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 Chapter 9 - Onyx
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 9 - Onyx

It has been one week since Torque and Sting were Vented and Plan Onyx was initiated. Xaviax and Flash have been training Onyx making him stronger. Onyx is in a locked cage with 100 Minions and Dimensions preparing for Onyx’s final training. Xaviax and Flash are watching the battle. Onyx uses his Sword and battles the minions. Onyx slashes the Minions all to the ground. Xaviax sends forth his Zebra Monsters from before. Onyx: “This is easy competition!” Onyx summons his Final Vent and Vent the Monsters. Flash starts clapping, “Excellent!” Xaviax tells Flash that Onyx is ready to battle the Riders! Xaviax tells Onyx to make sure that he doesn’t Vent Siren and Wing Knight. “I want to do that myself!” Onyx bows down, “Yes General”

The other Riders move their stuff into base since they will live there with Kase and Len. Kase: “Finally, it won’t be me and Len all the time!” Len stands in the corner reading a book, “Whatever” Kase tells the others that it takes a while for Len to get used to new things. Len pulls Kase aside, “Why don’t you just shut up! It’s bad enough we already made an alliance with them, but to have them live with us!” Kase asks why Len is being so difficult. Len: “You know what is bothering me! Ever since -” Len tells Kase that the others might get in their way in stopping Slater. Kase pushes Len aside and greets the Riders. “OK everyone gets their own room, so pick anyone that you’d like.” The Riders run to find a room. Len: “No one go into my room!” Kase looks at Len angrily.

Wrath and Strike are training in a meadow. Wrath is severely pissed about Drew, his “brother”, being Vented. He takes his anger out on Strike. “Whoa, take it easy!” Wrath powers down. “They are all going to pay! First our parents and then Drew!” Wrath takes off. Strike: “Where are you going?” Wrath tells him that he is going to Vent the Riders and get justice. Strike starts to laugh, “Excellent, Once he Vents all the Riders, I will Vent Xaviax and become the strongest Rider ever!”

The Riders are getting used to the Base. CHiCA: “Thanks for letting us live here!” Kase tells CHiCA no problem and that they are all friends here sharing one goal, “To Vent Xaviax and the Evil Riders and restore their home planets.” The alarm goes off. Len runs to the monitor. There’s Dark Rider Energy in Sector 7H. Huy: “Let’s Go!” Len tells them to wait and that he is picking up another Dark Rider energy reading in Sector 6J. Kase and Len say that they will handle sector 7H. DK09: “We’ll handle Sector 6J” The Riders transform and split up.

Onyx is waiting for the Riders to show. Flash is watching the battle. Siren and Wing Knight show up. Flash: “Where are the rest of them!” Wing Knight: “Who do we have here?” Onyx steps forward, “I am Onyx, You’re worst nightmare!” Xaviax is watching Onyx from the monitors. “What did I tell him! I said do not battle or Vent Siren and Wing Knight!” Onyx and the two battle. Siren uses her Flight Vent. Siren uses her Strike Vent and strike’s Onyx to the ground. Onyx jump kicks Siren out of the sky. Siren falls on top of a car breaking the windshield. Wing Knight uses his Sword Vent but Onyx grabs Wing Knight’s Sword and kicks Wing Knight to the ground. Siren runs over to Wing Knight, “He is too strong!’ Onyx is ready for his Final Vent but Xaviax arrives and slashes Onyx, “No one touches them! They are mine!” Onyx bows down. Wing Knight: “If that’s what you want, old “friend” Wing Knight and Siren summon their Final Vent and to Vent Xaviax and Onyx. Flash sees this, “General!” Flash jumps in front of the two and is Vented. Robotic parts fly everywhere. Xaviax: “FLASH!” Siren tells Xaviax that he’s next! Xaviax blasts them and escapes with Onyx! Wing Knight: “..!” Siren and Wing Knight go to Sector 6J to help the others.

Wrath is sitting on a rock when the others arrive. “Today is your last day Riders!” Wrath summons his Sword Vent and battles the Riders. Wrath and DK09 clash swords, “You and the others are going to pay for what you did to my parents and my brother!” DK09: “Look! I’ve told you! I never did anything to you and your family! I don’t even know you!” Wrath calls DK09 a lair and DK09 calls Wrath insane. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist slash Wrath from behind. The Riders use their Clear Vent and invisibly attack Wrath. Strike shows up and blasts at the invisible Riders, and the Riders fall to the ground. Strike tells Wrath that he can do the honors. Wrath: “Thanks bro!” CHiCA: “You two are brothers!” Goldphoenix is summoned. Wrath is ready to Vent all three Riders but Wing Knight and Siren arrive. Blancwing and Black Bat slice Goldphoenix and Wrath to the ground. Wing Knight: “See I told you! They aren’t good fighters!” Strike summons Venosnaker and it blasts acid at Siren but Siren dodges the blast. Blancwing is summoned. Final Vent! Strike jumps out of the way and Wrath is Vented! Strike: “NO! Looks like I have to do things the harder way!” Wrath disintegrates. Strike leaves angered.

Xaviax is angry that Flash was Vented. “Flash was one of my best creations ever built!” Onyx tells Xaviax that he has him and SuperRider. Xaviax: “Onyx, I want you to go with SuperRider and minions and go to Earth and capture civilizations so I can start my world domination plan in effect. The numbers are against me!” Onyx leaves to get everything ready. Xaviax’s monitors go off and it shows footage of Wrath being Vented. “Ha, Torque now Wrath, poor Strike”

Onyx and the army enter Earth and begin attacking civilizations. Minions are taking humans into portals. Panic is everywhere. Onyx: “You all belong to Xaviax now!” At Base, Wing Knight is on the monitor watching today’s earlier battles. The Riders arrive with Kase. CHiCA: “Who is that Rider?” Kase tells them that they battled a new Rider named Onyx. DK09: “Looks Strong!” The monitor goes off and it shows strong energy signatures! Len tells them that the attack is on Earth. Huy: “Let’s go!” All 5 Riders go through a portal to Earth. Kase: “I’ve never been to Earth!”

Onyx and SuperRider are blasting at buildings and cars. The Riders arrive. Onyx: “Ah, Riders!” Onyx uses his Sword Vent. Minions come out of windows and help Onyx. Wing Knight and Siren battle Minions. DK09 battles Onyx. Onyx looks exactly like DK09 but in black. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist battle SuperRider. More minions capture humans. Siren and Wing Knight use their Sword Vents and strike minions to the ground. DK09 and Onyx are battling each other and jumping over cars. Onyx blasts DK09 with Black fireballs and DK09 falls to the ground. SuperRider uses his Saber and strikes CHiCA and Dragon-Fist to the ground. Siren and Wing Knight do Final Vent and Vent all minions. Onyx throws DK09 over a car and DK09 lands in front of Siren and Wing Knight. DK09 is ready to use his Final Vent on Onyx. Xaviax tells Onyx to retreat. Onyx: “Not today, Rider!” Onyx and SuperRider leave. Wing Knight: “GAH! C’mon Riders! We have some training to do!”

More humans are transported into a huge work room. Humans are strapped to machines having their DNA being taken from them. Xaviax over looks the crowded room and starts to laugh, “Excellent, but I need more people!” Onyx tells Xaviax that he is sorry. Xaviax starts to laugh, “I am starting to enjoy this game, I have more plans for the Riders” Xaviax pulls out a Chameleon Advent Deck…

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