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 Chapter 7 - A Stinging Betrayal
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 7 - A Stinging Betrayal

Chris uses his Scan Vent. “Wrath is 10 miles away!” Huy: “We’ll never make it in time!” CHiCA: “We’ll see” CHiCA uses her Flight Vent. Her cape turns into Wings. CHiCA tells them to hold on. The Riders hold on and they fly in mach speed to get to Wrath. Wrath falls to the ground, the Swan and Bat fly over the sun, blocking the light for a moment. Siren and Wing Knight jump off their Advent Beasts. Siren: “Who do we have here?” Wing Knight: “You smell that? It smells like Venting Time!” Wrath: “You two are right, let me do the honors!” The Riders arrive at the scene. Wrath goes to reach for his Final Vent Advent Card, but Siren and Wing Knight use their Swords and strike Wrath in the chest. Siren and Wing Knight do a double slash and Wrath falls to the ground.

The Riders watch the mysterious duo battle Wrath. Siren inserts her Final Vent Card into Blanc Visor. Blancwing is summoned. Wrath summons his Phoenix and the Phoenix blasts Wing Knight and Siren away, injuring them. Siren: “We’ll finish you another day!” Siren and Wing Knight jump on their Advent Beasts and fly away. Wrath: “Looks like I have more Riders to deal with!” Chris: “Who are those Riders?” Torque and Strike are watching Wrath walking away. “We need to handle those two Riders before they ruin our plan!”

Blade returns to Xaviax but Xaviax is not happy. Xaviax shuts down Blade and has minions drag the robotic body to the lab. “So much for Kamen Rider Blade!” Flash runs into the lair and tells Xaviax that Rider kc1000 is trying to escape! Flash: “He’s stronger than I thought!” Xaviax: “Why are you telling me? Let’s get him!” In the Lab, Adam is fighting off the Dimensions! A portal opens and Adam escapes. Xaviax: “Get him! Our plan cannot be foiled!” Flash goes after Adam.

Vic runs into Drew and JTC. “Who are those Riders? I have all those other Riders to deal with. They need to pay for what they did to us!” JTC: “Don’t Worry, we’ll handle those two and you handle those who ruined our family!” The mysterious Riders arrive and blast the three of them. Siren: “Wrath made Friends!” Drew, JTC and Vic: “Kamen Rider!” The five Riders battle each other! Wing Knight uses his Trick Vent. 10 Wing Knights strike them to the ground. Adam’s portal leads him to the same rock quarry. Adam: “I got to get out of here!” Flash arrives too. “Leaving so soon?”

Flash blasts Adam and Adam dodges the hits. Flash fires again and this time Adam is hit. Flash quickly pulls out his Trap Vent and re-captures Adam: “NO!” Flash notices the new Riders! “New Riders?” Wing Knight pulls out his Final Vent Advent Card but Torque fires at Wing Knight and Wing drops his Card. Strike blasts Siren as well.

The others Riders are at café, talking about those Riders. CHiCA: “Those Riders are strong!” DK09: “They sure are, but I don’t know how we’re going beat them, if only Eubulon was here”. The Riders hear a portal opening and leave. Siren and Wing Knight use their Sword Vents, “It’s on!” The other Riders arrive and see the mysterious duo, Huy: “Them again? Should we go help them?” DK09: “Not just yet, I want to see what they are capable of”

Flash reports back to Xaviax but Xaviax is fascinated by the mysterious Riders. “Who are these Riders? They’re power is incredible!” Flash: “General, I have re-captured Subject D410.” Xaviax doesn’t hear Flash. Flash leaves quietly and heads to the lab. Xaviax sends forth his minions to capture the mysterious Riders so he can find out what they are doing here on Ventura.

Wing Knight and Siren are slashing Strike, Torque, and Wrath senseless. Wing Knight and Siren do a double kick and knock the three to the ground. Chris: “Wow, they are taking a beating from those two new Riders!” Minions arrive from a portal and try to capture Siren and Wing Knight. Seeing this as a chance to escape, Strike, Torque, and Wrath leave. Wing Knight and Siren summon their Advent Bat and Swan. Siren: “Let’s handle these fools!” They both use their Final Vent attacks and destroy the minions. Wing Knight: “They left!” Siren tells him that they will be back. They hop on their Advent Beasts and fly away! CHiCA: “Ugh! They left again!” Chris checks his watch and tells the others that he has to go home. Riders: “See you later” DK09: “What a day! 3 new Riders!”

Chris returns home, “Slater! You in here?” Xaviax hears Chris calling his name. Xaviax walks through a mirror that leads into his office. While stepping through the mirror, Xaviax turns human. Chris walks into the office and sees Slater doing work. Slater: “So any information on those new Riders?” Chris laughs, “No not yet, Xaviax, but soon, really soon.”

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