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 Chapter 33 - A Rider's Quarrel
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

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Chapter 33 - A Rider's Quarrel

Kit stops Kase, “So, what you told me last night? Was all a lie? You never loved me?” Kase tells Kit that she was acting on emotions, “I love Mike. We were going to get married when Xaviax invaded Ryuki. Mike was the commander of the Ryukian Army. I saw him fighting Minions when one of them pulled out a blaster and shot him. I was going to help him when Xaviax got in my way. I never saw what happened to him. I thought it was time to move on.” Kit grabs Kase and kisses her, “Did you feel something!” when Len walks in, “What the!” Kit and Kase are startled. Kase tries to explain but Len tells her to save it, “You two are going out? And none of you told me!” Kase tells Len that they have been going out for a day and knew that he wouldn’t approve. Len tells them, “Remember Maya and Mike? Who’s alive!” Len tells both of them that they are dead to him, “You! Go find your fiancé and you, go to hell!” and leaves. Kase tells Kit that she’s sorry, “And…Give Len some space. He’ll cool down, hopefully. I’ve never seen him this mad. And I do love you, but I guess not in that way that I thought I did.”

Mike pushes Strike off of him, “What are you doing? We had them right where I wanted them!” Strike tells Mike that he overheard Len and Kit, “Do you know who you inhabited? Siren’s fiancé! We can use that to our advantage!” Mike grins, “I have a perfect idea.” Mike pulls out an Advent Bomb, “Time to play house!”

Kit is riding his motorcycle looking for Len when he hears the battle sound. Kit transform and battles a Jellyfish monster. The Monster shocks Dragon Knight with his voltage. Dragon Knight summons his Attack Vent and Vents the Monster. Wing Knight arrives and sees the fight is over and leaves when Dragon Knight stops him. “Len, Look I’m sorry that Kase and I hurt you. But if it makes you feel any better, me and her are over.” Wing Knight tells Dragon Knight to never mention Kase again, “She abandoned me, the war, and her family all for Mike! You and her are dead to me!” Dragon Knight runs after him when Onyx pulls him into a mirror.

Kase is riding her motorcycle when she hears a battle sound and speeds off. Mike is being chased by Minions when Siren arrives and slashes them with her Sword, “MIKE!” Mike runs over to her, “Kase?” Siren powers down and hugs Mike, “Where am I?” Kase tells Mike that he’s in Ventara when Strike arrives, “You two are not going anywhere!” Kase transforms and tells Mike to stand back, “He’s mine!”

Siren summons her Guard Vent. Strike summons Venosnaker. Siren summons her Sword when Strike kicks her. Strike: “Ah, you’re one tough swan!” Siren laughs, “No, you’re just a weak fighter!” Siren slashes Strike, “You’re next to enter the Void!” Strike runs away, “C’mon little birdy, catch me if you can!” Strike stops running and summons Evildiver. Evildiver slashes Siren and Siren is hurt. Strike laughs, “Who’s going to the Void now?” Wrath slashes Strike in the chest, injuring him. Strike tells Wrath that he’s going to pay for escaping Xaviax’s hold and leaves. Wrath and Siren hug.

Onyx tells Dragon Knight, “I have some unfinished business!” Dragon Knight summons Dragreder. Dragreder bursts a fireball at Onyx who tries to shield it but is blown away. Onyx summons his Final Vent but Dragon Knight jumps into a mirror and escapes. Onyx rolls to the ground and looks around for Dragon Knight, “AH! He got away!”

Len is on the monitoring system when Kase and Mike walk in. Len looks at them and runs over to Mike and hugs him, “I missed you! Good to see ya back, man.” Len gives Kase a dirty look when Mike laughs, “Is there something that I’m missing?” when Kit walks in all bruised. Kase runs over to him, “Kit, are you OK? Len, go get Kit an ice pack.” Len tells Kase that she has hands, “Get it yourself.” Kit looks at Mike and senses something. Len gets a soda out of the fridge when Kase grabs him, “What is going on, Len?” Len laughs, “Like you don’t freaking know! An hour ago, you abandoned everything you believed in! But now your love is back and so are you! And not to mention, you and my best friend! Making out!” Kase tells Len, “It was one kiss.” Len asks her, “Did you and Kit ever…” Kase smacks Len across the face, “Knock it off! Kit and I never did…that. I’m back now and Kit and I are over.” Len tells her, “IT DOESN’T MATTER! IT HAPPENED! Stay out of my life.” Kase tears, “I know you don’t mean that. Right now, I am the only family that you have left.”

Kase hands Kit an ice pack when Len sees Mike pull out the bomb, “Hey? What is that?” Mike laughs, “I have no idea. I was running for my life when Strike and Minions were after me and found this.” Len takes the bomb when Mike pulls away, “I got it and something else…” Kit tells Mike, “So, we can use all the help we can get against Xaviax.” Mike laughs, “I don’t think that’s going to be happening.” Kase laughs and hugs Mike, “What are you talking about?” Mike pushes Kase off him and transforms into Xaviax. Len’s nostrils grow, “No way!” Kit tells them that he knew something was up. Xaviax transforms into Mike. The four transform into Riders. Wrath rips off tar from one of the windows and throws the bomb at the Riders, “Fools!” The Riders try to jump out of the way when the bomb goes off.

Strike is waiting for Wrath outside and the two start running when Wing Knight, Dragon Knight and Siren step in front of them. Siren points to Wrath, “You’re sick!” Wrath roars, “How did you survive that!” Wing Knight summons his Trick Vent. Wrath spins in the air and slashes the copies. Wrath: “Nice trick, now watch mine!” and teleports. Wrath is ready to finish him off when Dragon Knight kicks Wrath in the chest, “Don’t touch him!” Dragon Knight gives Wing Knight his hand but Wing Knight pushes Dragon Knight down, “I can handle Xaviax on my own!”

Wing Knight summons his Sword and slashes Wrath. Dragon Knight summons his Strike Vent but Wrath turns into a tornado. Wing Knight and Dragon Knight are sucked inside and are spit out making them land in a forest where Siren and Strike are battling. Siren sees the others and gets distracted. Strike kicks her in the chest. The three Riders get up, “We’re not done yet!” The Riders switch. Siren summons her Sword Vent, “Give me back Mike!” Wrath slashes Siren multiple times. Wing Knight summons his Final Vent but Strike summons Metalgelas. Strike kicks Dragon Knight in the back and notices that Siren is losing and summons his Final Vent. Wing Knight screams on the top of his lungs, “KASE!” Dragon Knight is panting, “NO!” Siren is on the ground, wheezing. Siren is Vented. Wrath and Strike leave. The Knight’s power down. Len begins crying heavily, “WHY!” Kit begins to cry as well, “She’s gone…” Len tells himself that he’ll make Strike pay! Len gets up with anger and rage and walks away leaving Kit standing there holding Siren’s Deck.

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