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 Chapter 37 - Identity
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 37 - Identity

Len, Eubulon and Kit enter the base. Kase looks at Len and smiles. In her head she says to herself, “My brother is back.” and hugs Len and Kit tightly. Eubulon calls for attention, “I have to go back into the Void.” Danny tells Eubulon that he thought that you need to be Vented to enter the Void. Eubulon explains that he’s the Protector of the Kamen Riders and has the key to open it, “Since I’m no longer Vented, I can open the Void and rescue the Vented Riders, but when I was Vented, my Advent Deck was damaged. I may not return with the others.” Kase asks Eubulon, “That’s why you screamed at us to hurry and escape. You were afraid that some of us would be stuck and you’d have to re-enter the Void and you might be trapped forever.” Eubulon nods, “Yes, the Power of 10 Riders will only work once, and it was the perfect timing to get everyone out.” Kit tells the others, “And Xaviax has my Deck. Who knows what he’s going to do with it.” Eubulon tells Kit that he’ll probably strip the Deck of its DNA coding and give to someone else or worse.

Mike takes out the Wrath Deck and throws it over his shoulder and holds out the Dragon Deck, “Kamen Rider!” Mike(Xaviax) is now Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight pulls out the Survive Card, “Let’s see Eubulon beat his own technology!”

Dragon-Fist tells CHiCA that he can’t believe it, “Adam was alive the entire time!” Slater is confused, standing in the back. Onyx staggers up and powers down. Adam tells them that they are going to pay and charges at them. CHiCA is confused, “Adam! STOP We’re your friends!” Dragon-Fist sees a control device implanted on Adam’s neck. Dragon-Fist slashes the controller and it explodes. Adam drops to his knees.

Eubulon tells the others that it’s the only way to win the war against Xaviax, “Now that Xaviax has the Dragon Deck, he’s going to use it to his advantage. I need to rescue the others from the Void.” Len tells him good luck. Eubulon nods and enters a portal. Kase puts her hand on Len’s shoulder, “Let’s talk.” Eubulon enters the Advent Void. Len tells the others to continue to rest up, “We’re going to have a long battle ahead of us. We need our strength.”

Len and Kase are on top of the base, “So what’s up?” Kase tells Len, “You know that when you killed Kit-” Len laughs, “I didn’t kill him.” Kase looks stern, “Yes. You did. When I walked into the base and I saw you trying to revive Kit, your eyes told me that you were sick. You were in severe denial for a moment.” Len looks at her, “So I really did kill Kit?” Kase shakes her head in agreement, “But me and the others revived Kit, it was kind of like a miracle and now when I look into your eyes, I see Len, my brother.” Len tears up, “I never had a best friend in Ryuki and that was until I met Kit. I love him. Does he know what I did to him?” Kase tells Len that she told Kit what happened, “And I forgive you.” Len and Kase turn around and see Kit standing there. Len apologizes to Kit again, “I’m sorry to both of you, for the way that I acted.” Kit and Kase tell Len that they forgive him. Len hugs both of them, “I love you guys!”

Mike enters the Computer Room and notices that the door is blown off its hinges and that the Daggers are gone. Mike rushes over to CHiCA and Huy’s cell and sees that they are gone and that Slater’s cell door is kicked down. Mike screams on the top of his lungs, “ONYX!” Mike looks at a monitor and sees CHiCA, Huy, Adam and Slater talking.

CHiCA explains to Adam that everyone thought he was Vented. Huy tells Adam, “Xaviax must have implanted a control device to make you work for him.” Adam collapses. Dragon Knight arrives and his voice is disguised as Kit’s. CHiCA and Huy run over to him, “KIT! Thank god! You found us!” Dragon Knight tells them that Xaviax almost has complete control over Earth, “We need to hurry back to base!” Dragon Knight pulls out his Final Vent. CHiCA and Huy grab Adam and start to follow him when Slater screams at them, “STOP!”

Slater tells CHiCA and Huy that it’s Xaviax, “He and I have a connection! I’m Len and Kase’s brother, the one that Xaviax possessed!” CHiCA is shocked, “So you’re Slater?” Dragon Knight charges at them and summons his sword. CHiCA and Huy transform. Dragon Knight skids in the dirt and jump kicks the two and summons his Final Vent. The Riders use their Daggers and slash Dragon Knight. In the base, the Riders hear the battle sound. Len tells them that the monitor is having trouble picking up the signal and tells the others to rest up while he handles it. Kase tells Len that she’s fine and she’s coming with him! Kase grabs her Deck and runs after Len. Kit tells them good luck and mumbles to himself, “I wish I could join you.”

Slater tackles Dragon Knight and screams at them to take Adam and leave! Dragon-Fist: “What about you!” Slater tells him that he’ll be fine, “I’ll pay for my mistakes! I’ll sacrifice myself! GO!” The Riders take Adam and escape. Dragon Knight strikes Slater with his Sword, “I’ll just drain you instead!” Dragon Knight grabs him and fades away.

Vic, Grant, Brad, Richie, Albert and JTC are talking in the Advent Void. JTC is trying to escape from the Void when Brad tells him that it’s no use, “The only way out is the Power of 10 Riders.” JTC laughs, “I’m the best Rider out there, if that moron Drew could have escaped from here, so can I!” Eubulon enters the Void, “Hurry Riders! NOW!”

Siren and Wing Knight are on their Siren and Wing Cycles when they are ambushed by Monsters. Siren laughs, “We’ll do like old times!” Wing Knight chuckles, “Let’s Vent these suckers!” Siren and Wing Knight charge at the Minions with their Visors and slash them. Wing Knight spin kicks the Monsters and summons his Final Vent. Siren summons Blancwing and uses her Final Vent. Blancwing transforms into the Siren Cycle and the Riders ride off.

JTC pleads with Eubulon to take him with them, “Look, I know that I have done some horrible things. Like Venting most of you. I want to help you battle Xaviax and save Earth!” Grant tells Eubulon that he should let JTC rot in the Void. Eubulon tells JTC that he will take him out of the Void, “But it’s up to the others to decide whether you re-enter the Void. There’s no time to argue Riders, Let’s go!” Eubulon’s Deck begins to spark and dies. Eubulon: “Ah oh.”

At the lair, Dragon Knight throws Slater to the ground. Minions arrive and drag Slater to the draining line. As Slater is being dragged, he sees the Wrath Deck on the ground. Slater kicks the Minions in the gut and takes the Deck and transforms into Kamen Rider Wrath, “Kamen Rider!”

Siren and Wing Knight arrive at the rock quarry. Siren tells Wing Knight that she doesn’t see anything. Wing Knight tells her that whoever was here must have left. Wing Knight picks up pieces of Onyx’s visor. Siren and Wing Knighthear another battle sound.

CHiCA and Dragon-Fist are with Adam in a warehouse when Monsters attack. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist battle the Monsters. Siren and Wing Knight arrive and see the “new” Riders. Siren is confused, “New Riders?” CHiCA and Dragon-Fist destroy the Monsters. Siren demands, “Who are you!” The four power down. Len laughs, “CHiCA! Huy!” The four Riders hug each other. Kase tells them that they better get back to base, “Eubulon should have the other Riders back by now.” CHiCA: “Eubulon is back?” Huy: “This is Adam aka Onyx. He was being controlled by Xaviax.” Adam opens his eyes, “Hey guys.”

In the base, Huy, CHiCA, Adam, Len and Kase jump out of a mirror. Len smiles and tells the others, “Looks like we got more back up!” Kit sees CHiCA, Huy and Adam, “GUYS!” Adam collapses again. Kit: “Adam! What happened?” CHiCA tells Kit that Adam was Kamen Rider Onyx, “He was being controlled by Xaviax.” Kase looks around, “Where’s Eubulon?” Chris tells her that he hasn’t returned yet. A mirror begins to liquidate. Eubulon and the others jump out. Eubulon smiles, “I have them!” The remaining Riders take their Decks (Vic takes the decoy Wrath Deck) when Kit looks around, “Great, everyone has a Deck but me.” Adam stumbles up, “Take the Onyx Deck!” Adam takes his Jaguar Deck from Len. Eubulon smiles, “So we all have Decks?” Everyone laughs and nods. Eubulon continues, “But we have another issue.” JTC steps forward. Eubulon tells the others that it’s up to them to decide if JTC is sent back to the Void. “All that agree to JTC, say I.”

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