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 Chapter 35 - Bloodstained
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Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

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Chapter 35 - Bloodstained

Deep into the mirrors lies the Advent Void where there’s no sunlight or darkness. Vic, Grant, Brad, Richie, Chris, Drew, Albert, Danny and Kase are talking with Eubulon. Eubulon tells them that there is only one way to escape the Void. Kase asks Eubulon on what they need to do. Eubulon tells them that only the Power of 10 Riders can open the Void, “You must summon your Contract Beasts within. With all your Contract Beasts summoned at once, it can be strong enough to open the Void!” Drew laughs, "I'll just blast it open like last time!" and goes to grab his Deck, "Oh, I forgot I don't have it." Chris tells them that it’s time to work! The nine summon their Contract Beasts within. Eubulon uses his Rider Energy. All nine Contract Beasts and Eubulon’s Rider Energy begin to merge.

Minions and Dimensions are pulling people into mirrors. Gramercy Heights is being trashed. Wrath and Strike are walking the streets observing the destruction. Wrath laughs, “I love the smell of burning buildings!” The Government Officials and Police arrive and hold out their weapons, “FREEZE!” The Officials and Police fire their weapons but the bullets bounce off Wrath and Strike. Wrath and Strike summon their Swords and combine them and slash the Officials and Police. The cop cars blow up and Minions rush in and pull them into mirrors.

CHiCA and Dragon-Fist are running from Onyx. Dragon-Fist asks CHiCA if they lost him? CHiCA tells him that she hopes so when Onyx blasts them. CHiCA and Dragon-Fist use the Rider Daggers when Dragblacker ties them up and flies them towards Xaviax’s lair. CHiCA and Huy land in another cell and have their Daggers and new Decks taken away. CHiCA scratches her head in frustration when she smiles at Huy, “I have the perfect plan.”

Downtown Gramercy Heights is deserted just like Ventara and Ryuki. Wrath and Strike are watching the destruction. Wrath admits to Strike, “I thought we’d actually lose this fight!” More people are pulled into mirrors when Wrath and Strike are blasted. Feet come out of smoke. It’s Dragon Knight and Wing Knight! Strike is in disbelief, “I thought they were Vented!” Dragon Knight tells him that he thought wrong! Wing Knight tells them that if they thought the war was over, “Then you haven’t seen nothing yet!” The Riders summon their Sword Vents and battle!

Wrath tells Strike to supervise the Minions. “I want to Vent these fools!” Strike jumps through a car windshield. Wrath runs into an empty building. Wing and Dragon Knight tell him that he can’t hide! Wrath tells them, “That’s what you think!” and turns into a tornado. Wing and Dragon Knight are blown into a mirror and land outside. Wrath summons his Final Vent. Dragon Knight secretly summons Dragreder who slashes Wrath. Wing and Dragon Knight slash Wrath with their Swords but Wrath deflects their hits. Wrath tells them that they are too late, “The Computers are almost at 100%” Wing Knight tells Wrath that he’s not going to take over Earth.

Dragon and Wing Knight kick Wrath in the gut and Wrath goes flying into a window and disappears when Strike shows up. Strike laughs, “Try me on for size!” and summons Genocider. Genocider blasts Venom at the Knight’s and Wing Knight is injured. Strike summons his Sword and charges towards Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight kicks Strike in the face. Strike brushes himself off, “You are really getting on my nerves!” Dragon Knight summons his Sword but Strike knocks it out of his hand and summons his Final Vent. Dragon Knight tells Wing Knight to step back and summons his Final Vent. Strike puts his hands up to cover his face and is hit. Wing Knight gasps in shock. Dragon Knight is panting, “Bye, Bye Strike!” Strike is Vented. Wing Knight grabs the Strike, Sting and Thrust Decks.

Minions and Dimensions are walking the streets, trashing the city when Wing Knight and Dragon Knight arrive. The Minions charge at the Knight’s. Dragon Knight and Wing Knight Final Vent them. Mike is watching the monitors and slams his hand on a table, “They won…for now!” The Computers tell Mike, “Computers at 95%”

In the Void, the Contract Beasts have merged together. A massive new Contract Beast slices a hole in the Void when Eubulon screams, “Hurry! It won’t last long!”

CHiCA is picking the lock with a hair clip. Huy tells her that it won’t work. CHiCA tells Huy that it will. CHiCA hears a click and the cell door is unlocked, “Ha! Told you! Now let’s get the Daggers and our Decks and get out of here! I am sick and tired of being stuck in a cell!” Huy nods and they both run out. Slater is inside his cell and sees them, “Please! Don’t leave me! I need to get out of here!” CHiCA and Huy look at Slater curiously. Huy shrugs and kicks down Slater’s cell door and Slater is free, “Thank you, so much.” when the alarm goes off. The three’s eyes widen.

Len and Kit arrive in the base when Len runs upstairs to his room. Kit runs after him and tells him to stop, “Len! This is crazy! Stop!” Len turns around and pushes Kit, “Stay away from me, OK!” Kit wrestles Len to the ground, “NO! YOU LISTEN TO ME!” Len kicks Kit off him. Kit gets up when Len punches Kit in the face. Kit loses his balance and falls over the balcony . Len: “KIT!” Kit lands on the ground, dead. Len jumps over the balcony and checks Kit’s pulse, “What have I done!”

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