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 Chapter 36 - Corruption of a Soul
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 36 - Corruption of a Soul

CHiCA, Huy and Slater run into the Computer Room where Onyx is waiting for them in the darkness. Slater tells them to hurry up. CHiCA and Huy grab the Daggers when Onyx steps out, “That’s it! Time to Vent You!” Slater tackles Onyx to the ground and Onyx drops CHiCA and Huy’s Advent Decks, “LET GO OF ME, TRAITOR!”

Len is trying to revive Kit, “Come on, Kit. Don’t die on me!” Len begins crying, “I am so sorry that I overreacted about you and Kase! It was so stupid!” Kase runs in and sees Kit on the ground, “KIT!” Len is shocked, “Kase?” Kase looks into his eyes and sees that he is a different person, almost insane inside. Kase looks away and yells at him, “What happened!” Len tells her that they were fighting and Kit fell over the balcony, “You’re back! I am so sorry-“ Eubulon walks in. Kase, afraid of Len, runs over to Eubulon, “You need to help Kit!” Eubulon runs over to Kit and puts his hands on his forehead and begins giving him life but it’s not working, “My powers are still weak from being in the Void, I’m sorry, but he’s gone.” Len’s eyes grow wider and wider, “NO! Don’t say that! He’s still alive! He’s sleeping.” Kase begins crying, “He’s gone, Len.” Len grabs Kase. Kase looks away from Len because he’s a different person now, “Kit is not dead! He’s exhausted from fighting.” Len carries Kit to his room, “I’m going to put Kit into his bed.”

Kase asks Eubulon, “Who was that? That wasn’t Len. Did you look into his eyes? This war is making him crazy. His father being drained, Kit and I going out behind his back, his brother being inhabited by Xaviax. This war is killing ever single one of us inside and we won’t be cured until Xaviax is out of our lives for good. Len has had to change his life, EVERYONE had to change their lives, because of Xaviax.” Eubulon tells her that he understands what she’s saying, “Xaviax will be defeated and we will return to our normal lives soon.” Kase and Eubulon hug when Len arrives downstairs. Drew, Danny, and Chris walk in. Len holds out his Deck when Kase stops him. “NO! They are here to help and to replace me.”

At the lair, Mike pulls out a bomb. Mike laughs, “The new and improved Advent Bomb. It can Vent 10 Riders at once in the same area! If Wing and Dragon try to attack me, they’ll have a little surprise!”

CHiCA and Huy transform. Dragon-Fist slashes Onyx with his Dagger. The door explodes and the three run out. Slater tells them that there is a portal down the hall. The three are running in a rock quarry when Slater stops them and thanks them for saving him when Onyx and upgraded Dimensions arrive. Onyx pulls out his Final Vent Card, “This battle, comes to an end…today!” CHiCA and Dragon-Fist tell Slater, “We can handle them!”

Kase walks slowly over to a heavily panting Len, “I’m leaving the war, so I can save Mike, remember? Eubulon tells her that she is being foolish, “There’s a way to Vent Xaviax without harming Mike. We need your help and with Kit dead-” Drew is confused, “Kit is dead?” Len tells him to shut up, “He’s not dead, HE’S NOT DEAD!” Kase tries to talk to Len, but Eubulon stops her, “You’re right, Len, he’s sleeping, my mistake.” Kase whispers to Eubulon, “What are you doing?” Eubulon explains to her that they need Len to be focused on Xaviax. Len tells them, “Drew tried to Vent us from the inside. Danny shot me and Kit and Chris is a traitor!” Kase sighs, “When I was in the Void, I got to know everyone extremely well. We all became friends and Eubulon made us see the good in each other.” Danny tells Len that they are serious in helping. Len sighs and gives the Decks to the respected owner and asks, “Where are the others?” Eubulon tells him that they didn’t make it, “The Void closed on them.” Len slams his hand on the table, “When Kit wakes up, he’s going to be so mad. Kit wanted to be reunited with CHiCA, Huy, and Adam. Is there anyway to get them out of there?” Eubulon tells him that they were never in the Void. Len’s eyes widen, “WHAT! But Kit told me they were Vented! That means that they are still alive! I have to find to them for Kit and so they can help us! Kit will forgive me for sure if I reunite them.” when the monitor shows Mike. Kase wipes her eyes, “It’s time to win this war!” Kase goes to run but falls down. Eubulon tells her that her Rider Energy is too low to fight and she needs to rest. Eubulon gives Len a Survive Mode Card, “Do you have Kit’s Dragon Deck?” Len nods and gives it to Eubulon. Eubulon nods, “Let’s do this, I’ll explain on the way about the Card. With two Survive Knight’s, maybe we can defeat him once and for all.” Len begins scratching his head, “No, I want to be here when Kit wakes up. So I can tell him the good news.” Eubulon: “Len, let’s go! Xaviax is waiting for us!” Kase: “GO! Len. Kit wakes up, we’ll be there for him.”

Eubulon and Len pull up on their motorcycles. Mike is shocked, “Master Eubulon!” Wing Knight transforms into his Survive Mode. Eubulon transforms into Dragon Knight and summons his Survive Mode Card. Mike laughs, “Where’s Taylor? I thought he’d want to be here, so he can “defeat” me!” Wing Knight: SM tells him that Kit is taking a break. Monsters charge at the Survive Knights. Dragon Knight SM summons his Final Vent. Wing Knight SM: “My turn!” and summons his Final Vent. Mike roars and transforms. Dragon Knight SM, “Prepare to be Vented! You’ve ruined too many lives!” Wrath laughs, “Yea, yea. I’m a horrible person. Now let’s get on with this!”

Kase, Drew, Danny, and Chris walk into Kit’s room and Kase breaks down crying, “Kit, I’m so sorry about how I hurt you. I should never ever have lead you on like that.” Chris is confused, “Kit is sleeping, so why are you acting like he’s dead?” Kase gets up, “LOOK at him! He is dead! Len’s in denial. Kit and Len were fighting and Kit fell over the balcony. He’s gone.” Kase puts her hand on Kit’s heart, “It’s not beating.” Danny tells her that he’s not gone, “Miracles can happen.” The four surround Kit’s bed and hold hands and begin to pray. Kase tells them that this is stupid when their Rider Energy emerges out of them and goes into Kit. Kase is confused, “What’s happening?” Danny smirks, “Its working. Just concentrate.”

Dragon Knight SM runs into a forest, “Come on Xaviax! No more games! This war ends right here! Right now!” Wrath comes out of thin air and strikes Dragon Knight SM. Wrath laughs and summons his Final Vent. “Goodbye, Master!” Wing Knight SM kicks Wrath and summons his Blust Vent and Wrath is blown away. Wrath gets up and teleports Wing Knight SM is on the ground when Wrath pulls out the Advent Bomb and throws it at the two who duck. Trees and boulders begin to disintergrate. Wing Knight SM is knocked into a tree. Dragon Knight SM goes to run over to Wing Knight SM when Wrath teleports Dragon Knight SM returns to normal. Eubulon is too weak and powers down and drops the Dragon Deck.

In the base, Kit’s eyes open. Kase screams, “IT WORKED! You’re alive!” Kit is confused, “Kase? What are you talking-“ Kit sees the others and begins searching for his Deck but can’t find it, “How’d you get in here!” Kase explains everything to Kit. Kit tears up, “So I was dead? For how long?” Kase wipes her tears, “For about two hours. You’re heart stopped beating.” when the monitor beeps. The 5 run downstairs and Kit gasps, “Who has the Dragon Deck?” Chris tells him Eubulon. Kit is shocked, “He’s back!” Kase nods and, “CHiCA, Huy and Adam were never in the Void, they are alive and out there somewhere!” Kit is shocked, “We have to find them! But first I need to take care of business!” Kit runs through a mirror and takes his motorcycle.

Wing Knight: SM charges at Wrath who slashes him. Wrath laughs, “Even with power like that, you’re still weak!” Eubulon (human form) attacks Wrath. Wrath kicks Eubulon in the gut when Kit arrives, “Hey! Over here!” Wing Knight SM: “YES! I knew you’d wake up!” Eubulon is confused, “That’s impossible.” Kit tells Len that he forgives him when Wrath fires electricity at Kit who goes flying into a tree. Wrath screams, “ENOUGH!” and blasts at Eubulon and Wing Knight SM. Wrath walks over to where Eubulon dropped the Dragon Deck and laughs, “Maybe now you’ll stay out of my way! One less Rider to worry about.” Wrath takes the Dragon Deck and fades away. Kit screams, “NO!”

Wing Knight powers down. Eubulon: “Our Survive Modes didn’t make a scratch on him. I have to re-enter the Void and bring the others. We need every Rider we can get.” Len: “You can bring them back?” Eubulon nods, “Yes and no. I’ll explain on the way.”

At the rock quarry, Onyx summons his Strike Vent and blasts at Slater. CHiCA throws Slater out of the way and blocks the hit with her Dagger. Onyx is blasted with his own attack and is thrown into a boulder. Onyx’s visor is smashed. Dimensions charge at the two Riders. Dragon-Fist summons his Blaze Vent. CHiCA summons her Freeze Vent and the Dimensions are destroyed. Onyx is lying on the ground, face first. Dragon-Fist turns over Onyx with his foot when CHiCA shrieks, “Oh my gosh! It’s Adam! He’s alive!”

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