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 Chapter 2 - Gone Psycho
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Kamen Riders: Defenders in Space

Created and Written by: DK09. Co-Creator: CHiCA Kosaka
Edited and Revised by: DK09.
Riders Contributed by: DK09, CHiCA Kosaka, Adam (kc1000) and Huy (DragonFist410).

*Dedicated to Huy (Kamen Rider Dragon-Fist)!

Chapter 2 - Gone Psycho

Dragon Knight slashes the Shark Minions in the chest, causing sparks fly. Dragon Knight summons his Strike Vent, “Time to turn up the heat!” Dragreder sets the Minions on fire and they melt. Wing Knight swings Siren around and Siren kicks the Minions in the chest. Wing Knight summons his Trick Vent and the copies slash the Minions. Siren does cartwheels and slashes more Shark Minions.

CHiCA freezes the Minions with her Dagger. Dragon-Fist jumps on top of her shoulders and destroys the frozen Minions with his Dagger. kc1000 blasts at the Minions with his blaster and the Minions melt. Eubulon concentrates and a blast of energy comes out of his body and the Shark Minions fade away. Abyss looks around and sees the Kamen Riders, “More Riders? In Space?” Abyss jumps off the top of the building and lands in front of the Riders, “There’s only going to be one Rider in Space! And that’s gunna be me!” Abyss absorbs some of the Riders powers. The Riders collapse on the ground in pain. Abyss laughs, “Thanks for the power. I’ll be back.” The Riders power down. Eubulon tells Abyss to stop. Abyss is in disbelief, “You! You’re still living!” Eubulon looks stern, “I can say the same for you!” Abyss laughs, “We’ll talk later!” and fades away. The Riders ask Eubulon, “What was that all about?” Eubulon runs off without an explanation.

In the Command Center in Earthara, there is a huge meeting about Abyss. “You said that there would be no more evil once we got to the new world.” Ventara Leader: “Well WE ARE NOT IN THE NEW WORLD! The New World is surrounded by an atomic force field that only allows the power of good to enter. No evil can survive!” Commander Drake: “Well we do have 7 Kamen Riders in the colony. My son and daughter and their friends and not mention our very own Eubulon.” Eubulon claps his hands, “I got it. The students from KamenConnection. They can be our own little military!” The leaders tell Eubulon, “That’s an incredible idea! Contact them immediately.” Eubulon nods and walks out.

In Abyss’ spaceship, Abyss pulls out some of the Riders powers and crushes it with his hands, “Let’s see Eubulon and his stupid Riders…defeat themselves!” The orb transforms into Psycho Riders. The Psycho Riders are in complete black with silver and gold outlines. Abyss laughs, “Welcome Psycho Riders!” The Psycho Riders bow down, “What are your orders, Ruler?” Abyss laughs.

Len and Kit enter their new living quarters. Adam and Huy run in, “Hey! Your quarters are right next store to ours!” Kase and CHiCA walk in with a worried look on their face. Kit asks them what’s wrong. Kase tells them Eubulon and Abyss seemed to know each other. Len tells them that he noticed Eubulon was a little pale after he saw Abyss. Huy asks a more important question, “What do you think Abyss is going to do with our powers?” The Riders shrug, “I don’t know but whatever it is, it’ll be bad. Abyss is no joke.”

Maya, Trent, and Michelle walk into their room. Maya is extremely mad and throws her stuff on her bed, “Me and Kit had a date tonight. But NOW! He has to focus on this new evil Kamen Rider Abyss!” Michelle tells Maya to calm down, “You and Kit will find a way to be together.” Maya begins to tear, “I hope you’re right!” Trent tells Maya, “Look on the bright side, Mike is suffering too.” Michelle hits Trent, “That’s not nice!” Maya tells them that she is going to take a walk around the colony.

Eubulon is prepping the KamenConnection students. The students put on their protective gear when Commander Drake walks in, “Eubulon, I called in the Kamen Riders, so we can prep them on emergency procedures.” Eubulon nods, “I’ll be there in a second.”

The Riders enter the control room of the ship where Commander Drake tells them that the colony has a high-tech monitor system, “When we see an incoming attack, we’ll hit this button.” A loud alarm goes off and the Riders cover their ears, “That means that we’re under attack. You’ll report to this room and we’ll tell you where the attack is.” Eubulon walks in, “The army is ready.” Kase is confused, “The army?” Eubulon tells her that the KamenConnection students will help them battle Abyss. The monitor begins to beep. Commander Drake tells them that there is an attack in the west side of the space colony, “We’ll send the KamenConnection army if you need backup.” The Riders nod, “KAMEN RIDER!”

Abyss is walking with the Psycho Riders behind him, laughing. Eubulon and the Riders arrive. Abyss stops, “Look who showed up. Eubulon and his pathetic Kamen Riders!” The Psycho Riders step forward, “Welcome to your Doom!” Dragon-Fist: “I guess that answers my question about our powers.” The Psycho Riders pull out Black Advent Cards and summon their Sword Vents. The Riders summon their Sword Vents and battle the Psychos.

Psycho Dragon and Dragon Knight slash swords. Dragon Knight goes to kick Psycho Dragon in the stomach but he predicts Dragon Knight’s move and blocks it. Psycho Dragon laughs, “That all you got?” and elbows Dragon Knight in the back. Psycho Wing and Wing Knight summon their Trick Vents but Wing Knight and his copies are slashed and kicked. Wing Knight is confused when Psycho Wing and his copies slash Wing Knight at once. Psycho Siren and Siren slash each other at the same time and Siren is injured, “Impossible. She isn’t hurt!” Psycho Siren laughs, “Nothing can hurt me! HA!” and punches Siren in the gut.

CHiCA summons her Freeze Vent on her Dagger. Psycho CHiCA breaks free from the ice and slashes CHiCA all over with her Dagger. CHiCA collapses to the ground. Psycho1000 and kc1000 battle with their Swords. Psycho 1000 knocks kc1000’s sword out of his hand and slashes him into a wall. Psycho Fist sets Dragon-Fist on fire with his Dagger and slashes him in the gut sending sparks fly.

Eubulon, Psycho Eubulon and Abyss battle. Abyss slashes Eubulon in the back and Psycho Eubulon slashes Eubulon in the chest. Eubulon collapses in pain. CHiCA aims for Abyss with her Dagger. Abyss laughs and grabs Psycho Eubulon. CHiCA freezes Psycho Eubulon. CHiCA slashes the frozen Psycho and he explodes. Abyss summons his Sword Vent and slashes CHiCA. The Riders are defeated and re-group. The Psycho Riders laugh, “C’mon. Shut up and fight!” The KamenConnection army arrive and blast at Abyss and his Psycho Riders. Abyss and the Psycho Riders fall to the ground. The KamenConnection army surround them with their weapons. Abyss clenches his fists and fades away, “We’ll be back!” Eubulon powers down and punches the ground, “AH! He got away!” Siren asks Eubulon what his deal is with Abyss. Eubulon tells the Riders to follow him, “I have some information that you might want to know about.”

Maya sees Kit with the others and runs over to him, “KIT! Are you OK!” Kit tells her that he’s fine. Maya asks Kit if they are still on for their date. Kit tells her that he’s busy, “We’ll do it tomorrow, promise!” Kit kisses Maya and runs off. Maya stomps her foot and walks back to her quarters. The Riders follow Eubulon into his living quarters, “Have a seat Riders.” The Riders sit down and listen to Eubulon. Eubulon sighs, “The reason why Abyss and I know each other is because… Kamen Rider Abyss is my brother.”

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