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 Chapter 40 - The Final Vent Part 2
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

*Dedicated to Adam, CHiCA Kosaka, Huy Nguyen and every single DOKC Reader out there.*

Chapter 40 - The Final Vent Part 2

Wing Knight, Strike, Torque and Onyx are running through the halls when the lair shakes. Onyx asks them what that was. Wing Knight tells him that he has no idea, “C’mon! The main room should be down there!” Strike stops them, “Do you hear that?” Torque sees the bombs, “Advent Bombs!” Torque blasts at the bombs with his Magnu Visor and they are destroyed. CHiCA, Dragon-Fist, and kc1000 arrive and tell the others that the halls are filled with Advent Bombs. Strike: “We need to find the others!” when Wing Knight hears the battle sound and runs off, “I’ll be back!”

Siren arrives in the draining room and sees Slater being drained. Siren slashes the Minions guarding him and unhooks him. Siren uses her Sword and destroys the draining machines. Siren summons Blancwing. Slater and Siren hop on and fly away as the draining machines explode. The drained people awake in their confinement pods. The pods open and the people step out, confused. The people start to disintergrate and are transported back to their home planets. In the base, Kase and Len’s father gasps for air and has life again, “Alright!”

Dragon Knight is in the city and sees the portals are gone when Eubulon arrives, “You’re not going anywhere!” The portals re-appear and everything that was sucked inside, returns. Dragon Knight roars, “NO!” Eubulon summons his Sword and slashes Dragon Knight and blasts him. Dragon Knight runs away. Eubulon speeds after him. Wing Knight kicks Dragon Knight in the chest. Eubulon is mad, “What are you doing! You should be helping the others!” Wing Knight tells Eubulon that everything is taken care of, “Everything that’s left.” and points at Dragon Knight, “Is you!” The two summon their Swords and slash each other. Dragon Knight summons his Survive Mode. Wing Knight laughs, “So that’s how you want to play?” and summons his Survive Mode. Dragon Knight SM laughs and slashes Wing Knight SM. Wing Knight SM shoots Dragon Knight SM. Dragon Knight SM: “Let’s play a little game!” and summons his Trick Vent. Wing Knight SM: “Two can it play it that way!” and summons his Trick Vent. The copies battle. Dragon and Wing Knight SM summon their Shoot Vents and the copies disappear. Eubulon arrives and summons his Final Vent and aims for Dragon Knight SM. Dragon Knight SM jumps in the air and slashes Eubulon off his cycle making Eubulon crash. Dragon Knight SM powers down to Dragon Knight and begins to shake. Dragon Knight powers down and Mike gasps for air. Black slime and ooze come out of Mike’s mouth. Eubulon and Wing Knight SM back away. The black ooze forms into Xaviax’s alien form and Mike is un-drained and is transported back to Ryuki, “AHH! Much Better!”

Spear summons his Final Vent. The Gazelles and Spear destroy the Monsters. Spear, Wrath, Axe and Sting run into the main room and see Strike, Torque, Onyx, kc1000, CHiCA, Dragon-Fist, Siren and Slater. Siren: “Where’s Len and Eubulon?” Eubulon, Wing Knight and Xaviax burst out of Xaviax’s giant mirror and land in the main lair. Xaviax kicks Eubulon and Wing Knight in the chest and the two skid across the floor. Siren, Wing Knight and Onyx charge at Xaviax. Xaviax laughs, “The war has begun!” and charges at the 3 Riders.

Trent is warming up Michelle. Maya is watching them secretly and remembers her and Kit. Maya is going through the channels and finds another news station. News Anchor: “The mysterious black holes have closed and everyone is returned back home…” Trent tells them that the Kamen Riders must have defeated Xaviax. The three cheer and run upstairs and see the destruction of the entire city and bookstore. Michelle gasps and points in the sky. Maya sees Xaviax’s lair, “C’mon Riders. You can do it!”

Onyx slashes Xaviax with his Sword. Xaviax grabs the Sword and swings Onyx into the wall. Siren and Wing Knight slash Xaviax in the chest. Xaviax fires a black orb at the two and they slam against the wall. CHiCA, Dragon-Fist, and kc1000 slash Xaviax all at once. Xaviax spins in the air and spin kicks them. Wrath summons his Sword Vent. Xaviax and Wrath jump in the air and kick each other. Wrath crashes into Xaviax’s chair, crushing it. Axe and Spear summon their Strike Vent and strike Xaviax. Xaviax forms two orbs and fires at them. Torque summons his Launch Vent and fires at Xaviax. Xaviax ducks and the blast blows up the monitors. Strike slashes Xaviax with his Sword. Xaviax calls Strike a traitor and kicks Torque and Strike. Slater goes to punch Xaviax but Xaviax grabs his fist and kicks Slater in the gut. Sting summons his Attack Vent and tries to ram Xaviax. Xaviax hops on Evildiver and slashes Sting. Evildiver crashes into a wall and Sting flies into a table, splitting it in half. Xaviax laughs, “YOU’RE ALL WEAK!”

Camo, Thrust and Incisor are running down the hall with the bombs going off behind them. The entire south and north side of the lair are destroyed. The three run into the main lair. Xaviax charges at them. Incisor and Thrust summon their Strike Vent and push Xaviax backwards. Xaviax zaps them with his black orbs. Camo uses his Clear Vent and grabs hold of Xaviax. Xaviax elbows Camo in the stomach and flips him over causing Camo to appear again. Xaviax laughs, “YOU’RE ALL WORTHLESS!” Strike steps in front of Xaviax, “Think again!” Sting and Thrust stand behind him. The three Riders fire electricity out of their hands and Genocider is formed. Xaviax steps back. Genocider fires acid at Xaviax and Xaviax flies across the room and the wall disintegrates. Eubulon: “Face it Xaviax! We destroyed your Computers, your Robot, the draining machines, and your army! Everyone is returned back to their home planets! YOU’RE THE ONE THAT’S WORTHLESS! RIDERS! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!”

Eubulon and Slater step back and the 17 Kamen Riders step forward. The remaining bombs in the west and east are ticking, about to explode. Xaviax begins backing away, “What are you doing!” The 17 Riders fire electricity out of their hands, zapping Xaviax. Genocider is behind them firing all its power at Xaviax too, “LET’S RIDE!” Xaviax screams, “NO! This…can’t…be…happening!” Slater’s eyes grow wide. The bombs start ticking faster and faster. Xaviax explodes but Xaviax’s spirit flies towards Slater, “I’m not defeated!” Eubulon steps forward and zaps Xaviax’s spirit with his powers and Xaviax’s spirit fades away, “You won’t hurt anyone anymore!” Eubulon tells the others, “The place is about to explode! Everyone into the mirror.” Eubulon pulls out devices and hooks them up in the main room and jumps through the mirror. The 18 Riders and Slater are outside when a portal opens up. Xaviax’s lair is sucked up into space. The bombs go off and the lair explodes. Eubulon sighs, “Now we can live in peace.” Maya, Michelle and Trent arrive in Maya’s car. Maya steps out, “Kit…Are you alright?” The Riders power down. Kit smiles, “Yea, I’m alright.” Maya and Kit smile and hug each other and look into each other's eyes and kiss when reporters show up, “KAMEN RIDERS! Can we have a word!?!”

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