by
Deception Arts

Visual Effects Supervisors
Mark Allen
Dominik Wojtarowicz

Visual Effects Artists
Brian Sales
Suzette Barnett
John R. McConnell
Kevin Shawley
Robert Morris
Tamer R. Eldib
Christine Kasal
Devin Olden
Jahil Nelson
Sean Falcon
Hock Wong

Based on the Toei Company Ltd.
Japanese Production of "Kamen Rider"

Main Title Sequence designed by
The Lobby, Inc.
Jeff Skinner
Heather Herbert Skinner

Original concepts by
Shotaro Ishinomori

Japanese footage courtesy of
Toei Company Ltd.

Post Production Assistant
Matt Scott

David Jakubovic
Susan E. Kim

Assistant Editor
Meredith Stone

Re-Recording Mixer
Nathan Smith

Post P.A.
Matt Smith

Online Colorist
John Coldiron

Sound Designer and ADR
Benjamin Cooper

ADR recorded at
Elephant Symphony Studios

Kamen Rider was mixed at NL3 Audio, Los Angeles, CA

Crip/lighting equipment provided by
Leonetti Company

Dollies provided by
Chapman Leonard
J.L. Fisher, Inc.

Catering provided by
Bobby Weisman Caterers

Craft Service
Michael Schlegel

Transportation Captain
Matthew Ballard

Legal Services by
Paul S. Levine

Legal Counsel
Phalen "Chuck" Hurewitz
Andrew S. Zucker

Special Thanks to
Taro Takemoto

Presented by Adness Entertainment

In Association with Toei Company Ltd.

Filmed at Cheyenne Studios, Castaic, California, U.S.A.

Post Production Services by NL3 Audio

Special Thanks to:

The characters and events are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. Adness Entertainment Co., Ltd. is the author of this motion picture for purposes of the Berne Convention. Country of first Publication: United States of America.

©2008 Ishimori Production Inc., Toei Company Ltd.,
Adness Entertainment Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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