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 Chapter 8 - Beginning of the End
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Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space

Created and Written by: DK09. Co-Creator: CHiCA Kosaka
Edited and Revised by: DK09.
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 8 - Beginning of the End

Psycho 1000 and Psycho Fist begin downloading the code that deactivates the engines when the KamenConnection army arrive, “FREEZE!” Psycho 1000 laughs and blasts at all of them. The KamenConnection army scream and collapse to the ground.

In the Commander’s office, the alarm goes off. The Commander goes to run for the door when Janet steps in front of him, “Nuh, uh uh. Stay away from the door, honey.”
The Commander grabs Janet, “Janet. There’s an emergency somewhere inside the colony. I need to go.”
Janet laughs, “That tone won’t get you very far, Walter Falter!” and laughs even more.
The Commander knows how to make Janet leave, “Kase, Len, and Slater are hurt!”
Janet stops laughing, “SHUT UP! No one hurts my babies!” Janet unlocks the door and screams down the hall with the Commander on her trail.

Psycho Dragon and Siren are blocked by the Kamen Riders. Dragon Knight points at them, “You two aren’t going anywhere!” Eubulon’s spirit arrives and tells the Riders, “There’s an attack in the control room. The Psychos are deactivating the engines and Slater is down.” Dragon Knight tells Siren and Wing Knight to go, “Take care of the control room. We’ll be fine!” Siren and Wing Knight nod and run off.

Psycho 1000 tells Psycho Fist that the engines will be deactivated in a minute. Psycho Fist laughs, “Excellent! Now it’s time for the dome!”
The Psychos hear Janet screaming down the hall and point their blasters at her when Commander Drake sees them.
The Psychos grunt and fire their blasters. Commander Drake grabs Janet and the two hit the floor next to Slater.
Janet screams, “Slater! What happened to you!” when Siren and Wing Knight run in.

Psycho 1000 tells Psycho Fist to deactivate the dome while he handles Siren and Wing Knight. Wing Knight and Siren summon their Sword Vents and battle Psycho 1000.
Janet charges at Psycho Fist who’s at the control panel, “No one hurts my Slater!” and wrestles him to the ground.
Siren slashes Psycho 1000 to the ground. Wing Knight tells Siren to stand back and summons his Final Vent. Wing Knight goes spiraling into Psycho 1000 and he explodes.

Psycho Fist kicks Janet off him and goes to hit the deactivation switch when Wing Knight grabs his arm. Psycho Fist laughs, “Go ahead! Destroy me! In a matter of seconds, this space colony will go spiraling down into the depths of hell!” Siren grunts and slashes Psycho Fist in the back. Psycho Fist screams and explodes.
Siren hugs Janet, “Are you alright?”
Slater and the Commander get off the floor and run to the control panel. Commander Drake slams his hands on the desk, “This spaceship is going to crash in a moment of seconds. The engines are gone!”

The 6 Riders are battling the remaining 2 Psychos when the engines go out. The Space Colony begins to tilt and goes at high speeds. People of the space colony panic and fall over and scream. People hold on to whatever they can to prevent from falling. The Psychos laugh while trying to stand up, “You’re finished!” Dragon Knight is holding onto a bench, “The engines must have blown out!” Sting summons his Final Vent and aims for a distracted Psycho Siren and Dragon. Psycho Siren turns around and sees Sting gliding towards them, “LOOK OUT!” but it’s too late and Psycho Siren and Dragon explode. Sting jumps up and down, “Strike 3! You’re out!”

In space, Abyss sees the space colony plummeting towards a nearby moon. Abyss laughs, “YES! They did it! HAHA! Earthara and the Kamen Riders are mine!”

In the control room, Siren, Wing Knight, Janet, Commander Drake, Slater, and the KamenConnection Army are trying to hold on to anything nearby. Janet laughs, “This is kinda fun!” Wing Knight screams, “Are you out of your mind!”
Janet stops laughing, “Why, yes I am! HAHA!” Slater looks out the window, “We’re heading towards that moon!”
Commander Drake screams, “Brace yourselves!”

Earthara crashes onto a moon. The top part of the spaceship where the city is detaches from the stem of the space ship and goes gliding towards the edge of the moon. People stop screaming and the city stops tilting. The Riders look around and see people hurt. Torque yells, “C’mon! Let’s help these people!” The Riders nod and go and help the people.

In the control room, Commander Drake tells the KamenConnection Army to evacuate the space colony and bring them to the new world, “Make sure Janet gets on one of the shuttles.”
Janet laughs, “I know what you are doing! You’re trying to separate me from my children! And then I won’t see them again for another 20 YEARS!”
Siren sighs, “Mom, if you want to be with us in the new world, you have to do what dad says.”
Janet looks at her children who nod, “Alright fine. But can I have a gun?” The Commander looks at her sternly.
Janet sighs, “Fine.” and leaves with the KamenConnection Army. Commander Drake tells Siren and Wing Knight to help the city and its people, “Today, we’ll be going to the new world.”

Abyss and his drone army surround the space colony. Abyss grunts, “The dome isn’t down! Blast it to smithereens!”
Drones begin firing at the dome that surrounds the city, causing it to shake. The Riders stumble around and see the dome beginning to crack. There’s an announcement on the loud speaker, “Attention, people of Earthara! We need to evacuate the space colony. Please report to the shuttle garage for immediate departure!” People begin to scream and run towards the shuttle garage when the dome begins to crack again. Abyss is laughing, “HURRY! I can’t wait to see the Rider’s faces when they see me!”

CHiCA is confused, “I thought we destroyed all the Psychos.” Siren gasps, “Abyss!” Slater reports to Commander Drake, “The dome is being blasted into pieces. We think Abyss is back.” Commander Drake is startled, “If the main dome collapses, we won’t survive!” Slater tells him that the 1st shuttle already took off for the new world. The Commander and Slater run for the next shuttle.

Janet is singing on the shuttle, “She’ll be coming to the new world when she comes!” People begin to look at Janet who’s jumping up and down in her seat. An attendant politely asks Janet to keep it down. Janet then begins to hum extremely loudly. The people on the shuttle begin to moan. Sitting next to Janet is Maya, who’s thinking about her pregnancy. Maya sees Michelle and Trent sitting 2 rows down from her and waves at them. Michelle and Trent shake their heads and look the other way. Maya becomes angry, “Would you shut up!”
Janet is startled, “What’s wrong with you, Missy?”
Maya frowns, “Nothing you would understand.”
Janet laughs, “Ya know, I’m a psychiatrist, I can help you with your problems, what ever you say, stays between us.”
Maya looks around, “OK, fine. I need to get this off my chest. I cheated on my boyfriend and I may be pregnant with the other guys baby.”
Janet looks frightened, “Well, you dirty little girl!”
Maya begins to tear, “Mike is deciding whether to tell Kase, his wife, and I may tell Kit, my boyfriend, about what I did.”
Janet stops her, “Kase? As in Kamen Rider…Siren?” Maya nods in hesitation.
Janet becomes angry, “Kase’s husband cheated on her…WITH YOU!” Maya tells Janet to keep it down!
Janet gets up and begins choking Maya, “You…little!” An attendant separates them and takes Janet away.
Maya stands up and people begin to gasp and whisper. Maya’s eyes open up wide, “Oh my gosh!” and people point at her.
Maya runs to the bathroom and cries, “My plan is ruined! My relationship with Kit is over!” Michelle and Trent look at each other and laugh, “Karma has struck!”

Dragon Knight tells the others, “All people are heading towards the new world. The only ones left are us.” Abyss’ drones fire at the dome making it crack even faster. Siren points up, “We’ll leave for the new world, once we finish Abyss off!” The Riders nod and run into the space shuttle and enter the Advent Ship. CHiCA gives them a thumbs up, “Engines are a go!” Wing Knight puts the engines into ignition, “Let’s Ride!” The Advent Ship speeds off into the galaxy.


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