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 Chapter 38 - Countdown to Destruction
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 38 - Countdown to Destruction

LAST TIME ON KAMEN RIDERS DOKC: Eubulon enters the Void to rescue the other Riders. Meanwhile, Xaviax becomes Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. CHiCA and Huy find Adam alive. Kit and Len make up after their long fight. Dragon Knight captures Slater. Eubulon brings back the Vented Riders, including JTC! Slater becomes Kamen Rider Wrath and battles Dragon Knight. Kit is reunited with CHiCA, Huy and Adam and becomes Kamen Rider Onyx. Eubulon lets the Riders decide the fate of JTC!

Wrath begins to electrify and collapses to the ground. Dragon Knight laughs, “Your DNA is too weak for the Wrath Power!” Dragon Knight summons his Survive Card. Dragon Knight SM laughs, “You’re service is no longer required.” and summons his Final Vent, “You’ll see your sister and brother soon!” Dragon Knight SM Vents Wrath. Slater powers down and ducks the blast and the Wrath Deck is destroyed. Slater jumps into a mirror and escapes. Dragon Knight SM powers down and thinks Slater is Vented, “HA! Later Slater!”

Kase laughs, “Eubulon, you can’t be serious? JTC is a dirty lair!” Eubulon tells her that everyone deserves to be listened to. Kit tells him that he’s right, but now it’s their turn to be heard. The Riders circle around JTC and remember:

“He ruined my relationship with Maya.”

“He went behind my back and Vented me.”

“He had no sympathy after my brother was Vented and tried to Vent me next.”

“He made me think that my parents were killed by Kit and the others.”

“He Vented my sister!”

JTC screams, “STOP! I know! I’m horrible!” Eubulon asks everyone again, “Raise your hand, if you want JTC back into the Void.” Kit: “We are going to need every bit of help against Xaviax.” JTC tells them that he wants to change and he wants to help, “It’s the only way to win.” Eubulon sees no one raising their hand, “JTC, Welcome to the team!” JTC thanks everyone for giving him a second chance, “You won’t regret it.” Len sneers, “We better not!”

The monitor shows monsters pulling people into mirrors. Danny tells the others that he’ll go. Albert tells him that he’s coming too, “The Cho’s stick together!” Albert follows Danny but collapses. Danny runs over to him, “ALBERT!” Eubulon tells Albert that he’s still weak, “You need to rest. Danny can handle the monsters on his own.”

In the Computer Room, the Computer tells him, “DNA Samples at 97%” Mike laughs, “Earth is almost mine!” A Minion walks by when Mike stops him, “You! Gather the others!” The Minion nods and runs off. Mike’s pupils almost cover his eyes, “Time for a little announcement!”

Eubulon tells everyone, “Once your Rider Energy is fully charged, we will attack Xaviax with everything we have!” Huy tells everyone that he never thought this day would come. Len tells everyone that he can’t wait to return to his home planet. Kit and Kase are on the rooftop, “I am really sorry on what I did to you with Mike. Kit, I’d never ever hurt -” Kit laughs, “It’s alright! I just can’t wait to destroy Xaviax.” Kase laughs, “I think that’s what everyone wants right now!” Kit tells her that he’s going to go for a ride, “If anything happens with Xaviax, just call me.” Kase nods.

Axe jumps out of a window. The entire area is trashed. Axe begins surveying the area when he is attacked by a Monster. Axe summons his Strike Vent and slashes the Monster and Vents him. Slater runs into the forest and has a Monster on his trial. Slater trips on a log and falls. A Monster pulls out a Sword when Axe tackles him. Slater laughs, “A Kamen Rider!” Axe Vents the Monster when Slater runs up to Axe, “I need your help!”

A million Minions gather in a room. Mike stands on a podium, “The time has arrived, my minions! The Computers are at 97%! Earth is almost ours for the taking! Power up the lair’s defense shields! Eubulon and his Knights will be trying to stop me!” The Minions and Dimensions cheer.

Kase comes downstairs when Len asks, “Where’s Kit?” Kase tells Len that he went for a ride. Danny and Slater enter the base and all the Riders pull out their Decks. Brad: “What’s he doing in here!” Huy, CHiCA, and Adam run over to him, “We were almost Vented when Slater stopped Xaviax. He sacrificed himself for us!” Len tells everyone, “Slater is our brother!” and puts his arm around Kase. Eubulon walks closer to Slater and closes his eyes, “He’s pure. It’s not one of Xaviax’s tricks.” Kase tells Slater that she wants nothing to do with him and leaves. Len tries to run after her when Slater grabs him, “Can you blame her? Look at what I did. I’m responsible for this war. “I’M A LIFE RUINER! BECAUSE OF ME THIS WAR IS HAPPENING!”

Dragon Knight SM slashes a Monster in the chest and Vents him. The city transforms into a forest. A Monster jumps down from a tree and strikes Dragon Knight SM. Dragon Knight SM kicks and punches the Monster and summons his Shoot Vent. The forest transforms into Xaviax’s lair, “Simulation Over!” Xaviax’s monitor goes off and shows Earth’s sky opening up and forming portals, “Computers at 98%!” Dragon Knight SM powers down. A Minion tells Mike that the defense shields are activated! Mike tells the Minion to send an army of monsters to attack Earth, “That should keep Len, Kit and Eubulon busy!” Mike walks into a room where a Giant Robot is stored and laughs, “The Countdown to Destruction begins!” Mike transforms into Dragon Knight SM and hops into the Giant Robot.

Len tells Slater that Xaviax inhabited him, “He made you do all those things!” Slater tells Len that if he wasn’t so power hungry none of this would have happened, “I gave Xaviax the code into Ryuki and told him everything he needed to know to conquer Ryuki!” Richie tells Slater that they’ll destroy Xaviax, “We forgive you. And we WILL defeat Xaviax!” JTC tells Richie maybe not, “These started showing up around the city an hour ago.” Adam asks what are they? Eubulon tells them that they are teleport portals, “Xaviax’s Machines are almost at 100% We need to move! NOW! Bring Kase and Kit back immediately!” Len tells Eubulon that he’ll go and leaves.

Kase is riding her motorcycle when she sees Monsters in a reflection. Kase smirks, “You’re going down!” and transforms. Siren uses her Sword and slashes the Minions. The Minions kick Siren into a window and she disappears. The Minions look for her when Blancwing flies out of a window and slashes them with its wings. Siren jumps out and destroys the Minions. Siren sees a portal opening in the sky when Wing Knight arrives, “KASE! Xaviax’s computers are at 98% We’re going in for the Final Vent!” Siren nods and runs after Wing Knight.

Eubulon is on the computer. CHiCA asks Eubulon what he’s doing. Eubulon tells her that he can jam the signal of the teleporters for a little while, “This should save us a little time.” Drew whines, “Where are Len, Kit and Kase! We need them!” Eubulon tells everyone that he’s going to look for them, “We’re running out of time!”

Kit is riding his motorcycle and sees an army of Monsters and transforms into Onyx, “Hey freaks!” Len and Kase are on their motorcycles and hear the battle sound. Onyx summons his Sword and slashes the Monsters. Len and Kase arrive. Onyx Vents the Monsters when Eubulon arrives. Kit powers down. Eubulon tells Kit that they need to hurry, “Xaviax’s Computers are almost at 100%.” Len tells Kit that portals are appearing all over Earth. Eubulon tells the three that he managed to jam the portals for a short time, “It won’t last much longer! Hurry, we need to move.”

The Minions haul in the final sample of humans and drain their energy. The portals in the sky grow larger. The sky begins to turn black and all the warmth from the Sun is gone. The Portals begin sucking up buildings. People are running for cover and screaming. The four arrive back at the base when Chris runs up to them, “We got major trouble!” Eubulon looks at the monitor, “The Computers are at 100% RIDERS, LET’S MOVE!” Kase tells Eubulon that they don’t know where Xaviax’s lair is, “It re-locates every hour.” Slater steps forward, “I know exactly where it’s heading next. Follow me!”

A portal opens up in the sky and the Giant Robot arrives in Gramercy Heights with Dragon Knight SM inside. The robot fires its lasers at the city, blowing up buildings. Dragon Knight SM laughs, “RUN! RUN! HA, HA, HA, HA!”

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