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 Chapter 30 - The Protector's Message
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka.
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Animations and YouTube Videos are Courtesy of KamenConnection.com*

Chapter 30 - The Protector’s Message

Kit is in a dark room when a figure comes towards him. Kit hears the heaving footsteps coming louder. He starts backing away and begins to panic. Kit asks the figure, “What do you want! Who are you!” The heavy footsteps stop. The figure tells Kit, “I have a message for you.” A bright light shines in the middle of the room. Kit shields his face. The figure reveals himself to be Eubulon. Kit is in shock, “Eubulon!”

Danny is in a warehouse cradling himself back and forth and begins muttering, “I will make Dragon Knight pay!” Danny starts to hallucinate and sees Albert. Danny runs over to Albert and goes to hug him but Albert fades away. Danny begins circling around looking for Albert. Danny sees 10 Albert’s coming towards him. The Albert’s circle around Danny and tell him to make Dragon Knight suffer. Danny tells Albert that he will and he won’t let Albert’s death be in vain! The Albert’s start to laugh with an evil tone and fade away.

Slater is going through the Rider Files on Maya’s laptop with JTC and Onyx. Slater is furious and crushes the laptop with his hands, “THEY WERE USELESS!” Slater tells JTC, “It’s time for you to Vent Axe! He’s a loose cannon. End it before Danny ruins my plans.” JTC tells Xaviax to calm down and that he’s got it and leaves.

Kit asks Eubulon what’s his message. Eubulon tells Kit that he hates to tell him this, “Someone will die…today. You need to be careful, Kit! The ones that you love are in danger!” Kit begins to panic and asks Eubulon what he means but Eubulon fades away. “Who’s going to die? How! Come back!” Kit wakes up from his nightmare and runs to warn Kase and Len.

JTC finds Danny, “Sorry to inform you but you gotta go!” Danny laughs, “I’m out for blood not disintegration! Out of my way!” JTC tells Danny that he doesn’t scare him, “I met men in prison scarier than you! You’re nothing against me!” Danny and JTC transform and battle. Axe de-transforms and pulls out a gun, “No one tells me what to do!”

Len and Kase are having breakfast when Kit runs into the room, panting. Len and Kase look at Kit but have no eyes. Kit begins to scream, “Len, Kase! What happened!” Len and Kase are fine, Kit is just seeing things. Len asks Kit what’s wrong. Kit rubs his eyes and sees that he was just hallucinating. Kit sighs and tells them that someone is gunna die. Kase gets alarmed and asks him what he’s talking about? Kit tells them that Eubulon told him that someone is going to die! Len’s confused, “Slow down, who’s Eubulon?” Kit: “Eubulon was my mentor at KamenConnection and is Protector of the Kamen Riders and he knows everything. He was Vented by one of Xaviax’s Robotic Riders.” Kase panics and asks them what they are going to do? The monitor shows Monsters. Len tells the two that it’s time to go. Kase begins to tear and the three run out when Danny steps out of the darkness.

Dragon Knight, Wing Knight and Siren split up. Siren tells Dragon Knight to be careful. Dragon Knight kicks the Monster in the chest and the Monster goes flying into a pole. Dragon Knight Vents the Monster. Siren and Wing Knight battle another Monster. Siren and Wing Knight use their Swords and slash the Monster. Wing Knight Vents the Monster. Dragon Knight arrives, “You guys alright?” Siren and Wing Knight nod, “Let’s get back to base.”

JTC arrives at the lair and lies to Slater, “Axe got away!” Slater tells him not to worry and that keeping Danny in the war might be useful. JTC tells Slater that he’ll go after the Thrust Deck but Slater tells him no, “The Deck will come to you.”

Kase, Kit, and Len return to base laughing and joking when Len stops dead in his tracks. Kase bumps into Len and asks him what’s wrong. Len tells them that he feels darkness in this area when Danny comes out of the darkness. Kit tells the others to look out!

Danny points his gun at Kit. Danny has no soul in his eyes. Len tells Kase and Kit to get down! Danny fires his gun and Len shields Kase and Kit. Len drops to his knees and hits the ground, dead. Kase runs over and screams for Len to wake up. Kit screams Len’s name and runs over to him. Danny is unsatisfied, “I missed. Time to try again!” Danny points his gun at Kit and fires. Kase screams to look out! Kit pulls out his Advent Deck and blocks the bullet. Kase and Kit transform and battle Danny. A hand comes out of a mirror and takes Len’s body. Dragon Knight kicks the gun out of Danny’s hand. Siren summons her Final Vent but Danny jumps through a mirror, “I’ll finish you two off later!” Dragon Knight and Siren power down and notice that Len is gone. Kit runs over to the bloody spot in tears and asks Kase where Len went. Kase clenches her fists with tears falling down her face, “Xaviax!”

Len is lying in Xaviax’s lair. Slater places his hand on Len’s forehead. Blue energy fills Len’s body and Len awakens! Len startled, sees Slater looking over him. Slater gives him a hand and helps him up. Slater turns his back on Len and tells him, “Welcome Home!” Slater sees Len pull out his Advent Deck and uses his telekinesis and takes it. “I knew you’d do that. But you can’t leave here!” Len asks Slater what he’s talking about, “What do you want? How did I get here?” Slater laughs, “You died, but I revived you. But now, you depend on me to live. This is all part of my plan. If you Vent Siren for me, I’ll give you this!” Slater pulls out a vile of blue serum. “Life! I brought you back to life for 2 hours. Vent Siren and you can live forever.” Len begins to tear up, “You’re sick!” Slater laughs.

Len tells Slater that he would rather die than betray his own family and planet unlike what Slater did. Slater sighs, “You always were stubborn, even as a child. I’ll keep this in storage, just in case you change your mind.” Slater looks at a clock, “You better hurry, you only have 1 hour and 50 minutes left.” Slater throws Len’s Advent Deck at him and starts to leave, “On second thought…” Slater snaps his fingers and Minions drag in Len’s father by the collar and throw him on the ground, “Let’s make this more interesting.” Len: “DAD!” Len runs over to his father when Slater steps in front him, “Nuh, uh, uh. Vent Siren and I’ll give you the vile and your father! So what’s it gunna be Len? Your life and your father’s? Or your sister’s!”

Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection returns with the FINAL 10 ALL NEW Chapters on Saturday, December 12th, 2009 on KamenConnection!

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