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 Chapter 5 - The Return
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 5 - The Return

JTC and Drew are going to lift Vic's body off the hospital bed and escape with him through a portal but the doctor arrives and JTC and Drew escape. They watch through a mirror. Drew: “You think this is going to work?” JTC: “Absolutely!” After 10 minutes another doctor enters Vic’s room. “Have you contacted anyone from this guy’s family?” The Doctor tells him no, that he doesn’t have any family to contact. JTC and Drew smirk at the same time. The Doctors finally leave the room. JTC and Drew return from the mirror and surround Vic’s body. Vic’s eyes begin to open and he starts coughing. Drew: “Hey Look So much for a coma!” Vic asks where he is when a nurse enters the room. “Doctor, he’s awake!”

The Doctor runs into the room, “Are you two family of his?” Drew and JTC say that they are his brothers. Vic: “You are?” The Doctor becomes alarmed, “You don’t remember being their brother?” Drew tells the Doctor that Vic must have amnesia. JTC tells the doctor that he and Drew should take Vic home and help him re-jog his memory. The doctor agrees and lets Drew sign the release papers which Drew fakes. The two get Vic ready and leave the hospital.

Vic: “So you two really are my brothers?” Drew and JTC tell him yes. They enter an alleyway, Drew goes through a mirror. Vic’s eyes open widely. JTC: “That’s right, you don’t remember. Here come with me bro, I’ll explain everything!” JTC and Vic enter the mirror together.

JTC and Drew land in Ventura with Vic. Vic: "Where am I and who am I again?" JTC tells Drew that this is excellent and that Vic having amnesia will be easier to convince him to Vent the other Riders. “A Rider like him in our alliance will change the odds a bit!” Drew and JTC return to Vic. JTC: "Your name is Vic and you’re a Kamen Rider." Vic is confused. "What's a Kamen Rider?" Drew steps in, "A Kamen Rider is an Armorized hero that uses Advent Cards to Vent their enemy!" Drew hands Vic the Advent Deck. JTC whispers in Vic's ear. "Let's Ride!"

The Riders are in the park talking about Adam and Eubulon but hear a portal opening. DK09: "C'mon let's go!" The Riders use their Advent Cycles and enter Ventura. They encounter Strike and Torque. Sting: "If it isn't Strike and Torque?" Torque: "Hello Riders!" Strike: "It's our time to take charge!" CHiCA uses her Flight Vent and takes Torque and Strike down! Torque uses his Shoot Vent and CHiCA is blasted out of the sky and lands on top of a car and powers down. Sting uses Final Vent. Strike jumps on top of Evildiver and slashes Sting off it and Sting de-transforms. DK09 uses his Fire Vent! DK09 shoots fireballs at Strike. Torque uses his Guard Vent and reflects DK09s attack. DK09 is de-transformed! Dragon-Fist uses his Blaze Vent but Strike reflects the blast and Huy is returned to normal.

The Riders re-group in their human form. Strike and Torque start laughing. Torque: "Get ready to meet our newest partner!" A strike of gold lightening strikes the Riders. Kamen Rider Wrath steps forward... "Hello Riders!"

Strike: "Meet Kamen Rider Wrath!" The Riders try to transform but can't. A huge explosion happens! Torque, Strike, and Wrath are blasted away from the Riders. Blade stands there holding his blaster. Torque: “You’ve returned?” A portal opens, DK09: "C'mon let's go!" Blade escapes with them through the portal! Strike: "They got away! Wrath, get them and Vent that Blade!" Wrath, "Yes bro!" Wrath leaves Ventura. Torque and Strike chuckle and leave.

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