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 Chapter 3 - Trapped
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 3 - Trapped

Riders DK09 and CHiCA are in the downtown café where CHiCA works. CHiCA: “Is Huy coming?” DK09 is talking on his Rider Phone and hangs up. DK09 tells CHiCA to calm down! CHiCA says that she is sorry. CHiCA: “It’s just that my boss is getting suspicious about, you know!” Huy enters the café. Huy is also Kamen Rider Dragon-Fist. Huy asks what happened last night at Ventara. DK09's mind re-flashes to the events. CHiCA: “A lot” CHiCA takes her Advent Deck and pulls out her Survive Card. Huy looks at the Card, and is amazed. He gets a call on his phone and tells the two he needs to leave. Huy: “See you guys later!” CHiCA and DK09 hear a portal opening. DK09: "It's show-time!"

DK09 and CHiCA hold out their Advent Decks, "Kamen Rider!" CHiCA and DK09 walk through a mirror. Lou: “KOSAKA! THESE DISHES WILL NOT WASH THEMSELVES!” Lou comes from out of his office and walks into an empty café. “CHiCA! Where is that girl?” DK09 and CHiCA take their Advent Cycles! DK09 and CHiCA encounter a new Rider! The Rider is Xaviax's newest creation! Kamen Rider Flash. CHiCA asks who the new Rider is. DK09: "It doesn’t matter who he is! He's going down!" DK09 and CHiCA pull out their Survive Card "Survive Vent!" DK09 uses his Sword Vent! DK09 slashes Flash but Flash is unmarked. Flash takes DK09's Sword and bends it. DK09: "What!" Flash uses "Grab Vent!" Flash's arms extend like rubber and throw DK09 into a wall.

CHiCA summons her Lioneo. Eubulon arrives as Aqua. Lioneo goes in to attack Flash but Flash jumps into the air. Aqua summons Dolphinator! Aqua tries to Vent Flash but Flash slices Dolphinator and Aqua. Xaviax arrives. Xaviax: "Meet my newest creation! Kamen Rider Flash!" Xaviax blasts at them but Rider kc1000 arrives. "Sword Vent!" kc1000 reflects the blast causing a huge fireball to erupt behind him! Xaviax: "Come, Flash, we have other things to do!" Xaviax and Flash disappear. kc1000: "You guys alright?" DK09: "Yeah" CHiCA tells the other Riders she needs to go back to work unless Lou will kill her. CHiCA leaves through a car window. Eubulon: "I see that Xaviax has been more advanced. This is not good."

Strike and Torque are watching from behind a dumpster. Torque tells Strike that it looks like Strike has been replaced. Strike tells Torque that he has a plan.

The next day, DK09 and kc1000 go to the café looking for CHiCA. Lou tells them that CHiCA has been fired” DK09 and kc1000 (Adam) are shocked. Lou: “She's been useless here lately, what is going on?” DK09: "Uh well you see... CHiCA is...." DK09 gets a call on his phone. DK09: "Oh wow, I have to take this. Adam can tell you!" Lou: “So the reason CHiCA keeps disappearing is…?” Adam: “She's been...busy...with stuff.” Lou tells Adam that, that “stuff” cost her, her job. Lou: “NOW LEAVE!” Adam is leaving when CHiCA enters the café. Lou tells CHiCA that she has been fired, and tells her to get out! CHiCA: “Fine!” Adam and CHiCA meet DK09 outside. CHiCA tells them she is glad that Lou fired her, Lou was such a jerk! They hear a portal opening.

The three take out their Advent Decks "Kamen Rider!" The three take their Advent Cycles through the dimension and encounter Flash. CHiCA: “Not you again!” DK09: “This guy wants a serious Venting!” CHiCA uses Sword Vent! CHiCA slashes Flash but Flash knocks her to the ground. Flash pulls out his Trap Vent and captures CHiCA. CHiCA disappears. DK09: "What happened to her?" Flash tells them that she has been sent to the Trap Dimension! kc1000 and DK09 attack Flash but Flash captures them too. The three land in the portal where Dimension Monsters are waiting for them!

Torque and Strike sneak into Xaviax's Lab. Strike enters a password and a secret door opens, Torque: "Why are we here?" Strike: "To make sure we Vent everyone against us!" An Advent Decks is displayed, Strike takes one with the Phoenix symbol on it. Xaviax is watching the Riders fighting the Dimensions on his monitor. Xaviax's monitor shows intruders. He sends his minions after the intruders! As Torque and Strike are leaving, the Minions attack. The Minions grab them and bring them to Xaviax! Xaviax: "What do we have here?" He takes the Deck from Strike. Xaviax: "Wrath? Nice chose!" Torque pulls out his gun and blasts the minions and Xaviax. Xaviax drops the Deck. Strike grabs the Deck and escapes with Torque.

Flash enters the room "General, Why are you on the floor?" Xaviax tells him that Torque and Strike broke in and stole a Deck. Xaviax asks if Flash collected all the Riders. Flash tells him he has only collected three. Xaviax's monitor shows traces of Huy and Eubulon. Xaviax: "Get those two! I will continue searching for Torque and Strike!" As Flash starts walking outside, a mysterious Rider follows him.

The Riders are battling the Dimensions with their Advent Beasts. The three perform their Final Vents. The Monsters are destroyed but they regenerate and get stronger. The Dimension's strike the Riders to the ground. DK09: "We can’t strike them! They only get stronger!" kc1000: "What do we do?" DK09 tells them to dodge the hits. A monster goes to punch DK09 but he dodges it. CHiCA: “DK09, duck!” DK09: "Wha--- Ugh" DK09 gets knocked to the ground.

Eubulon is meditating with Huy when Flash arrives! "Hello Riders!" Dragon-Fist: "Another Rider?" Eubulon: "No, another creation of Xaviax's!" Huy: "Kamen Rider!" Eubulon: "Kamen Rider Vent Blade!" Flash tells to two he is not there to fight. Flash pulls out his Trap Vent and captures them. Blade and Dragon-Fist land in the Dimension. Flash starts laughing and walks away but is tripped by a whip. Flash falls to the ground and sees Kamen Rider Sting! Flash: "Another Rider? Sting: "Aren't you going to Trap me like you did to the other Riders?” Flash: “If you want!” Sting is sent to the Dimension.

Sting arrives at the Dimension! DK09: "Another Rider?" Blade: "It's Kamen Rider Sting!" Sting takes out his Escape Card: "Get close to me guys!" The Riders run over to Sting and surround him! The Riders escape the Trap Dimension and so do the Dimensions! CHiCA: “We are free!” The Dimensions arrive as well. Sting: "C'mon Riders! Let’s finish these Monsters!”

Flash arrives at the lair and walks over to the monitor and sees the Riders have escaped! Flash: They escaped?” Flash locates the Riders and finds where they are. Torque and Strike are ready to enter a portal but are stopped by Xaviax. "Going somewhere, Riders?" Flash arrives. The Dimension monsters stand behind him! "Say Goodnight Riders!"

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