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 Chapter 32 - The Conversion of Xaviax
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 32 - The Conversion of Xaviax

CHiCA and Huy are looking for the Rider Daggers when Slater and JTC step in front of them, “You’re alive?” CHiCA tells them that they want their Daggers and Advent Decks! Slater transforms into Xaviax and blasts the two sending them flying into a wall. Minions haul CHiCA and Huy away. Slater growls, “You’re not ruining my plans!” Slater tellsJTC to come with him.

Len is sealing all the windows in the base and any reflective surface, “Xaviax might sneak into the base and grab the other Riders Advent Decks, we need to be careful.” Kit is putting special black paste on a window. Kase tells Len that she can’t wait for this war to be over. Len tells her that he knows how she feels, “Xaviax has ruined so many lives; He needs to be destroyed.” Len sighs, “DONE!” Kase tells Len that she is going for a walk. Kit tells her, “Sounds like a good idea to me!” Len tells them to go on ahead, “I’m gunna monitor for any attacks.”

Kit and Kase are walking in Gramercy Heights Park. Kase and Kit sit down on a bench. Kase sighs, “Do you know the feeling when you see someone that you like, a lot, and your stomach feels all weird inside, almost empty?” Kit tells her, “Sometimes, why?” Kase laughs, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but, I get that feeling when I am around you.” Kit’s eyes widen, “Really? Because that’s the same way I feel when I am with you.” Kit tells Kase that he knows this café that they can go to.” Kase tells Kit that they should keep their relationship a secret from Len for now, “You know how protective he can be. I mean his sister and his best friend. Ouch!” Kit agrees and the two hold hands and walk to the café.

Slater pulls out the Wrath Advent Deck. JTC is confused, “Wrath? But he was Vented by Siren a long time ago.” Slater laughs, “That Advent Deck that you and that moron Drew stole was a decoy, untested technology. You didn’t think that I would leave an Advent Deck like that lying around, now did you?” JTC looks down, “Sorry, General.” Slater tells JTC if he thought the previous Wrath was strong, wait until he sees what the new Wrath can do! Minions drag in a drained man named Mike and throw him on the ground. Slater sighs, “Unfortunately, I only have the technology for a human to use my Advent Decks. And this man has the perfect DNA for it!” Xaviax’s spirit flies out of Slater’s body and flies into Mike’s. Slater is on the ground, unconscious. Mike tells his Minions to bring Slater to the draining line, “My previous body is no longer needed!” Minions drag Slater’s body into a cell. JTC stands there horrified. Mike: “I am almost done conquering Earth and I need the threat removed! What better way to Vent the Riders than to get into the war myself!” The monitors beep and Mike sees Len, Kase, and Kit sealing the windows and grins.

The next day, Dragon Knight, Wing Knight and Siren are training on the base’s roof when they hear the battle sound, Siren tells the others, “Let’s go!” The three summon their Rider Cycles and ride off.

The Riders arrive at the scene but don’t see anything. Siren tells them that they should split up! Wing Knight and Dragon Knight go together. Siren arrives in a plaza when she is struck by Wrath. Siren is confused, “Wrath? But I Vented you!” Wrath laughs, “So you thought!” Siren gasps, “Xaviax!” Wrath laughs, “The one and only!” Siren and Wrath summon their Sword Vents and battle. Dragon Knight and Wing Knight arrive at a bridge when Strike arrives and summons Metalgelas. Wing Knight: “So that’s why Xaviax took the Thrust Deck! It won’t work! A Rider can control one Advent Beast at a time!” Strike laughs, “Xaviax fixed my Deck! Now, Metalgelas! Time to tame you!” Strike Contracts with Metalgelas. Dragon Knight tells Wing Knight that they should find Siren. Wing and Dragon Knight go to leave when Strike steps in front of them, “Leaving already?” Strike pulls out another Final Vent Card, “Looks like the war will end tonight!” Strike charges at them. Dragon Knight and Wing Knight are severely injured but manage to get away. Dragon Knight: “We need to get Kase and retreat!” Strike tells them that he’s not done with them and runs after them! Strike catches up to them and summons Evildiver. Dragon Knight is shocked, “Sting’s Evildiver!” Evildiver rams the two and Strike Contracts with Evildiver. Wing Knight: “Strike has 3 Advent Beasts!” Strike laughs, “You haven’t seen nothing yet!” Strike summons his Unite Vent and forms Genocider! Genocider blasts at the Knight’s and the two go flying into the air and land into the city.

Wrath kicks Siren in the chest making her fly backwards and makes a dent in a cement wall. Wrath grabs her by the neck and knees her in the stomach. Wrath pulls out his Final Vent Card, “You escaped from being Vented the first time, let’s see if you can escape again!” Wing Knight and Dragon Knight kick Wrath in the back sending him flying backwards. Wing Knight senses that Xaviax is Wrath, “Xaviax!” Dragon Knight is shocked, “No way!” Dragon Knight, Wing Knight and Siren triple team Wrath and Wrath is injured. Wrath screams and powers down. Siren puts her hands on her mouth, “You’re alive!” Dragon Knight is confused, “What’s going on?” Wing and Dragon Knight power down. Strike arrives and sneaks behind the two. Len tells Kit, “That’s Mike. Kase’s fiancé from Ryuki.” Strike jumps over Len and Kit and pushes Mike through a mirror.

Kit, Len and Kase land in the base and are in severe pain. Kase sits down very slowly, “I can’t believe that Xaviax possessed Mike!” Kit looks away. Len tells Kase that he thought Mike was gone forever. Kit gets angry and interrupts the conversation about Mike and tells Kase that Strike used the Thrust Deck and Sting Deck to form a new powerful Contract Beast. Len: “Now that Xaviax is a Rider, this war is going to be a whole lot tougher! But we can win this, if we work together!” Kase stands up tells the others that she’s leaving the war, “I won’t Vent Mike because of Xaviax. I need to find him and rescue him from Xaviax’s hold.” Len tells her that she can’t leave the war, “Earth? Ryuki? Ventara? Dad? Does it ring a bell?” Kase tells Len that once she saves Mike, she will join them again and leaves, “I’m sorry. But Mike was my fiancé, I love him.” Kit runs after Kase.

CHiCA and Huy are trying to break the bars off their cell. Huy tells CHiCA that it’s no use without their Decks. Onyx walks by and spots them, “You’ll be hauled off to the draining line shortly!” Onyx laughs and walks away. CHiCA tells Huy that it’s time that they make a plan, “We’re breaking free…tonight!”

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