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 Chapter 6 - A Brother's Wrath
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 6 - A Brother’s Wrath

Xaviax is in lair contacting Blade. "Excellent, Kamen Rider Blade! Finish them!" Blade, "Yes General!" The Riders return to Earth. DK09: “C'mon we got to get away from Blade and Wrath. Our Advent Decks aren’t working at the moment!" Huy spots the Gramercy Heights Mall. Huy: "We'll hide out in here!" Blade sees the Riders running into the Mall. Blade: "You can run Riders but you can't hide!" Blade runs after them.

It's a nice quiet day at the Mall, people are relaxing and shopping. The Riders run to the food court. CHiCA: "Running away from a crazed robot makes me hungry!" Chris: "I hear that, C'mon I'll pay for you guys!" Blade runs into the mall. Everyone starts screaming and running away. The Riders are eating at a table and hear people screaming! DK09: "Why is everyone screaming?" Chris: "LOOK!" Blade: "Hello Riders!" Blade fires at them with his blaster. The Riders dodge the hit but the table explodes. Chris: “C'mon, let's handle him!" Wrath shows up, "Good the party didn’t start yet!" CHiCA runs over to the table and grabs her hamburger, "Hey Blade, eat this!" CHiCA smashes the hamburger in Blade's eyes. Blade: "Ah I can't see! There's ketchup in my visor! AH!" DK09: "RUN!" Blade stumbles around. Wrath runs after the Riders. The Riders run to the door but Wrath makes it there first. "Going somewhere?" The Riders hold out their Advent Decks "Kamen Rider!" The Decks are fully charged and are ready to be used again. CHiCA and DK09 use their Survive Cards! CHiCA and DK09 slash Wrath with their swords. Wrath is knocked backwards through a glass window and lands outside.

Blade is pulled through a portal by Xaviax. Xaviax is screaming at Blade, "You were defeated by a Hamburger! I created you again to become more advanced!" Blade tells Xaviax that he will do better next battle. Xaviax tells him "I hope so, or you will be deactivated!"

Wrath gets up from the ground. Sting uses his Whip Vent but Wrath uses his Spin Vent! Wrath turns into a giant gold tornado. The sky gets pitch black. Sting: "What's going on?" Strike and Torque arrive and hide behind a bush. The Riders get sucked into the tornado and are thrown 500 miles away and land in a rock quarry. The Riders are transformed back into humans. Wrath arrives wielding his Staff. CHiCA: "Look out!" Wrath, "Adios!" Riders: "NO!" Wrath is ready to move in for the kill but starts to remember who he is. He sees himself falling off the building. Strike hides behind a boulder. Wrath drops his Staff and runs away. Strike: "What the?!?" DK09: "What was that all about?”

Xaviax and Flash are watching Wrath battle the Riders. “So they finally managed to get someone to become Wrath?” Xaviax asks how his plan is working out with Rider kc1000. Flash says that kc1000 is in prep.

CHiCA: "Looks like we have another Rider to deal with" DK09: "I know” CHiCA's stomach starts to rumble. Chris: "C'mon I'll buy you guys a hamburger" Wrath is looking for Strike and Torque. Strike: "What happened? You all most Vented the Riders!" Wrath tells them that he is just confused. He wants to know why they are fighting the Riders. Torque tells him that those Riders killed their parents and that they are out for revenge of them! Torque: “Don’t you remember?” Vic begins to clench his fists, “They are going to pay for that!” Wrath leaves to find the other Riders. Torque and Strike start chuckling.

The Riders are eating at an outside café. CHiCA finally gets her long awaited hamburger. The sky turns pitch black! CHiCA:"What the fu-!” BOOOOM!" Lightening strikes the ground and Wrath appears! "Time to finish off what you started!" People run away in fear! The Riders check if the coast is clear and transform into Kamen Riders and battle Wrath!

Wrath is winning against the Riders! CHiCA uses her Survive Card and uses her motorcycle. CHiCA: "Lasers, fire!" Wrath uses his Attack Vent. A giant Phoenix is summoned. The Phoenix uses its Wings and blows CHiCA and her Lion Cycle away! Dragon-Fist uses his Shadow Vent. Wrath jumps in the air and slashes Dragon-Fist to the ground! “You’ll pay for what you did to my family!” Wrath is ready to finish the Riders but is blasted by Blade! Blade: "An enemy of Xaviax is an enemy of mine! It's my mission to Vent you, Wrath!"

Blade is blasting at Wrath and Wrath is dodging all the lasers. DK09 runs up kicks Blade in the back and Blade falls. Blade is hurt and leaves. Wrath keeps ranting about what the Riders did to his family but the Riders are confused. Torque and Strike are watching from a top of a building. Wrath kicks all the Riders down to the ground! Wrath summons his Final Vent! A huge Swan and Bat swoop in and drag Wrath away! Chris: "What the heck was that?" CHiCA: "I don’t know!" DK09: “C’mon lets follow them!” Torque and Strike leave to find Wrath!

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