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 Chapter 31 - The Darkest Knight
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

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Chapter 31 - The Darkest Knight

Len asks Slater if he enjoys ruining peoples lives, “You come out of nowhere and offer people something that they most desire and then you trick them!” Slater laughs. Len tells Slater with his teeth clenched that he will Vent Kase, but on his terms. Slater tells him that he can do whatever he wants as long as Kase is Vented! Len tells Slater that he wants the vile first. Slater laughs, “You’re not getting anything until I see Siren disintergrate before my eyes.” Len punches the wall, “FINE!” Slater tells Len not to do anything tricky, “You wouldn’t want your poor daddy suffering for your mistakes now, would you?” Len leaves through the mirror. Slater pulls out the Thrust Deck and grins.

Kase and Kit are riding their motorcycles looking for Danny. Kit asks Kase, “Shouldn’t we be going after Xaviax? Kase: “NO! Len is going to be avenged first!” Kase tells him that they’ll deal with Xaviax after Danny is Vented. Kase does a wheelie and speeds ahead of Kit.

Albert tells Danny that he did a good job. “You shot the wrong person, but you still made Kit suffer!” Danny tells Albert that he’s still not done. Kase and Kit arrive and Albert fades away. Kase tells Danny that it’s go time! Danny laughs, “Now you know how I feel everyday without my brother! It hurts doesn’t it? Well you can blame Len’s death all on Kit!” Kit tells him to shut up and that he’s glad that he Vented Albert! Danny, Kase, and Kit transform. Siren and Dragon Knight summon their Swords. Axe swings his Axe around, fending them off. Siren uses her Guard Vent and rams Axe. Dragon Knight uses his Strike Vent and Axe goes flying into a car. Axe is down and can’t move. Siren summons her Final Vent, “This is for Len!” and Vents Axe. Axe: “NO! I failed Albert!” Dragon Knight puts his hand on Siren’s shoulder. Siren shrugs Dragon Knight’s hand from her shoulder and tells him that she isn’t done yet, “Xaviax is next!” Dragon Knight and Siren start walking away when Onyx grabs Dragon Knight and pulls him into a mirror. Siren is talking to Dragon Knight and turns around and sees that he’s gone, “KIT! Where are you?” Len comes from behind and pulls her into a mirror.

Dragon Knight: “Onyx! Where’s CHiCA and Huy?” Onyx takes out CHiCA’s and Dragon-Fists Decks and throws them at Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight picks up the Decks and holds them tight, “NO! You’re gunna pay!” Dragon Knight and Onyx summon their Sword Vents. Onyx slashes Dragon Knight with his Sword. Onyx kicks Dragon Knight in the stomach, “Now this war can come to an end! Once I Vent you and Len Vents Kase, Xaviax will win!” Dragon Knight is confused, “Len? Len’s alive?” Onyx summons Dragblacker. Dragon Knight uses all his strength and erupts into a fireball and charges towards Onyx. Onyx starts backing away and is blasted out of the building and lands into a fountain. Dragon Knight leaves to find Siren. Dragon Knight begins panting, “I have to tell Kase about Len before she does something stupid!”

Len has his hand covering Kase’s mouth and spins her around. Kase’s eyes widen and hugs Len tightly, “Len! You’re alive? How?” Len tells her to be quiet or else! Kase asks Len what’s wrong. Len tells her that he needs to Vent her in order to save their father. Slater walks into the room with Len and Kase’s father, “Don’t think that I would miss this!” Kase nods, “I’m doing this for dad and Ryuki!” Len hugs her tightly. Wing Knight walks out behind a crate of boxes. Slater asks Len, “Where’s Kase?” Wing Knight tells Slater that Minions are getting her ready. “Sword Vent!” Siren jumps out behind a pole. Slater sees this and quickly transforms into Xaviax, “YOU TRICKED ME!” Wing Knight slashes Xaviax with his Sword and Xaviax drops the vile, “I have my own plan!” Xaviax growls and reaches for Len and Kase’s father, “I told you your father would suffer for your mistakes!” Blancwing arrives and slashes Xaviax into a mirror and he disappears. Wing Knight powers down and drinks the serum. Siren tells Len that they should leave, “It’s not safe!”

Kit is in the base when Kase walks in. Kit asks her if she is OK. Kase laughs, “Better than OK!” Len walks in. Kit’s mouth drops and runs up to hug Len, “LEN! YOU’RE ALIVE! But how?” Len tells Kit that it’s a long story. Kit takes out CHiCA’s and Huy’s Decks and tells them that Onyx is back and that CHiCA and Huy were Vented. Kase: “Oh my gosh!” Len tells Kit that Onyx must have gotten the Rider Daggers, “If Xaviax has the Daggers, Earth is almost his for the taking. With that amount of power connected to his machines…” Kit tells them that there are 5 Riders left in the war and that it’s almost over. “We need to move, we need to Vent Strike and Onyx!” Kase and Len agree, “Let’s do it!”

Later that night, Len and Kase put their father to bed. Len whispers that he will find a cure to save his father. Kase tells him, “The only cure to bring dad back is…to get rid of Xaviax.” Len starts feeling around his jacket looking for something and dumps all the Vented Riders Advent Decks on the floor. “The Thrust Deck! It’s gone!” Kase asks Len where it went. Len clenches his fist, “Xaviax!” Kase asks Len, “What would Xaviax want with the Thrust Deck?” Len tells her that he has no idea, “But I have a feeling we’re about to find out soon.”

JTC walks into the lair when Slater hands him the Thrust Deck. JTC laughs, “Excellent!” The Thrust Deck flies into JTC’s body. Slater laughs and sticks his hand inside JTC’s chest and pulls out the converted Deck. Slater merges it with the Strike Deck. JTC is on the floor, gasping, “I can’t wait to see the look on the Riders faces once they see my new powers!”

In Xaviax’s liar, a mirror begins to liquidate. 4 feet jump out of the mirror. It’s Huy and CHiCA! They are alive! JTC is talking with Slater when he begins sniffing around. Slater asks JTC, “What are you doing?” JTC grins, “Fresh blood!” JTC runs after CHiCA and Huy’s scent with Slater.

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