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 Chapter 6 - Janet From Another Planet
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Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space

Created and Written by: DK09. Co-Creator: CHiCA Kosaka
Edited and Revised by: DK09.
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 6 - Janet From Another Planet

Kase laughs, “Listen, nut lady! My mother died in an explosion!”
Janet sobs, “NO! She’s not DEAD! She’s right here! I escaped from that horrible place where HE locked me inside! Walter, you told them that I died?”
Commander Drake steps forward, “I thought it would be better than having them seeing you the way that you still are.”
Janet laughs, “What kind of a father are you! Telling them that their own mother was dead! Deplorable!”
Janet moves closer to her children who back away, making her very angry, “YOU TURNED THEM AGAINST ME, WALTER!” and charges at him. Len stands in front of his father and Janet stops.
Len looks at his father, “I was 5, Kase was 3 and Slater was 9 when you told us our mother “died” Were you ever going to tell us the truth!”
Janet steps forward, “I was in my room listening to the TV and saw that you three were traveling to the new world! So I beat up some security guards and escaped and snuck inside a shuttle and TADA, here I am!” and begins to laugh and jumps up and down and claps her hands.
Kase, Len and Slater slowly walk away causing Janet to scream, “Come back! MY BABIES!”
Commander Drake walks towards her, “I need to bring you to the hospital.”
Janet laughs, “The hell you will!” and bites the Commander, “I’m here for my children and YOU WON’T get in my way this time!” and runs off.


Len, Kase and Slater are in disbelief, “I can’t believe that our mother is alive.” when there is a knock at the door. Kase opens it and the Commander walks in. Len asks him what he wants.
The Commander sighs, “You’re right. I was horrible for what I did, but your mother is not well. She’s mentally ill.”
Slater steps forward, “You mean she’s nuts?”
The Commander nods, “When you were young, she was out of control and was acting crazy, I admitted her into a mental institution. I didn’t think it was suitable for young children to see their mother like that.”
Janet walks in, “LIES! Stop telling them LIES!” The others are startled. Janet tells the Commander that she’s sick of his games! “I am here for my children! And again you come waltzing in and spread LIES!”
Len tells her that their father is not spreading lies. Janet laughs and looks at the Commander, “You’re brain washing THEM!”

Kase, Len, and Slater tell their parents that they need a moment and leave the room. The three are outside the room and begin talking about what they should do with Janet.

The Commander tells her, “Maybe because you are making them uncomfortable!”
Janet tells the Commander, “BEACAUSE OF YOU! Well, that won’t happen anymore!” and pulls out a gun. The Commander backs up towards the wall, “Janet, what are you doing?”
Janet laughs, “Something I should have done 20 YEARS AGO!”

Len, Kase, and Slater come to a decision when Kase tries to open the door but it’s locked. Slater tells Len to kick it down. Janet hears the door being kicked down and points the gun towards the door, “JUST A SECOND! I’M TRYING TO KILL SOMEONE! HAHA!” The Commander charges towards Janet. Janet screams and wrestles with the Commander over the gun. Slater Len and Kase enter the room when the gun goes off. Kase, Len and Slater see Janet on the floor, bleeding. Janet points towards the Commander, “He tried to KILL ME!” Len calls for an ambulance.
Kase looks at her father with tears in her eyes. The Commander sighs, “Now you know WHY I didn’t tell you that she was alive!”


The Psycho Riders in disguise enter the control room. Psycho Dragon begins downloading some engine codes and the code that accesses the dome. Slater walks in, “Can I help you with something?” Psycho Wing step forwards, “No. We are just looking around.” Slater looks at them oddly, “Well you’re not supposed to be in here, you’re supposed to be PATROLLING the SPACE COLONY!” The Psychos step back. Slater sighs, “I’m sorry. I’ve had a rough afternoon. Are you new recruits?” Psycho CHiCA tells Slater not to worry, they have what they need and the 6 walk out, leaving a confused and angry Slater behind.

Inside a warehouse, the Psycho Riders power down and are back to their normal Rider Forms and contact Abyss, “We have the codes that access the dome. Whenever you are ready with your drone army, we’ll let you in.” Psycho CHiCA becomes frustrated, “I SAY WE VENT THE RIDERS NOW! THEN DESTROY THE COLONY!” Psycho Dragon grabs her, “NO! We have orders from Abyss!” Psycho CHiCA tells them that she doesn’t care and storms off. Psycho 1000 tells the others that they have to stop her, “She’ll ruin Abyss’ plans!”

CHiCA is walking around the colony tweeting on her Rider Phone when a man runs into her, knocking her down.
The man helps CHiCA up, “I’m so sorry. I should have looked where I was going.”
CHiCA and the man look into each others eyes. The man tells CHiCA, “I’m Mark.”
CHiCA smiles, “I’m CHiCA Kosaka.”
Mark is shocked, “You’re that Kamen Rider!”
CHiCA laughs, “Yup, that’s me, Kamen Rider CHiCA.”
Mark: “Well it was very nice to meet you and thanks for all you’ve done for the space colony.”

Psycho CHiCA comes out of the ground and begins attacking the colony. People begin running away. Psycho CHiCA sees CHiCA and Mark and fires at them. Mark falls to the ground and CHiCA tells him to get out of here, “GO! It’s not safe here!” Mark nods and runs away when Eubulon’s spirit follows him. CHiCA is in shock, “Psycho CHiCA? I thought you were destroyed?” Psycho CHiCA laughs, “Think again!” and fires at CHiCA again. CHiCA pulls out her Dagger and hits all the switches on her Dagger, “KAMEN RIDER!”

Psycho CHiCA and CHiCA kick each other at the same time. CHiCA goes flying into the air and crashes into a wall.
The other Psycho Riders are looking for Psycho CHiCA. The other Riders arrive and help CHiCA up. Dragon Knight:
“Whoa! You’re back!” CHiCA tells the others to stand back, “She’s mine!” The Psycho Riders find Psycho CHiCA and hide behind a building. Psycho Siren is angry, “The Riders know that she’s back!” The Psychos transform back into their KamenConnection disguises, “We must destroy Psycho CHiCA.”

Mark runs down an alleyway when Eubulon’s spirit arrives. Mark covers his eyes from the bright light.
Eubulon: “I’ve noticed that you have the spirit of the bull inside of you.” Mark is confused.
Eubulon tells him, “Everyone has an animal spirit inside of them. Yours is the bull.”
Mark tells Eubulon that he doesn’t know what that has to do with him.
Eubulon smiles, “The Riders need help. Take this. I stripped it of its DNA Coding.” A green light shines in Mark’s face.

Psycho CHiCA slashes all the Riders to the ground. Dragon and Wing Knight summon their Survive Modes when the Psychos in disguise aim for Psycho CHiCA behind a plant. Psycho Dragon laughs, “Target locked!” Dragon Knight and Wing Knight SM charge at Psycho CHiCA with their Sword Vents. Psycho CHiCA laughs and kicks them in the chest, sending them flying across the floor. Psycho CHiCA walks closer, “Say goodnight Kamen Riders!” and grabs the Final Vent switch on her Dagger.

SHOOT VENT. Psycho CHiCA is slammed to the ground. The Riders look around. The Psycho Riders lower their guns and look around too. Out of the smoke comes Kamen Rider Torque! Dragon Knight SM: “Drew?” Psycho CHiCA stands up still smoking, “I don’t care who you are!” Torque summons his Final Vent and Magnugiga fires all its lasers at Psycho CHiCA. Psycho CHiCA screams and explodes. The Psychos stand up, “Goodbye comrade!” and walk through a mirror. The Riders power down and confront Torque.

Torque powers down and CHiCA puts her hands on her mouth, “Mark?”
The Riders are confused, “Who’s Mark?”
Eubulon’s spirit arrives, “This is Mark. He has the spirit of the bull. He is the new Kamen Rider Torque. I sense there is strong evil hidden inside the colony, I don’t know where it is or who it is, but its here. You need all the help you can get. Now, I must go. I need to rest.” and fades away.
Kit realizes, “The Psycho Riders! They’re hiding inside the colony! We need to tell Commander Drake about this!”
Len tells them that his father is busy at the moment. Kase nods, “We’ll catch up with you guys later.”
Huy tells Mark to follow them, “We’ll show you around the control room.”

At the movies, Maya and Mike are whispering and laughing while eating popcorn. Maya runs out of hers and asks Mike if she can have some of his popcorn. Mike smiles, “Sure.” Maya smiles and Mike and Maya grab for some popcorn at the same time, touching hands.
Maya laughs and so does Mike, “Sorry. Big hands.”
Maya smiles, “No. I have the big hands.”
Mike looks at her deeply, “No. You’re perfect.” Maya smiles at him and gets a little nervous.
Maya: “No one is perfect. It’s scientifically impossible. I did a paper on it in high school.”
Mike tells Maya that she might want to re-think about that.

Kase and Len walk into the hospital when the Commander sees them all cut and bruised. The Commander is shocked, “What happened?” when Janet sees them, “LEN! KASE! WHAT HAPPENED!”
Kase and Len walk into her room, “We were attacked by the Psycho Riders, Mom.”
The Commander’s eyes grow wide. Janet tears up, “You need to be careful around your father. He tried to kill ME!”
The Commander roars, “You pulled a gun on ME!”
Kase screams, “UGH! I am sick of this fighting!”
Kase tells Janet that she’s tired and that she’ll see her soon. Len kisses his mom and follows Kase. Janet screams, “WAIT! COME BACK!” The Commander sighs and looks at Janet who tears up again, “YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS! Mark my words, Walter, you will pay severely!” The Commander walks out, “What ever you say. Janet from Another Planet.”

Mike and Maya leave the theater when Maya stomps her foot and growls.
Mike asks Maya what’s wrong, “I texted Kit an hour ago and he’s not answering me!”
Mike tells her that he must be busy, “I texted Kase a while ago too and she hasn’t responded.”
Maya tears up, “I came to the new world to be with Kit. And now it’s going down the drain again!”
Mike tells her that he knows what she means, “Me and Kase haven’t had much time to ourselves.”
Maya tells Mike that maybe they should move on with their lives. Mike has a confused look on his face.
Maya begins to look a little scared, “I think that all this craziness for one day is messing with my head. I’ll see you later.” And runs off. Maya runs behind a building and begins to cry.

Next Week on Kamen Riders: DiS…Scandal rocks the space colony! Another Rider returns to help the Riders. And someone reveals they’re pregnant! Who will keep their dirty little secret??? Find out next week part of the May Sweeps!

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