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 Chapter 4 - A Dragon's Revenge
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Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space

Created and Written by: DK09. Co-Creator: CHiCA Kosaka
Edited and Revised by: DK09.
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 4 - A Dragon's Revenge

Commander Drake is yelling at some of the members of the KamenConnection army, “HOW COULD YOU LET ABYSS SNEAK IN THROUGH THE TUNNELS! Lucky for you, we are adding gates to them. Maybe you can guard them THEN! DISMISSED!” The KamenConnection army salutes and run off when Len and Kase run in with tears in their eyes. Commander Drake asks what’s wrong. Len tells them that Eubulon is gone.

Kase: “He sacrificed himself for the colony and now he’s gone!”
Commander Drake is shocked, “WHAT!?! How?”
Len sighs, “He used all his Rider Energy to stop the tidal wave. If you use it all at once it kills you!”
The Commander hugs his children, “It’ll be OK.”
Commander Drake sheds a tear too, “Don’t worry. We’re working on a way to shut out Abyss from the colony completely.”

Len and Kase nod and start to walk out when Commander Drake stops them, “Just so you know, your mother would be very proud of you two.” Len and Kase smile, “We know.” and walk out. Commander Drake sighs and sits in his chair.

The next day, Kit sneaks into Eubulon’s room and takes a key to the Advent Ship and runs out. Maya is walking down the hall and sees him, “KIT! I wanted to know if you want to have some breakfast.”

Kit smiles, “I’d love to, but at the moment I’m-”
Maya sighs, “Let me guess, you’re busy?”
Kit nods, “Yea. There’s something I need to do. I’ll see ya later. And we’re set for our date tonight. It’ll be more of a victory date.” Maya smiles and Kit leaves her behind.

Abyss is watching a monitor and sees Eubulon stop the tidal wave. Abyss stomps his foot, “NO! The space colony lives to see another day!” Abyss laughs, “But…my brother doesn’t! HAHA!”
Eubulon’s spirit arrives, “Abyss! Stop this! You were good at one point! Leave the space colony alone! Once the Space Colony enters the atomic force field to the new world, you won’t ever see them again and you’ll be wandering around this useless galaxy! Become the man that you once were and you can join the people in the new world! I’ll help you! Just please stop this!”
Abyss laughs, “This IS the man from before! But just more powerful! This could have all been YOURS! But you threw it all AWAY!”
Eubulon’s spirit sighs, “I’d rather die than join the side of evil. I couldn’t have died more honorably! I just don’t know how to help you anymore. My Riders will be the destruction of you! You disappointed me, younger brother.”
Eubulon’s spirit fades away. Abyss summons his Sword Vent and begins slashing everything in his way, “AHHH! I will NOT let that insignificant fool get to me! I need to destroy the space colony before it enters the new world!”

Dragon Knight enters the shuttle garage and enters the Advent Ship, “Advent Ship, activate!” The doors open in the shuttle garage. In the control room, Commander Drake sees that the doors are opening, “Someone is opening the shuttle doors. I want the KamenConnection army to close them! IMMEDIATELY! There’s a security breach!” The Advent Ship speeds off and enters space. Dragon Knight sees Abyss’ spaceship and docks the Advent Ship in mid- air. The doors of the Advent Ship open and Dragon Knight summons his Attack Vent. Dragon Knight hops on Dragreder and flies towards Abyss’ ship at high speed. Dragreder flies through space and fires a fireball at the spaceship. A hole forms in the ship and Dragon Knight jumps inside.

In the main room, the monitor announces, “Breach in east side.” Abyss sees Dragon Knight running through the halls of his spaceship. Abyss laughs cynically, “Look who’s coming out to play!”

Shark Minions arrive and block Dragon Knight’s path. Dragon Knight summons his Survive Mode. The fire sends the Shark Minions backwards and Dragon Knight SM uses his Shoot Vent and blasts at the Minions. Sparks fly everywhere and the Minions turn into water. Dragon Knight SM runs down the hall when he’s blasted at. The blast is so strong that Dragon Knight SM is transformed back into Dragon Knight.

Dragon Knight is on the ground in pain. The Psycho Riders laugh, “Who do we have here!” Psycho Dragon arrives, “No one touch him! He’s MINE!” Psycho Dragon summons his Sword Vent and attacks Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight gasps and summons his Guard Vent but Psycho Dragon’s Sword slashes his shield in half. Psycho Dragon laughs and slashes Dragon Knight in the chest, “You’re coming with ME!”

Members of the KamenConnection army report to Commander Drake, “The Advent Ship is missing, sir.” The other Riders run in, “What’s going on, Commander?” Commander Drake looks around, “Where’s Kit?” Len tells his father that he hasn’t seen Kit all morning. Commander Drake sighs, “The Advent Ship is missing.” The Riders realize that Kit must have taken it. Kase’s eyes widen, “He’s going after Abyss! We need to stop him before he’s Vented. Dad, how do we leave the space colony?” The other 5 Riders take a shuttle and fly into space. The shuttle arrives near Abyss’ spaceship. CHiCA notices the hole in the ship, “That’s how Kit must have entered!” Wing Knight tells them to be careful. The 5 Riders jump off the shuttle and land inside the spaceship. The 5 Riders start looking for Dragon Knight when the other Psycho Riders stop them, “You wanna be Vented too?” Siren demands to know where Kit is! The Psycho Riders laugh, “Don’t worry. He’s fine…in the Advent Void! Just stay right where you are and you can see him again!” The Psychos summon their Sword Vents and so do the Kamen Riders. The 10 charge at each other.

Dragon Knight is thrown into a cell by Psycho Dragon when Abyss walks in, “Welcome to my spaceship.” Dragon Knight tells Abyss that he is going to pay for destroying Eubulon.

Abyss laughs, “It’s not my fault Eubulon was weak and pathetic!”
Dragon Knight charges at Abyss through the cell, “You should never speak the name of Eubulon! When I get out of here, I’m gunna Vent your disgusting face into the Void!”
Abyss laughs, “Aw. Stop it! You’re making me blush! Psycho Dragon…Vent him!”
Psycho Dragon nods, “It will be my pleasure, Master!”
Psycho Dragon enters the cell and pulls out his Final Vent Advent Card and laughs. Dragon Knight begins backing away. Abyss laughs, “Have fun!”

Wing Knight and Psycho Wing slash each other in the stomach with their Swords. Psycho Wing is not hurt but Wing Knight is. Psycho Wing kicks Wing Knight in the stomach. Siren and Psycho Siren do flips when Psycho Siren slashes Siren in the chest. Siren crashes to the floor in the pain. Psycho Siren walks closer to Siren with her Sword pointed at her and laughs.

CHiCA and Psycho CHiCA slash each other with their Daggers at the same time. Psycho CHiCA freezes CHiCA’s Dagger and slashes her. Psycho 1000 and kc1000 jump in the air at the same time and fire their blasters. Psycho 1000 shoots kc1000’s blaster out of his hand and shoots him. Psycho Fist and Dragon-Fist punch each other at the same time but the force of Psycho Fist’s punch sends Dragon-Fist to the ground. The Riders regroup and start backing away. The Psycho’s laugh and walk closer to them when a golden ball slashes the Psychos. The Riders look around confused. The golden ball transforms into Eubulon, “Riders, you need to save Kit. He’s running out of time!” The Psycho Riders are on the floor, moaning. Siren asks Eubulon where Kit is.

Dragon Knight dodges Psycho Dragon’s slashes and kicks Psycho Dragon in the gut. The other Riders arrive and see Dragon Knight. Siren tells him to hold on. Dragon-Fist and CHiCA use their Daggers and slash the bars off the cell. The cell door is blown off its hinges and crushes Psycho Dragon. Dragon Knight runs out of the cell and hugs the others, “C’mon, we need to Vent Abyss!” The 6 Riders run down the hall and arrive in the main room.

Abyss turns his chair around and faces them, “Ah. Look who managed to get away!”
Wing Knight points, “Hope you have fun in the Advent Void!”
Abyss laughs, “If I go into the Void…You’re coming with ME!”

The Riders start backing away. Abyss grunts and slashes the computer systems, “SELF DESTRUCTION IN 60 SECONDS!” Abyss snaps his fingers and Shark Minions arrive and surround the 6 Riders. Abyss laughs hysterically. Wing Knight tells them to get their Final Vent’s ready. Dragon Knight: “Allow me!” Dragon Knight pulls out his Attack Vent Advent Card. Dragreder is summoned and spins around the Shark Minions at top speed and sets them on fire. The Shark Minions melt and are gone. Abyss is shocked. The Computers announce, “30 seconds till self-destruct.” The Riders run down the hall with Abyss after them, “GET BACK HERE!” kc1000 turns around and fires his blaster at the ground sending sparks everywhere which causes smoke, making Abyss slow down.

The other Psycho Riders find Psycho Dragon in the cell, “Let’s GO! This ship is going to self destruct!” The Psycho Riders run down the hall, looking for a way out. The Riders return to the hole in the ship. “15 seconds till self-destruct.” Dragon Knight jumps into the Advent Ship and the others jump into the shuttle. Abyss tries to jump off the ship but it explodes into a million pieces. The Advent Ship and the shuttle speed off towards the space colony.


The entire space colony gathers for a meeting when Commander Drake is heard on the loudspeaker: “People of Earthara, I have good news to report. Because of the Kamen Riders, Kamen Rider Abyss has now been destroyed.” Everyone cheers and jumps up and down and hugs each other. Commander Drake continues, “But this does NOT mean that we are letting our guard down! We are keeping the space colony under complete lockdown! But for now, in just 105 days we will be in the new world!”

The Kamen Riders walk into Len and Kit’s room and celebrate, “Abyss is gone!” Kase reminds the others, “And so are the Psychos!” when Eubulon appears. The Riders shield their eyes from the bright light, “I’m so proud of you Riders. I am dearly honored to have you defend the space colony.” The Riders tear up and thank Eubulon for believing in them. Eubulon smiles and fades away when there is a knock at the door. Kit goes to answer it. Maya appears and hugs Kit, “I heard the good news!” Kit smiles and lifts Maya in the air.

In the shuttle garage, the doors of the Advent Ship open. The Psycho Riders emerge from the Ship, “We infiltrated the colony, Master!” The 6 Psychos laugh, “Let the fun begin!”

Next Week on Kamen Riders: DiS…Len and Kase will get the shock of their lives when someone from their past returns! And they WILL NOT be happy about it! This is gunna be big!

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