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 Chapter 3 - A Master's Revelation
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Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space

Created and Written by: DK09. Co-Creator: CHiCA Kosaka
Edited and Revised by: DK09.
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 3 - A Master's Revelation

The Riders ask Eubulon, “How is that even possible? You’ve never even mentioned him plus he’s an evil space alien.” Eubulon explains to them, “We founded KamenConnection together. My brother always wanted to be a ruler of some sort.”

Flashback: Abyss and Eubulon are walking around KamenConnection when Abyss grins, “You know brother with KamenConnection, we can take over the entire world! We can use the students to help us!” Eubulon sighs, “Why must you talk like that? We developed this school to save people from Xaviax and other aliens from dimensions.” Abyss tells Eubulon, “Do you always have to be Mr. Goody two shoes? Think about it. We could be Rulers of the World!”

Eubulon tells the Riders that he turned his brother down on his offer, “My decision angered him to a point where he tried to Vent me. We battled for hours and hours when I banished him into space, making him stuck in his Rider Form forever. I could have Vented him, but I didn’t. As evil as my brother was deep down, I still love him.” All of a sudden, Eubulon collapses. The Riders run over to him and ask him what’s wrong. Eubulon tells them through gritted teeth, “I used most of my Rider Energy to destroy those Shark Minions. You’re not supposed to use that much energy in one day, it can be deadly. Plus, Abyss drained most of my Rider Energy to create the Psycho Riders.” Eubulon begins sweating. Kit tells the others, “Eubulon you need to lie down and relax.”

In the control room, Commander Drake tells some of the members of the KamenConnection army to patrol the tunnels that lead to the city when Kase walks in all bruised. Commander Drake runs over to her, “Kase! Are you alright?” Kase smiles, “Yea. I’m fine. Abyss and his army of Psycho Riders whooped our butts.” Commander Drake tells her that she should spend some time with Mike. Kase hugs her father, “You are so right.” and walks off.

Abyss’ spaceship is following the space colony through space. Psycho Dragon asks Abyss what his orders are for the next attack. Abyss tells Psycho Dragon to stand down, “I’m doing this one on my own.” Some of the KamenConnection army is patrolling the tunnels. Abyss transforms into a puddle of water and glides down the tunnel without them noticing. Abyss sneaks into the control room and listens to Commander Drake.

Commander Drake is telling some of the control men to access the dome around the city, “It will block any incoming forces from entering the city through the sky. That leaves Abyss with only one way to enter the colony. That’s by tunnel and with the KamenConnection army patrolling, he won’t be getting in.” The control men laugh, “Excellent strategizing Commander.” Abyss laughs and glides away.

Mike and Kase are at a café eating and laughing and talking. Mike smiles, “I am really looking forward to this new world. Me and you, no distractions or interruptions.” Kase smiles, “Maybe we can find some place in the new world for our honeymoon.” Mike and Kase look up at the sky and see the dark space sky and all the stars, “It’s so beautiful.” The dome is activated and the artificial environment kicks in. Mike is confused, “Clouds? Birds? Sun?” Kase laughs, “Looks like my dad got the dome activated. It’s supposed to stop Abyss from attacking us.” Mike smiles, “Good.”

Abyss arrives at the beach in Earthara. Abyss laughs, “I’ll use my Final Vent and use the tidal wave to flood the colony!” Abyss pulls out his Final Vent Advent Card, “I hope the Kamen Riders know how to swim!”

Kit is in his room when Maya walks in, “I have Chinese food!” Kit runs over to Maya and gives her a kiss. Maya laughs, “Who would have thought that Chinese food would be in space.” Kit laughs, “Yea.” Maya sees Kit’s scratches on his face, “Oh my gosh, what happened to you?” Kit tells her that Abyss has his own little army of Kamen Riders, “These guys know all our moves before we even make them!” Maya sighs, “I can’t wait until we get to the new world.” when the alarm goes off. Maya is confused, “What is that?” Kit tells her that Abyss must be back and runs out the door.

The Riders arrive at the beach and see Abyss. Abyss laughs, “What took you so long?” Eubulon tells the others to step back, “He’s mine!” The Riders tell Eubulon that he should return to his room, “You need to rest!” Eubulon ignores them and summons his Sword Vent and then his Speed Vent. Eubulon does a quick slash and Abyss falls in the sand. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist summon their Freeze and Blaze Vent and aims for Abyss. Abyss laughs and turns into water. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist look around for him when Abyss comes from behind and slashes them in the back with his Sword Vent. The other 5 Riders charge at Abyss with their blasters and Swords. Abyss laughs and summons his Strike Vent. The blast sends the 5 Riders to the ground. The 7 Riders regroup. Abyss chuckles, “Surf’s up, dudes!”

Commander Drake walks into the control room and sees the Riders with Abyss, “How did he get into the Space Colony! Send in backup, NOW!”

Eubulon wants to know what Abyss is doing. Abyss laughs, “With my Final Vent, comes a tidal wave, and with the space colony now surrounded by a dome, my tidal wave will flood and drown the city and its people!” Dragon and Wing Knight summon their Survive Modes. The wind and fire blind Abyss. CHiCA and Siren jump on Dragon and Wing Knight’s shoulder and slash Abyss. Dragon-Fist and kc1000 fire at Abyss with their Dagger and blaster. Abyss falls into the ocean. The Riders run to the water to see where Abyss went. Abyss secretly inserts his Final Vent Advent Card into his Visor. The ground begins to shake violently. Abyss jumps out of the water and slashes them all with his Sword. The Riders fall to the ground. In the city, people run for cover because buildings are starting to fall apart. Wing Knight grabs his shoulder, “This guy is worse than Xaviax!”

The KamenConnection army arrive at the beach and aim their weapons towards Abyss. Dragon-Fist points, “LOOK!” Eubulon tells them that they need to stop that tidal wave. CHiCA smiles, “I’ll freeze it!” CHiCA summons her Freeze Vent but Abyss blasts them with his Strike Vent, “Goodbye Brother!” Kamen Rider Abyss fades away. The KamenConnection army look around for Abyss. Eubulon tells them that there’s only one way to stop the tidal wave. Eubulon tells them to stand back. Eubulon puts his hands together in prayer form and energy rises out his body. Eubulon screams, “AHHHHHH!” Dragon Knight is shocked, “He’s heating up!” Wing Knight: “Master, DON’T!” The Riders try stopping Eubulon but Eubulon is surrounded by a force field. The energy flies towards the tidal wave that is approaching the city. The energy pushes the wave back into the ocean. An explosion occurs and sand flies everywhere and Eubulon is gone. The Riders power down and call out Eubulon’s name. A bright light shines in their faces causing them to shield their eyes with their arms. The KamenConnection army stand in the sand, saluting. Eubulon tells them that he used all his Rider Energy to stop the tidal wave and that resulted in his demise, “It was the only way, Riders. I’ll always be looking over you.” The Riders begin to tear and Eubulon’s spirit flies away. Kit clenches his fists, “Abyss is going to pay!” and storms off. The others stand in the sand, shocked.

Next Time on Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space: Commander Drake: “Where is Kit?”
Kase: “He’s going after Abyss! Dad, how do we leave the space colony?”
Wing Knight: “Hope you have fun in the Advent Void!”
Abyss laughs, “If I go into the Void…You’re coming with ME!”

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