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 Chapter 9 - Collision Course Part 1
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Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space

Created and Written by: DK09. Co-Creator: CHiCA Kosaka
Edited and Revised by: DK09.
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 9 - Collision Course Part 1

Abyss sees the shuttles taking off towards the new world. Abyss tells his drone army to abort their mission and destroy all the shuttles that are trying to enter the new world. The drones turn around and speed after the shuttles. Abyss laughs and follows them. The Advent Ship goes speeding through space and sees the drones going after the shuttles. Sting slams his hands on the control panel, “We’ve got to destroy those drones before they kill innocent people!”

The shuttles see the new world. The force field around the new world appears and energizes with green electricity. Some shuttles land in the new world when drones begin to fire at the others. People inside the shuttle begin to scream and look out the window. The Advent Ship speeds across the galaxy when Wing Knight tells them, “Hit lasers to maximum power!” Siren and CHiCA nod and hit the laser button. The Advent Ship fires its lasers at some of the drones and they explode. People inside the shuttles cheer and enter the new world. More drones begin firing at the remaining shuttles. Dragon Knight tells them, “Those are the last drones, Let’s Ride!” The Advent Ship speeds off when Abyss’ drone flies in front of them. Abyss laughs, “You’re not going anywhere!”

The remaining shuttles are dodging the drone’s blasts and manage to get into the new world. The drones try to follow them but the force field rips apart the drones and the drones explode. Abyss sees that all his drones are destroyed and blasts at the Advent Ship. Dragon Knight points, “LOOK OUT!” The Advent Ship cockpit begins to spark and the Riders fall over. Siren scans the surrounding area, “I have an idea! Len, turn the Ship around.” Wing Knight nods and the Advent Ship speeds off in the other direction. Abyss laughs, “You can’t get away from me this time!” and speeds after them. The Advent Ship heads towards an asteroid. Kc1000 tells them that Abyss is following them. Siren laughs, “Excellent!” Abyss begins firing at the Advent Ship. The Advent Ship goes over the asteroid. Abyss sees the asteroid coming towards him, “NOOOOO!” but it’s too late to dodge it. The asteroid crashes into Abyss’ drone and it explodes. Abyss falls through space and breaks through the dome and lands in the space colony without the Riders noticing.

The Riders jump up and down, “Abyss is gone! New world here we come!” The Advent Ship begins to beep. Torque tells them that there’s a thermal energy reading inside the space colony. Wing Knight tells them that it might be more people that haven’t boarded a shuttle yet. CHiCA suggests that they scan the colony one more time to make sure ALL people are accounted for.

In the new world, Commander Drake is counting the food and water supply. Slater tells him that the Riders haven’t entered the new world yet, “Dad, what if something happened to them?” Commander Drake looks up at the sky, “No. They’re fine. They are the best of the best. Now, Slater, go check on Janet, see how she’s holding up.” Slater nods and walks off. Commander Drake sighs, “C’mon, where are you!”

The Riders enter the destroyed city. Dragon Knight tells them that he doesn’t see anyone in here. Sting tells him that the thermal energy is still high by looking at the scanner. Siren takes a closer look, “It looks like it’s coming from the control room.” The 8 Riders run towards the control room.

Abyss is alive but hurt, “They can’t get rid of me that easily.” Abyss summons his Sword Vent and jams it into the ground. Energy begins to emerge from the Sword and the space colony begins to shake and move. The Riders are running down the hall when the ground begins to shake. Dragon-Fist is confused, “The power’s back on.” CHiCA grabs the others, “C’mon! Something isn’t right!” The Riders run into the control room and see the Sword in the middle of the room. Dragon Knight gets a closer look, “Its gathering power from the space colony.” Abyss comes from behind them, “Surprise!” The Riders turn around and are blasted at. The Riders fall out of the control room and land in the middle of the city. Abyss laughs and jumps out of the control room and lands where the Riders are and walks closer to them. The Riders are crawling backwards and are trying to get away. Earthara begins to rise in the air and begins to fly through space. Earthara begins to shake. Kc1000 asks what’s going on.
Abyss laughs, “Since my army of Sharkies couldn’t finish off the space colony, I’ll do it myself! Earthara will crash into the new world, killing all the people by crushing them into the ground!” Abyss laughs hysterically, “And I’m protected by the dome, so no one can stop me!”
Dragon Knight points at Abyss, “We’re not giving up!”
The 8 Riders summon their weapons and charge at Abyss. Abyss screams and runs towards them.

Janet is in the hospital tent where she is arguing with some of the nurses for her medication, “I don’t need medication! I’m dandy!” when Slater walks in. Janet looks around, “Slater! Where’s Kase and Len?”
Slater tells his mother that they don’t know where the Riders are, “We’re hoping for the best.”
Janet jumps up, “You mean to tell me that my babies could be dead? Well, I have to find them!” Janet stands up and runs away from the hospital tent and begins to laugh hysterically. The nurses and Slater run after Janet who enters one of the shuttles and locks the door. Janet laughs and wipes away tears, “Now, how do I fly this thing?” and strokes her chin.

Earthara is speeding towards space heading towards the new world. The speed and velocity in space is too much for the dome and the dome begins to crack from all the pressure. Kamen Rider CHiCA charges at Abyss. Abyss laughs and slashes CHiCA in the chest. CHiCA flies backwards and hits a car. CHiCA is returned to her human form and her Dagger is broken in half. Kamen Rider Dragon-Fist charges at Abyss with his Blaze Vent. Abyss laughs and summons his Strike Vent. Abyss’ Strike Vent puts out Dragon-Fists’ Blaze Vent and fires at Dragon-Fist. Dragon-Fist slams into a tree and is returned to his human form and his Dagger is also broken in half. Torque summons his Shoot Vent. Abyss dodges the blasts and summons his Guard Vent and reflects the blast. The blast is sent back at Torque. Mark lands next to CHiCA and his Advent Deck is broken into pieces. Sting is gliding towards Abyss on Evildiver. Abyss slashes Sting off. Chris is on the ground with his broken Advent Deck. Abyss laughs, “You might as well stop fighting me, you’re all gunna die! HAHAHA!” CHiCA, Huy, Mark, and Chris are on the ground all bruised and battered. kc1000 sneaks behind Abyss and fires his blaster. Abyss turns around and fires lasers through his hand. Adam is flown into a building and his Advent Deck is destroyed.

The KamenConnection Army are surrounding the shuttle Janet is trying to fly. Janet laughs, “Here I go!” The shuttle begins to rock back and forth and begins to lift off the air. The KamenConnection Army begin firing at the shuttle. Janet laughs, “Adios amigos!” and begins to fly away. Commander Drake demands them to stop that shuttle, “There’s a nutcase flying that thing!” The shuttle begins to take off when the engine gives out. The shuttle is crashing towards innocent people who are trying to run away. Janet tries to stop the shuttle but the shuttle hits the ground and explodes. People gasp and cover their eyes from the intense heat.

The dome is cracking even more and Earthara is getting closer to the new world. Dragon Knight and Abyss summon their Strike Vent and fire at the same time. Abyss’ Strike Vent is too powerful. A huge explosion occurs and Dragon Knight goes flying into the air. Kit lands on the ground and his Deck shatters. Kit screams, “NO!” Siren and Wing Knight summon their Sword Vents and charge at Abyss. Abyss punches them with his Strike Vent and knocks them to the ground. Kase and Len are on the ground holding their Advent Decks that are broken. The Riders re-group and are cut up and bruised. The dome cracks even more. Abyss looks around and the dome shatters into millions of pieces revealing the dark space sky. The Riders turn around and see the new world. Earthara begins to tilt dramatically and the Riders fall over. Kit holds onto a bench and the Riders form a chain holding on to each other’s leg. Abyss falls over and is being dragged down the city. Abyss is trying to hold on to something but he’s slipping away. Kit screams at the others, “DON’T LET GO!”

Janet crawls out of the rubble. Bodies lie everywhere around the ground. Janet begins to cry, “What have I done!?!”
The KamenConnection Army run in and grab Janet and haul her off. Janet screams, “It wasn’t my fault! There’s something wrong with my brain! Don’t take me away! I need to find KASE AND LEN! NOOOOOOO!” Members of the KamenConnection Army help the people that were injured in the crash. Maya crawls out of the rubble and screams in pain while holding her stomach. Maya sees Michelle under the rubble, “MICHELLE!” Trent runs over and the two yank Michelle out of the rubble, whose unconscious. Maya collapses in pain when Trent grabs her, “Maya, are you OK?”
Maya shakes her head, “There’s something wrong with the baby.”
The Riders are holding on but it’s getting difficult. Kase’s hands begin to sweat and begin to slip off Len’s leg. Len screams, “KASE!” Mark points, “Look! The new world! It’s getting closer!” Kit screams, “Hang on!” Abyss is still tumbling down the streets and begins to scream, “HELP ME! SOMEONE PLEASE!” when Eubulon’s spirit arrives, “If you took my offer from before, you wouldn’t be in this mess now, would you?”

In the new world, some people point at the sky and see Earthara coming towards them. Commander Drake begins to scream, “RUN! NOW!” People begin to run away and scream.

NEXT WEEK THE FINAL CHAPTER ARRIVES! Find out what happens to our Riders as they collide into the new world!

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