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 Chapter 34 - False Readings
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 34 - False Readings

Mike and JTC arrive at the lair. Mike tells JTC that he did excellent work in Venting Siren. JTC agrees, “Wing Knight and Dragon Knight will be out for major revenge. We need to be careful! Too bad that you’re plan didn’t work.”

Len screams, “COME ON OUT XAVIAX! COME AND VENT ME NEXT!” Kit tells Len that they can work together, “Let me help you! You can’t win this war alone! I’m sorry that I and Kase never told you!” Len tells Kit that he doesn’t care about him anymore when Mike and JTC come out of a mirror, “Looking for us?” Len tells them that it’s over! “The war ends right here, right now!” Len transforms. Mike and JTC laugh and transform into Wrath and Strike. Wrath steps forward, “C’mon Wing Knight! Give it your best shot!” Kit transforms into Dragon Knight. Wing Knight coldly tells Dragon Knight that he’ll handle Wrath. Strike steps forward, “Come on Dragon Boy!”

Wing Knight and Wrath summon their Swords and clash them, You’re gunna pay for Venting Kase! You hear me!” and slashes Wrath in the stomach. Wrath laughs, "She had what was coming to her and don't lecture me. I heard you at the base, you wanted her out of your life, you should be thanking me!" Wing Knight screams and slashes Wrath. Wrath summons his Final Vent, "Goodbye, Len!" Dragon Knight and Strike are at a beach. Dragon Knight summons his Strike Vent and leaves to help Wing Knight.

Huy rams the cell door and the cell door is blown off its hinges. CHiCA and Huy leave when Onyx finds them, “You two again?” Onyx summons Dragblacker. Huy and CHiCA run through the halls with Dragblacker after them. CHiCA and Huy run into a room and shut the door and lock it. CHiCA and Huy are in the Computer Room where they see the Rider Daggers. Onyx can’t get inside, “GAH!” Onyx looks up and sees a Vent System, “Gotcha!”

Goldphoenix is summoned when Dragon Knight kicks Wrath in the side. Dragon Knight grabs Wing Knight and they run into a mirror. Wrath tells Strike that they escaped. Strike laughs, “Not for long!” and jumps into a mirror after them. Len and Kit are under a bridge when Len screams at him, “I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP! I COULD HAVE HANDLED XAVIAX MYSELF!” Kit tells Len that he couldn’t even move, “If it weren’t for me, you’d be in the Void right now! I wish that Kase and I -” Strike arrives. Kit and Len transform. Strike summons Genocider. Genocider blasts at the two Knights who start to run away but the blast blows up the entire area. The bridge collapses and falls on Wing Knight and Dragon Knight. Strike laughs, “No one could have survived that!”

CHiCA and Huy go to grab the Daggers when Onyx crashes down from the ceiling, “Not so fast!” CHiCA kicks Onyx in the chest and Huy puts him in a choke hold. CHiCA yanks the Daggers from the Computers. The Computers start to spark. The Computer announces that the DNA Computers are down 12%! Onyx knees Huy in the stomach and charges towards CHiCA. CHiCA throws a Dagger at Huy. They use the Daggers and slash Onyx. Onyx is slashed through the door and CHiCA and Huy run away. The Daggers begin to energize. An Advent Belt forms around the two and they receive a new Advent Deck. CHiCA and Huy transform into new and improved Riders. Kamen Riders CHiCA and Dragon-Fist jump through a mirror when Onyx sees them leave, “Get back here!”

Mike walks into the lair and sees the Minions and Dimensions having a party. The Minions are dancing and doing the disco while the Dimensions are making smoothies. JTC is in a chair and is lifted in the air. Mike asks JTC on what’s going on. JTC is lowered to the ground, “Wing Knight and Dragon Knight are Vented!” Mike runs to the computers and begins monitoring, “Their Rider Energy isn’t picking up!” Mike notices the computers are down 12% and growls and pulls the plug on the stereo, “WE HAVE WON THE WAR! NOW GET OUT THERE AND CAPTURE EVERY HUMAN TO POWER MY MACHINES!” The Minions and Dimensions bow down. Mike creates monsters and the monsters jump into mirrors. Mike tells JTC that it’s show time!

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