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 Chapter 7 - Oh Baby
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Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space

Created and Written by: DK09. Co-Creator: CHiCA Kosaka
Edited and Revised by: DK09.
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 7 - Oh Baby

The next day, Mark is in his room studying his Advent Cards when there is a knock at the door. Mark opens the door and CHiCA walks in. Mark laughs, “Hey! What’s up?”
CHiCA smiles, “I see that you are studying your Advent Cards. Need any help?”
Mark: “Yea. Like what the heck do these things do?”
CHiCA smiles, “Well you’re in luck.”
Mark drops his Advent Cards on the floor. CHiCA and Mark grab for the same card on the floor and touch hands.
CHiCA blushes a little, “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.” Mark nods and CHiCA leaves the room for some air when she sees Kase.

Kase: “Hey CHiCA. Why are you so red and pink?” CHiCA tells Kase that it’s Mark.
Kase smiles, “Oh, the new Torque? You have the hots for him.”
CHiCA nods, “I really like him and I think he likes me. Do you think I should ask him out?”
Kase smiles, “Why not? If you like him and he likes you, go for it.” Mark is listening through the door.
CHiCA asks Kase if she is alright when Kase laughs, “No. I haven’t seen Mike since yesterday and I found out my mother who I thought was dead for 20 years is alive but she’s insane. She tried to kill my father last night and is obsessed with her children.”
CHiCA is shocked, “Wow. And I thought I had it bad.”
CHiCA walks back into Mark’s room when Mark smiles, “I feel the same way.” Mark grabs CHiCA and kisses her.
Mark apologizes, “I am so, so, sorry. I should never have done that!” CHiCA tells Mark that it’s fine.
Mark is embarrassed, “There’s just something about you that I really like a lot.”
CHiCA smiles, “I really like you too.”
Mark smiles, “Once we defeat the Psychos, do you wanna go out…on a date?”
CHiCA smiles, “SURE! I mean…sure. Now, let me show you how to be a true Kamen Rider.”

At Maya’s apartment, Maya opens the door and Mike enters, “We need to talk.”
Maya is confused, “Look, I didn’t mean that we should leave Kase and Kit. I was just tired and I-“
Mark stops her, “Maybe you were right. Kit and Kase are too busy for us. Maybe we should move on.”
Maya is shocked, “Really? I don’t know about that.”
Mike walks closer to Maya, “I feel something for you. Yesterday was incredible. The lunch and the movie. I really got to know you and I liked what I saw.”
Maya blushes, “It was just two friends having a good time.”
Mike puts his hands on Maya’s cheeks, “Maybe I want more. I was up all night thinking about what you said.”
Maya tears up, “Me too. I kept dreaming of you.” Maya sits down, “I am so confused! I’ve never had feelings like this before.”
Mike sits down too and Maya and Mike begin to make out.

Kit is contacting his parents who are in the military through his laptop when Mrs. Taylor senses something wrong, “Kit, what’s wrong? You seem upset.”
Kit tells them, “Well the space colony is being attacked by evil Kamen Riders and they are trying to stop us from entering the new world and I feel like Maya and me are falling apart.”
Kit’s computer begins to beep and Kit sighs, “I just wanted to see how you guys were. I have to go, my battery is low.”
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor tell Kit to be safe, “We love you!” Mr. and Mrs. Taylor leave their tent for dinner.

A man sneaks into their tent and looks at the Taylor’s laptop and replays the conversation with Kit. The man is Chris.
Chris takes his Advent Deck out of his pocket, “I need to help Kit and the others!”

Maya and Mike put their clothes back on. Maya is panting, “I can’t believe that we just did that!”
Mike is buttoning his shirt, “Yea, well I’m married!“
Maya tells Mike that it’s not all his fault, “I didn’t stop you and you didn’t stop me.”
Mike tells Maya that no one can find out about this and begins to walk out when Maya stops him, “What’s going to happen between us?” when Michelle and Trent walk in and see them, “What’s going on here?”
Maya and Mike are startled and can’t speak. Trent realizes what they were doing, “Oh my gosh! Mike! You’re married!”
Mike grabs his jacket, “I need to leave.” and shoves Trent out of the way.
Maya tries to explain but Michelle tells her to save it, “How could you do this to Kit?”
Maya looks down, “It was a mistake.”
Michelle tells Maya, “Me and Trent are moving out. We’ll be out by the afternoon. We can’t live with someone like you!”
Maya tries to stop them from leaving but tells them, “You can’t tell Kit!”
Trent looks at her sternly, “We make no promises. Kit gave you a second chance and you just threw it all away.”


In space, Kamen Rider Sting is in a shuttle speeding towards the space colony, “Almost there! Hang on guys!”

Commander Drake is frustrated, “KEEP LOOKING! I KNOW THE PSYCHOS ARE OUT THERE!” Commander Drake: “Just 14 more days till we enter the new world. The Psychos must be waiting for something big.”

Kit and Maya are walking around the space colony, “Any sign of the Psycho Riders?” Kit shakes his head, “No.”
Maya sighs, “Well don’t worry. In just 14 days, we’ll be in the new world and with the atomic force field. They’ll be gone.”
Kit shakes his head, “It doesn’t work like that. Once evil is in the space colony, it can enter the new world with us as long as the dome is up. We need to get the Psycho’s and destroy them.”
Kit smiles, “Now tell me what’s wrong? For the past month, you’ve been acting really strange.”
Maya tells Kit that she has something to tell him when Kit’s Rider Phone rings. Maya rolls her eyes while Kit answers.
Kit hangs up, “Something came up. We can talk later!” and runs off. Maya moans and walks off.

Slater goes to see Janet in the Mental Institution. Slater opens the door and looks around. Janet is hiding behind the door and puts her hands around him, “SON! You’ve come to set me free!”
Slater tells her that he got her call, “So what do you want, mom?”
Janet laughs, “HA! Silly! You’re going to get me out of here!” and walks towards the door.
Slater stops her, “Mom. You can’t leave, you need help.”
Janet tells Slater, “Honey. You’re sounding like your twisted father!” Slater tells her, “You’re not leaving!”
After minutes of arguing, Slater screams, “ENOUGH! I gotta go!” Janet clenches her fists and grabs a telephone and hits Slater over the head with it. Janet screams, “Oh my..! What did I just do! I killed my own flesh and blood. Oh, I am horrible!”

A couple minutes later an attendant walks into the room and finds Janet gone. Slater is hanging behind the door on a hook. The attendant screams and runs out of the room and yells for help. Slater is alive and begins to moan.

Maya sees Mike standing there looking at Kase run away. Maya walks over, “Trouble in paradise?”
Mike storms off, “There’s an emergency. Now, what part of don’t talk to me, don’t you understand!”
Maya stops Mike, “You and I have a connection and possibly a whole lot more.”
Mike stops, “What are you talking about! We cheated on Kit and Kase! That connection is gone! I feel so guilty!”
Maya tears up, “Wanna feel guiltier? I’m pregnant! And you could be the father.”
Mike’s eyes grow wide, “WHAT!” Maya grabs Mike’s hand, “We need to talk, NOW!”

The Riders run into the shuttle garage when a shuttle lands in the garage. Kamen Rider Sting jumps out and powers down. The Riders run over to him and hug him, “CHRIS?!? What are you doing here?!?” Chris tells Kit that he’s a general in his parents sector, “I heard you talking to them and decided to help you guys out.” Kit smiles, “Well right now, we can get all the help we can get when the Psychos return.” and hugs Chris. The Psychos are spying on them while in disguise. Psycho Fist: “So the Riders are getting more help! Interesting.”

A Shark Minion tells Abyss, “All drones are completed. Your attack may begin!” when the Psychos contact Abyss.
Abyss stops them before they speak, “My drones are complete. Now here are your instructions!” Abyss hops in a drone and hundreds of drones fly off the planet and into the galaxy.

The Riders introduce Mark to Chris when Commander Drake steps forward, “Welcome Chris and Mark, I don’t believe we had the pleasure of meeting.”
Chris looks around, “Where is Master Eubulon? I wanted to see him.”
Adam sighs, “He’s gone. He sacrificed himself for the colony.” Chris looks down.
The Commander gets a call, “The Psychos are beginning their attack!”
Chris claps, “Looks like I got here in time.” The 8 Riders transform into Kamen Riders and run off.

Psycho Dragon, Wing, and Siren are attacking the colony when the 8 Riders stop them. Psycho Dragon: “Ah. You got a little help!” The Psychos summon their Sword Vent, “But 2 more Riders, WON’T make a difference!”

Dragon Knight and Sting double team Psycho Dragon. Sting summons his Swing Vent and whips Psycho Dragon. Psycho Dragon spins in the air and summons his Attack Vent. Dragblacker fires a fireball at the two Riders who go flying into a fountain. Torque shoots Psycho Wing in the chest. Psycho Wing summons his Guard Vent and the blast reflects at Torque. Wing Knight gets slashed by Psycho Wing. CHiCA jumps on Siren’s shoulder and slashes Psycho Siren with her Dagger. Psycho Siren grabs CHiCA’s Dagger and slashes her. Siren summons her Sword Vent but Psycho Siren uses her Guard Vent and breaks her Sword in two.

Dragon-Fist and kc1000 hide behind a plant and are waiting for an opening. The Psychos laugh, “HA! We were right! Even with extra power, you’re still weak!” Dragon-Fist summons his Blaze Vent and sets the Psychos on fire. Kc1000 jumps on Dragon-Fist’s shoulders and blasts at them. The Psychos scream and fall to the ground. Wing Knight SM summons his Final Vent. Psycho Siren and Psycho Dragon jump out of the way and Psycho Wing is destroyed. Psycho Dragon and Siren jump into a mirror. The 8 Riders run after them and jump into the mirror.

Mike tells Maya the plan, “You will tell Kit that you’re pregnant and that he’s the father. Once the baby is born, we’ll have a DNA test and we’ll confirm who the father really is.”
Maya sighs, “I don’t feel good when I lie to Kit!”
Mike screams, “DO YOU THINK IT WAS EASY FOR ME? When I look at my wife all I can see are me and you cheating on her! So DON’T give me that excuse.”
Maya tears, “What are we going to do if this baby turns out to be yours?”
Mike tears up too, “I don’t know. Let’s just hope that Trent and Michelle don’t tell anyone.”
Mike half smiles, “Are you hungry?” Maya nods, “Yea. I’ll be eating for two for 9 months. I better get started.”

Psycho Fist and Psycho 1000 enter the control room in disguise. Slater walks in rubbing his head where Janet had hit him, “Can I help you with anything gentlemen?” The Psychos tell Slater, “No.” Slater remembers them from before, “Can I see your KamenConnection ID?” The Psychos in disguise tell him that they don’t have one and pull out their blasters and fire at Slater. Sparks fly everywhere and the Psychos transform into their real form and laugh. Slater is in disbelief, “YOU!”

Next door, the Commander is in his office doing some paper work when Janet walks in and locks the door. The Commander is shocked, “Janet!”
Janet laughs, “Thought you could get rid of me by locking me in my dungeon like a peasant! Think again!”
The Commander tells Janet that she needs help, “I’m not hurting you. I’m helping you! The space colony has an amazing hospital for people like you. With the right treatment, you might be healed!”
Janet screams, “The only ONE you are HELPING is YOURSELF! Turning my CHILDREN AGAINST ME!” Janet walks closer to the Commander, “You’ve had them all to yourself for 20 years! Now it’s MY turn!”

Abyss’ army of drones see the space colony. Abyss laughs, “EXCELLENT! VICTORY. SHALL. BE. MINE! HAHA!”

Next Week…the attack on the space colony…BEGINS and Maya’s secret becomes known to the public! Catch an ALL NEW Chapter NEXT Saturday on KamenConnection.com

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