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 Chapter 39 - The Final Vent Part 1
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 39 - The Final Vent Part 1

“Kamen Rider!” Siren battles Monsters with Dragon Knight. Siren summons her Sword and Dragon Knight and Siren slash the Monsters and they fade away and power down. Kit and Maya run to each other and kiss, “Oh, Maya, Maya!” Trent is shaking Maya, “Maya? Maya? Wake up!” Maya is startled and punches Trent in the face. Maya: “TRENT! You OK?” Trent gets up holding his nose, “I’m fine!” when Michelle walks in, “I’m here for my money.”

The Riders, Eubulon and Slater are walking to the garage where Slater is explaining, “When I was battling Xaviax in his lair, I saw his computers. The new re-location was 41′N 73°27″W.” Eubulon tells him, “Those are the mirror coordinates to Gramercy Heights. Alright, Let’s Ride!” Len hits a button on the wall and a wall transforms into a mirror. Len types in the coordinates and the mirror begins to liquidate.

Maya tells Michelle that she’s not getting her money, “Go ahead! Release the files and pictures!” Trent tells her to leave when Grace’s Books shakes violently. Books fall off the shelves and the lights go out. Maya hears screaming and runs outside. Maya, Michelle and Trent see the portals in the sky sucking everything up. Maya is stunned, “Xaviax must have gotten the final sample of DNA that he needs to take over Earth!” Trent is angry, “NO! The Kamen Riders will destroy Xaviax and save Earth!” Michelle points at the sky, “LOOK!” Maya and Trent see the Giant Robot (Giant Buzzstinger Hornet) firing at the city. Maya clenches her fists, “XAVIAX!” All of a sudden, a flying car comes towards Michelle. Maya pushes Trent and Michelle inside. The car flies through Grace’s Books sending glass and debris everywhere making it impossible for anyone to have survived.

Thankfully, the three survived. Maya tells them that there is an underground room that they can take refuge in. Michelle is confused, “You saved me?” The portals begin firing lightning. The three run into the underground room where Maya rolls out a TV and turns on the News. News Anchor: “There are mysterious black holes showing up all over the globe that sucks anything in its way. Authorities say to remain calm and find an underground shelter. Is this the end of the -” The news anchor screams and the TV goes static. Maya gasps. Michelle is shaking when Trent covers her with a blanket. Maya starts a fire to keep warm. Michelle gets up and dumps the files and pictures into the fire. Maya hugs Michelle. Michelle tears up, “Thank you.”

The Riders start revving their engines while Slater and Eubulon get into a car. Len tells everyone, “No matter what happens, I just want to say that I am extremely honored to know every single one of you, even if we we’re enemies at one point.” The Riders put on their helmets and ride through the mirror with Eubulon and Slater close on their trail.

In the city, a huge portal opens up and Xaviax’s lair slowly lands on top of buildings, crushing them. The Riders arrive outside of Xaviax’s lair. Kit runs towards the lair but is knocked backwards. Eubulon tells them that Xaviax must have put up defense shields, “They ban anyone with an Advent Deck from entering.” Slater: “I’ll go inside and deactivate the shields.” Slater jumps into the force field when the Riders are attacked by Minions on cycles. The cycles fire lasers. The lasers send the Riders flying to the ground. Eubulon grunts and forms a force field around the Riders. The lasers bounce off the force field and back at the Minions causing the cycles and Minions to explode when Monsters come out of the ground and start grunting.

The Giant Robot sees the Riders. Dragon Knight SM laughs, “THEY ARRIVED!” and fires at them. The 18 Riders scream and are knocked to the ground by the lasers. Kit and Len tell the Riders they will handle Xaviax. Kit and Len transform into Onyx and Wing Knight and summon their Advent Beasts and fly towards the robot. Dragblacker fires fireballs at the Robot and Black Wing uses its wings and blows the Robot down. The cockpit begins to spark and Dragon Knight SM screams. Blancwing, Lioneo, Dragoblade, and Jagclaw help Dragblacker and Black Wing. Eubulon tells the 6 Riders to combine their Advent Beasts. The 6 Riders nod and pull out their Unite Vent Advent Card.

Dragblacker forms the body with Dragblacker’s head being the chest. Black Wing forms the helmet. Blancwing’s wings grow large and attaches to the back. Lioneo and Jagclaw form the legs. Dragoblade forms into the Sword and Shield. The 6 Riders enter the cockpit and sit down. Siren clenches her fist, “Let’s Ride!” Wing Knight: “Advent Droid, March!”

The Giant Robot fires its lasers at the Advent Droid. The Advent Droid’s chest fires fireballs at the Giant Robot. Dragon Knight SM grunts and slashes the Advent Droid but the Riders use their shield and slash the Robot. Blancwing wing’s initiate and the Giant Robot flies backwards. The Advent Droid flies above the city. CHiCA: “Lasers locked on!” The Riders take their Final Vent Advent Cards and put it into their Visors. The Sword and Shield transform into Dragoblade who fires a fireball behind the Advent Droid. Dragon Knight SM screams, “NO!” The Advent Droid speeds into the Robot and the Robot is destroyed. The Robot tumbles into buildings, crushing them. Mike jumps out of the Robot and retreats into the lair, wounded.

Slater sees the deactivation switch when Minions find him. Slater clenches his fists and does a somersault over them and kicks them in the back. Minions begin firing their lasers at Slater. Slater ducks and the lasers hit the deactivation switch to the defense shields. Slater uses a Minion’s blaster and destroys the Computers, “Computers at 0%” In the city, the portals close. The Riders and Eubulon see the defense shields shatter. Eubulon tells them that Slater must have deactivated the shields and the Computers, “All that’s left is the draining Machines and Xaviax!” Wing Knight, Strike and Torque tell the other Riders to go while they handle the monsters. The others run inside but Siren and Onyx are attacked by Minions and summon their Swords. Minions hop on cycles and fire at them. Siren and Onyx use their Guard Vent, causing a huge explosion behind them. Blancwing and Dragblacker fly around them and transform into their Rider Cycles. The Riders rev off with the Minions after them.

Mike returns to the main room all bloody and sees that the defense shields and the Computers are destroyed. The intruder alarm goes off and Mike sees the Kamen Riders running inside his lair. Mike begins to panic, “All 18 Riders are entering!” Eubulon tells the Riders the plan when Monsters arrive. Eubulon: “Kamen Rider CHiCA, Dragon-Fist and kc1000, handle them. We’ll go ahead!” CHiCA, Dragon-Fist and kc1000 nod and summon their Swords and slash the Monsters, sending sparks fly. kc1000: “Let’s Vent these fools!” Dragon-Fist: “Oh yea!”

Minions drag in Slater who is badly beaten up with bruises on his face. Mike kicks Slater in the face making Slater scream in pain, “Hook him up to the draining machines! Then, bring me his body!” Slater tells him that he destroyed the Computers, “You draining me will accomplish nothing!” Mike laughs, “I have other plans!”

Eubulon and the other Riders run through the lair when Dimensions jump out. Kamen Rider Thrust, Camo and Incisor handle them and Eubulon and the others run off. Incisor and Thrust summon their Strike Vents and Camo summons his Hold Vent. Camo swings the Monsters into a wall and Thrust and Incisor strike the Monsters in the chest.

Torque and Wing Knight Vent a Monster while Strike slashes the remaining ones. Torque and Wing Knight give him a hand and the three destroy the rest. Wing Knight: “Time to Vent Xaviax!” when Siren and Onyx speed past them with Minions on their trail. Torque steps in front of the Minion’s cycles and summons his Shoot Vent and blows the Minions up. Another Minion sneaks behind the three Riders when Onyx and Siren use their lasers and destroy the Minion and his cycle, “Let’s go, Riders!” Siren and Onyx hop off their cycles and follow WK, Strike, and Torque.

Eubulon tells the remaining Riders that they are close, “I can feel it!” Monsters attack Axe, Spear, Wrath and Sting. Axe tells Eubulon that they’ll Vent them. Eubulon nods, “Be strong!” Mike is in his chair with his back against Eubulon. Eubulon points at Mike, “Your terror ends here!” Mike turns around, “Ah, Master Eubulon, you and your army are here to defeat me. But, the portals have sucked up 97% of Earth’s population! You’re too late, Master. I have the entire place rigged with Advent Bombs, you’re little army is about to be blasted into the Void and I’ll conquer Earth by hand. Let’s face it, I’ve won. I always do!”

Minions are in the hallway placing Advent Bombs. Siren tells Onyx, Wing Knight, Strike and Torque that she’ll destroy the draining machines. Wing Knight hugs Siren, “Be careful!” CHiCA, Dragon-Fist, and kc1000 Vent the Monsters. CHiCA hears a beeping, “What’s that?” kc1000 points to the bombs, “RUN!” The bombs go off and the entire north section of the lair blows up. The main lair begins to shake and Eubulon stumbles around. Mike laughs, “That’s the sound of your army crumbling around you!” Mike transforms, “This entire place will be blown up soon!” and jumps into the giant mirror with Eubulon on his trail.

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