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 Chapter 2 - The Deception of the Blade
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Kamen Riders: Defenders of KamenConnection

Created and written by: DK09 and CHiCA Kosaka. Contributions Made by: Huy Nguyen
Edited and revised by: DK09
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

Chapter 2 - The Deception of the Blade

DK09: "What are you talking about?" Strike tells the Riders that Blade was never human! He's working for Xaviax!

Strike pulls out his “Mind Vent” Card. We are flashed back to Xaviax's lair where Xaviax and Strike are creating robotic body parts. Strike hits a switch and Blade is online. Strike asks Xaviax what he is planning to do with this robot. Xaviax says he’s created the first ever Robotic Kamen Rider that will fool the Riders and Vent them! Later, Xaviax is feeding Blade stories to tell to the Riders. Xaviax tells Blade exactly what Blade just told the Riders a minute ago. The Vent wears off.

Blade: “My plan never worked because of you, Strike! But I have you all right where I want you!” A portal opens behind Strike. Xaviax pulls Strike in. Xaviax: "You fool, you ruined everything! I had everything in place, and you ruin it!" Strike: “I am getting sick of Blade waiting for the right time, it's been 2 months and nothing!” Back at the beach, CHiCA is still in disbelief. Eubulon pulls out his Time Vent Card; Blade can’t move. Eubulon does his Final Vent and Vents Blade! Eubulon picks up Blade's Advent Deck. Eubulon pulls out Survive Cards and gives one to each of the Riders.

CHiCA stands where Blade was Vented and feels betrayed. Eubulon explains that these are Survive Cards. They are an extra power up of their Rider Form! kc1000: “Excellent!” Eubulon senses CHiCA is quiet and asks what’s wrong? CHiCA: “Eubulon, did you say something?” Eubulon: “You are quiet and disappointed why?” CHiCA begins to cry.

At Xaviax’s lair, Xaviax is mad at Strike and attacks him. Strike attacks Xaviax and slashes him. Strike runs to the beach.

It's night time in Ventura. Eubulon created a campfire on the beach. Strike is standing over the fire. Eubulon: “Strike, What are you doing here?” Strike: “I came to join you, Xaviax hates me for ruining his plot, and I need protection from him. I cant Vent him on my own” DK09: “We are supposed to believe you just like that?” Strike begins to plead and beg to the Riders to let him join. CHiCA begins putting the Survive Card in her Lio-Visor. Strike sees this and backs off. Strike: "Fine, I’ll leave. You'll regret this, Riders! I'll Vent you and Xaviax on my own!" Torque is watching Strike and follows him.

Strike is confronted by Torque. "I heard about your fall out with Xaviax” Strike: “I remember you. You are the “lone rider”. The one wants to Vent everyone!” Torque laughs and says "Plans have changed!” Torque tells Strike he saw the Riders and their Survive Cards and they will be harder to fight. Torque asks Strike to join him and help him Vent every Rider that exists and Xaviax! Strike and Torque shake on it. Xaviax has found robotic parts and plans to create the most fearsome Rider that has ever existed in both worlds!

Back at the beach, Eubulon walks over to CHiCA and explains that being a Rider is very hard. There will always be a curve. DK09 joins in: "Look, We all trusted Blade. When he Healed me and you. He had us all fooled, and when he destroyed the monsters that were going to Vent me. It was all to deceive us!” CHiCA tells them she is gonna take a walk. DK09 tells her that Xaviax needs someone in his army! She can’t just walk away. CHiCA throws her Advent Deck in the sand and leaves. Torque and Strike are watching CHiCA and follow her.

Some time later, The Riders hear a loud scream and birds fly out of the trees! CHiCA is ambushed by Strike and Torque. "Shoot Vent" Torque fires at CHiCA. The Riders hear CHiCA scream and run to save her! “Kamen Rider!” “Kamen Rider!” Strike summons Venosnaker to take CHiCA away. DK09 and Kc1000 morph into their Survive Form! “SURVIVE VENT!” Eubulon morphs into his Aqua Form “Kamen Rider! Vent Aqua!”

DK09 and kc1000 see CHiCA being dragged away. DK09 uses his Survive Cycle to save CHiCA. “Attack Vent, Cycle Vent!” DK09 uses his Cycle's Lasers and blasts Torque. “Shoot Vent!” Torque fires at DK09 but misses! CHiCA falls to the ground. Torque and Strike retreat. Strike: “We’ll be back!” kc1000: “Are you ok?” CHiCA: “Yeah, I’m fine, thanks”

Eubulon tells the other Riders that they should return to back to Earth now. The three ask Eubulon to come with them. Eubulon tells them he doesn’t exist on Earth. Once he steps on Earth, he will fade away. A portal opens and the three prepare to leave. Eubulon hands CHiCA back her Deck and Survive Card. CHiCA hugs Eubulon. DK09 remembers that he still has Knife’s Advent Deck. “Eubulon, I want you to have this!” Eubulon takes the Advent Deck. The Riders leave.

Xaviax has finished creating another Robotic Rider! Xaviax: Go! Go and Vent every Rider that is out there!

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