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 Chapter 4 - To Vent or Not to Vent
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 4 - To Vent or Not to Vent

Flash and the Dimensions close in on the Riders, but Flash has one thing to ask the Riders before he Vents them "Before I Vent you, how'd you manage to escape?" Sting steps in and reveals his Escape Vent Card, "That would be me! I tricked you into trapping me and I foiled your plan!" Flash tells Sting to enjoy his happiness in tricking him, because it will be his last! "Speed Vent!" Flash runs into the Riders slashing them knocking them into the ground! Flash pulls out his Sword Vent and is ready to finish them! The Riders are severely hurt by Flash's Speed Vent

Xaviax is battling Torque and Strike for the Deck! Strike pulls out his Scepter and attacks Xaviax. "Launch Vent" Torque fires at Xaviax. Xaviax dodges the hit and blasts Torque. Xaviax disappears. Strike is looking for Xaviax knowing that it’s one of his tricks. Xaviax comes from behind and kicks Strike in the back, Strike drops the Deck and Xaviax picks it up.

Flash pulls out his Attack Vent and puts it in his Flash Visor. Wolfighter is summoned. The Riders tell Sting to get out of the way! “Final Vent!” Eubulon runs up and take the hit! Riders: "NO!" Eubulon is Vented! Eubulon’s Advent Decks (Blade, Aqua, and Knife) drop to the ground. Eubulon disintegrates "Make sure that you protect Earth and Ventura!" Eubulon fades away! Flash starts laughing and picks up the Decks. DK09 summons his Sword Vent and slashes Flash to ground! Flash goes flying into the air and is weakened. "You'll pay for that DK09. 1 down and 5 to go!" Flash escapes with the Decks. DK09: "No! Flash got away with the Decks and we lost Eubulon!"

Xaviax picks up the Deck. Torque summons Magnugiga. Torque: "Going somewhere?" Xaviax: "No silly weapon can Vent Me!" Torque: "We'll see about that!" Torque puts his Magnu-Visor in Magnugiga's back. Magnugiga's lasers point at Xaviax. They fire at him but Xaviax escapes and drops the Deck. Strike gets the Deck, "C'mon, we have someone to find!"

The Riders power down and Sting reveals himself as Chris Ramirez. DK09: "Thank you for saving us in Dimension!" Chris: "Yeah, but I am so sorry about Eubulon!" Adam: "Yeah but his Vent will not go unpunished!" DK09 asks Chris who he is. Chris: "I am Chris Ramirez, I remember you guys saving me from one of Xaviax's Monsters" CHiCA: "I remember you!" Chris tells them that he owes them his life for saving him. DK09: "Well thank you, thank you very much!"

Flash is in Xaviax's lair "General, I have news to tell you!" Flash says that he Vented Eubulon and retrieved the Robotic Advent Decks. Xaviax: "Eubulon? Excellent Work! I can now re-create my Robotic Rider Army!" Xaviax goes to reach in his pocket. "Where is it?" Flash asks where is what? "The Wrath Deck! I must have dropped it! Strike and Torque must have it! Flash asks Xaviax if he wants him to go to Earth and get them. Xaviax tells him no, he needs to concentrate on re-creating the Dark Riders!

On Earth, a group of construction workers are working on a building, a guy named Vic slips off the roof and falls to the cement ground! Strike and Torque (JTC and Drew) are in their human form. JTC locates the right person for Wrath. They walk up to the construction site and see everyone crowd around Vic. Construction Worker: "Someone calls 911! Vic is hurt!" 10 minutes later the ambulance arrives, the EMT's arrive and put Vic on a stretcher. JTC: "Crap, that's the guy! The guy we need to become Wrath!" Drew sees Gramercy Heights Hospital on the ambulance "Don't worry we'll follow the ambulance, hopefully we can talk to this guy!" JTC and Drew follow the ambulance on their motorcycles.

Xaviax walks into his lair and sees Dimensions throwing a party, dancing all around and jumping on his seat! "FLASH!" Flash walks into the lair, "Yes, General?" Xaviax asks who these hooligans are! Flash: "Oh them, they are my Dimensions!” Xaviax: "Well, control them!" Xaviax monitors show traces of the Riders, "Here send the Dimensions after the Riders!"

The Riders are still upset over Eubulon being Vented! The Dimensions arrive. Adam: "Dimensions!" Riders: "Kamen Rider!" Dragon-Fist uses his Shadow Vent and slashes some Dimensions to the ground. CHiCA uses her Flight Vent. CHiCA's cape turns into wings and uses her Strike Vent and defeats 50 Dimensions! DK09 and kc100 use their Saber Vent and slash more Dimensions. Sting summons Evildiver. Sting surfs in and Vents the Dimensions. Flash arrives and uses his "Grab Vent" and grabs kc1000 and slams kc1000 into a cliff. Flash: "All Riders are going to be Vented today!"

At the hospital, Vic is in his hospital bed. JTC and Drew sneak into the Room. JTC manages to get Vic's medical chart. "He's in a coma!" Drew: "Alright, we'll find another guy!" JTC: "No, it needs to be this guy!"

The other Riders run to kc1000. Sting uses his Whip and grabs Flash by the leg, knocking him to the ground. Flash does his Speed Vent and knocks the others to the ground. Flash summons his Final Vent and a huge explosion happens! Flash thinks he has Vented all the Riders and leaves. DK09, CHiCA, and Huy manage to make it out of the rubble. CHiCA: "Is everyone alright?" DK09: "Yeah, I'm fine" Chris gets out of the rubble too. Huy: "Wait, where's Adam?"

The Riders are searching for Adam. CHiCA: "Oh My Gosh!" The Riders run over to CHiCA. DK09: "What is it?" CHiCA holds out Adam's Jaguar Deck! Chris: "No!" Chris explains that Adam must have been Vented instantly. A huge thunderstorm is occurring in Ventura! Chris: "C'mon we got to go back to Earth!" CHiCA: "I can't, I won't!" DK09: "You getting electrified by lightening isn’t going to solve anything!" CHiCA gets up and follows the others into a portal.

Back at Xaviax's lair, Flash pulls out his Trap Card and unleashes Adam! "You will come in handy my friend!"

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