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 Chapter 8 - Ghosts
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 8 - Ghosts

Chris and Slater walk through a mirror into Xaviax’s lair. Slater turns into Xaviax. “It’s time that our full plan is put into effect” Chris agrees, “So how are we going to do this?” Flash walks into the lair. “What are you doing here? Trying to Vent my Master?” Flash pulls out his Sword Vent but Xaviax stops him, “NO! Chris is all part of the plan!” Xaviax: “Flash, give me your Trap Vent” Xaviax hands the Card to Chris. Xaviax: “Use this to capture those two Riders! I will lure them out with a creature!” Xaviax creates two Zebra Monsters. Xaviax: “Make sure the other Riders don’t interfere!” Chris leaves with the two Zebra Monsters. Xaviax: “I sure hope these two Riders aren’t who I think they are!” Flash looks at Xaviax suspiciously. “I must get back to my project. It’ll be ready soon, General!” Xaviax tells Flash good work and looks at his monitors.

The Zebra Monsters arrive in the deserted city of Ventura. Chris hides behind a bush waiting for Siren and Wing Knight. The Advent Bat and Swan drop off Siren and Wing Knight. Siren: “Let’s Vent these suckers!” Wing Knight and Siren use their Sword and Strike Vent. The Zebra Monsters are too strong for them. Chris transforms into Sting and “helps” battle the Zebra Monsters. Wing Knight: “Another Rider!” Sting uses his Whip Vent and Whips the Zebra Monsters. Sting uses his Trap Vent Card, “Hey Riders! Over here!” Sting captures Siren and Wing Knight. DK09, CHiCA, and Dragon-Fist arrive right after their capture. Sting: “I can’t fight them on my own!” The Zebra Monsters blast at the Riders and disappear. Huy: “They got away!” Sting tells the others that he has to leave again to still finish something.

Sting arrives at Xaviax’s lair. “General, I have them!” Xaviax: “Well unleash them!” Sting unleashes the two from their confinement. Siren and Wing Knight fall to the ground in human form! Xaviax: “Kase? Len?” Len: “Slater?” Sting: “You know my uncle?” Xaviax powers down into his human form. Xaviax: “You’re alive? I thought you were Vented!” Kase: “We are no thanks to you!” Len: “Remember, you betrayed our entire planet for power!” Xaviax re-calls the events.

The original Xaviax was trying to take over the Ryuki Planet with his army of Minions. Ryuki was a top secret underground city that was enclosed in a dome which was advanced in technology with its population close to 1 million. The dome was created when the head leaders of the planet heard of Xaviax’s coming. Kase, Len, and Slater were the planets protectors. The only way into the city was a code that would open the dome. Xaviax told Slater that he will give him whatever he wants but all Slater needs to do is give him the pass-code. Slater gave Xaviax the code and Xaviax entered the city with his army. Siren, Wing Knight, and Slater fought the attacking forces. The Minions were able to capture everyone in the city and the only ones left were Slater, Kase, and Len. Wing Knight managed to Vent Xaviax. Xaviax’s spirit and soul filled Slater with evil possessing him. Slater transformed into Xaviax. “Because of me, the entire planet of Ryuki is mine! I gave Xaviax the codes into the city!” Siren: “You traitor!” Xaviax blasts Siren and Wing Knight with his energy, thinking that the two are dead and leaves. Kase and Len managed to survive the blast…

Xaviax: “Let me guess, you finally found out about Ventura and Earth and now you came to save your people and Vent Me for revenge?” Kase: “You catch on fast!” Xaviax unleashes his SuperRider. The SuperRider has combined parts of Blade, Knife, and Aqua! “Vent Them!” The SuperRider blasts Siren and Wing Knight. The two escape through a mirror! Xaviax and the SuperRider go after them. Kase and Len land in a rock quarry. Xaviax and the SuperRider arrive. Len and Kase hold out their Decks! “Kamen Rider!” Wing Knight battles Xaviax and Siren battles the SuperRider. Sting arrives and watches. The other Riders arrive. DK09: “Wow, Sting you get here early!” Sting: “Uh yeah!” CHiCA: “Look!” Dragon-Fist: “I say that we give them a hand!” Dragon-Fist, CHiCA, and DK09 help Siren and Wing Knight. Sting helps them. Siren: “What the? Wasn’t he just helping Xaviax?” Wing Knight: “Smells like he is betraying those other Riders!” Wing Knight kicks Xaviax and uses his Final Vent and aims for Sting. Wing Knight: “I hate traitors!” Sting is Vented! CHiCA: “STING!” Siren slashes the SuperRider and runs over to Wing Knight. Sting begins to disintergrate and goes into the Advent Void. Xaviax begins to laugh, “I’ll Vent you all later! I have other plans!” SuperRider and Xaviax leave.

DK09: “Why did you just Vent Sting?!?” Wing Knight laughs, “There is so much that you don’t!” Siren: “Come with us, we’ll tell you everything!” The Riders go with Siren and Wing Knight. Siren and Wing Knight pull out their Portal Vents. Torque, Strike, and Wrath are watching them. “Once we Vent all these Riders, we’ll go after Xaviax!” A portal opens and they enter into a secret hideout. It’s an Op Base with monitors and seats and living quarters. Siren: “Welcome!” The Riders power down. DK09: “OK, now tell me why you JUST VENTED OUR FRIEND?” Len tells the two that Sting was working for Xaviax and captured them so Xaviax could Vent them. The Riders don’t believe them and start to leave. Kase manages to get a video audio of the capture on the monitor and shows them. Kase: “This was just before you guys arrived at the scene. CHiCA: “Well looks like another traitor is gone. I still can’t believe it.” The other Riders thank them for Venting Sting. Torque, Strike, and Wrath are hiding in the base. The Riders ask Kase and Len what they are doing here on Ventura though.

Kase and Len re-tell the story about their home planet. Siren: “Once we found out that Xaviax took over Ventura and is now after Earth, we decided to stop him from ruining another planet. So we have been going around Ventura looking for Xaviax’s hideout so we can Vent him!” Torque, Strike, and Wrath arrive. Strike: “I can get you into Xaviax’s lair!”

Kase: “Who are you?” DK09: “They are the enemies!” Torque and Wrath come from behind Strike. Wing Knight: “Well not anymore” Riders: “Kamen Rider!” The 5 Riders battle Torque, Strike, and Wrath inside the base. Torque fires at DK09 and Wing Knight. Wing Knight uses his Trick Vent and 10 Wing Knights strike Torque through a window. DK09 uses his Fire Vent and blasts Torque. Torque uses his Guard Vent. Siren and CHiCA battle Strike. Strike summons Venosnaker. Venosnaker fires acid but Siren and CHiCA summon their Advent Swan and Lion. Blancwing uses its Wings and blasts Venosnaker. Lioneo strikes Strike to the ground. Wrath is battling Dragon-Fist. Wrath uses his Strike Vent and strikes Dragon-Fist. Dragon-Fist uses his Punch Vent and knocks Wrath into a table. The 5 Riders summon their Advent Beasts and combine powers. The three are blasted out of a window and into the deserted city of Ryuki.

The Riders surround the three of them. Strike: “Wow, with those two new Riders on your side, you’re going to be a whole lot harder to beat!” Wrath tells them that he isn’t leaving until he Vents DK09, CHiCA, and Dragon-Fist for what they did to their family! DK09: “What are you talking about? We never did anything to your family! We don’t even know who you are!” Wrath uses his Final Vent and aims at DK09. Wing Knight uses his Final Vent and aims at Wrath. Torque goes to push Wrath and himself out of the way but Torque gets Vented! Strike and Wrath: “DREW!” Wrath and Strike prepare to leave but before they do, Wrath: “All of you! You All will be Vented! For doing this!” Wrath and Strike leave through the portal. DK09: “I think its best that we should team up, together we’ll be stronger!” Len and Siren agree and the Riders all shake on it.

Xaviax is watching the alliance on his monitor and becomes enraged. He starts blasting his lair with fire beams. Sparks fire everywhere! “That Alliance will Vent me and then they will rescue all the people that I have enslaved! I must put Operation Earth into affect immediately!” Flash enters with a new Rider standing behind him. Flash: “Meet Onyx, the newest addition to your army!” Onyx steps forward, “I serve Xaviax and only Xaviax. What is your mission?” Xaviax laughs.

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